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  1. Not sure if any of you guys have already notice this but we are all becoming more and more like Terra. I can't help myself but to think this way. You see, at the beginning of Kingdom hearts Unchained X, we players as keyblade wielders, are thought to use the power of light to fight the darkness. The medals, represented by the lights from the future (if i remember correctly), are used since the start, thus we are kinda using the power of light. As the story progress, we begin to fight for power because we want to become stronger than others. Then, the reversed medals joined the game. They are called the reversed medals because they are represented by the darkness from the future. So we came across this new power, power of darkness. We are trying to wield them, we are trying to use the power of darkness. Realize how some keyblades are starting to allow wielders to use the power of darkness more efficiently? It means that the wielders are getting corrupted. We are actually the ones that the Foretellers mentioned in mission 3, those that walk the path of darkness. Or at least we are starting to walk the path of darkness. So yeah.. are we not Terra? I hope you guys can get what I'm saying here. It's not a huge thing but I really think that to come out with something like this, intentionally or unintentionally, is very impressive. What are your thoughts?
  2. if you are in vulpeus, you will know what i mean when you check the top 10. if you are not, i'm happy to share more examples of these hackers if you want to. Edited: here's some screenshots of our current 1st rank
  3. I hope this is not against the rules. Just gonna provide a space for those who are angry/upset/disappointed/annoyed by these hackers/cheaters in Unchained X. I'm not here to start an argument, I just want to voice out my opinions on this issue. This is probably quite a long post cause I just have so much to say. Please forgive me. First of all, I'm not blaming Square Enix for not fixing the problem. Why? Because I know how hard it is to develop a game (I, myself, am stepping into this career). It is almost impossible or just impossible to make a game that can prevent all these hacking from happening. They are not bugs in the game. They are actions of the 'players'. Do a system/code to stop the hack? They'll just come out with a better hack to hack that system/code. The only way to stop these hackers is to ban them. Like how most big game companies does. But this won't work on Kingdom Hearts Unchained X since there is no real 'account' for any player. Ban their accounts and they can always uninstall the game, install it again and they can start a new one. So I'm definitely not angry or upset or disappointed at Square. But I am VERY VERY VERY ANGRY AND UPSET AND DISAPPOINTED at these hackers. I assume anyone who plays the game is a fan of the series itself or else there is really no point (May be I am wrong but assume it is that way). I just don't understand why they want to do that. What do they want to prove? That Square cannot fix an issue in their game? That they can be the best player without spending a single cent? As a fan of Kingdom Hearts, they should be ashamed. Or more like they are not worthy to be called a fan, a player. If they just want the rewards, why not go and hack the medals out themselves? They are not just spoiling the experience for everyone else but also proving that there are just some uneducated donkeys in the supposedly lovely community. They are going to cause or already causing many players to lose interest in the game. Players (for example myself) are losing the drive to fight for more Lux, to farm raid boss with their party, to challenge the ranking. Because there is just no point in doing so since we are not going to get to our desired rank at all. I was at rank 400+ last week when the rewards just came back, with about 450 000 Lux. This week I'm already at 640 000 Lux and I can't even see myself anywhere near the rank 1600 and the week is not done yet. Yes, there are definitely more players fighting to the rank this week because the rewards are more attractive than last week's. But when I see the top 10 rankings, 10/10 have unreasonable amount of lux like 889 999 911 and all they have is a non fully unlocked starlight with 3 2-stars medals. I can't even see the past champions in the top 10 anymore. It's just so frustrating. Like all the time (and money?) that you spent but you can never get the result that you want because someone else cheated. I believe (or hope?) most of you get what I'm trying to say here. And if you do I believe you are most likely having some anger/rage built inside you that you want to let out on this issue, just like I did. There is really nothing we can do to solve this issue. So I decided to leave this topic here, so anyone can just rant. Provided if this does stay on the forum. @admins if you think this is inappropriate, please do take it down if necessary. I just want to share my experience. And @hackers if you are reading this, please try to understand how others feel. Consider me begging you, please stop the hacking and allow everyone to enjoy the game. Thank you. p.s. Hope my English isn't all that bad cheers Edited: I know some of you may think that the high Lux is due to the current event that is going on. So to further prove my point. Here's some screenshots Solo Rank 1 in Vulpeus Solo Rank 1 profile 1 Solo Rank 1 profile 2 Party Ranking Party Rank 4 Party Rank 5 Edited: As some of you may have already noticed, Square has started taking action against these hackers on the leader board. Those in the screenshots above have been removed from the rankings. Definitely very very happy to see this. However there are still some new ones popping out. I'm just glad to see the real champions are back in the top 10. And wow! I'm still really really far back in the ranking. I guess everyone has just been working hard on the event. Thank you guys for pointing out the things that I've said wrong.
  4. I know right!!! How I wish we players have a way to deal with these cheaters ourselves. Truth be told, the game is going to lose lots of player (like me) with all these cheaters around. Honestly speaking, I would rather not have any rewards for the ranking like few weeks ago so that I don't see all these cheaters around. So disappointed at these cheaters... call yourself a 'fan of Kingdom Hearts' by spoiling everyone else's experience :dry: :dry: I can rant about this all day but I guess there's no point doing it. But I really have to let it out somewhere. Sorry about that :sad:
  5. Apparently it says that the app is not available in my country (Singapore). Is it possible that someone put a link of the downloadable version? You know, like they did for the japanese ver. I really want to get the game on my phone as well TT^TT
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