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  1. The better way to word this question is: When are we getting Sora outta the Final World? I just know he’s just as worried to death about his friends as they are worried for him!
  2. ddlvukd-d13c3209-d2ae-4c18-83fc-4552222d


    Who would love to see some Getter Robo influences in any future KH games, or at least a fan game?

  3. You just read my mind! In fact, Lloyd did get cast as Old Man Xehanort in Re:Mind! Ansem the Dark's cameo in this HMV kinda predicted this!
  4. You just read my mind! Me and my friend Sarah Cowan would love to see in him Super Smash Bros Ultimate!!
  5. I wrote this story in the middle of last year, and I want to be able to work with Square Enix as a creative concept writer. Any ideas on how to reach them will be welcomed with open arms. "Listen now, to this long lost chapter in the legend of the BIONICLE. In the time before time, there was a distant planet called Ankoku Nui, stricken by a terrible darkness. The lands were dried, scorched, withered, fractured, and nearly all manner of life has been extinguished. Ankoku Nui was on the brink of destruction, and only twelve warriors from worlds afar, brought to this desolate planet by pure chance, by causes unknown, had a chance to save it. This is their story... This is the Bionic Fantasy...!"
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