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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Maybe KHIII will come out in April 2016, KHHD2.8FCP December 2016......Maybe
  2. Merry Christmas, KH Fans!! I want to talk about KH III in KH 2.8 {Pack}. The chess of the KH III E3 2015 Trailer means Sora vs Xehanort In the "Final Boss",The End Of KH III is a parody of KH BS {In my opinion} /:) But the idea is Sora can fuse on Riku's Cloathing like "Vengance" {Think any color of Fusion or Fuse} KH IV:{Young Sora}[Maybe] KH II.8 {KH BS 0.2}:{Remember the new Screenshot of D23 Japan?} *Is a SPOILER* KH X:{To the past?} KH III:More Cloathing or Coztume My sad news is {KHIII in 2017,i cry} My Happy news is {KHIII in 2016 of December} So let's wait KHIII on 2016 or december 2016 of the calendar in KHIII E3 2015 Trailer
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