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  1. I keep seeing that the Enchanted Dominion is in KHUX, and since i have barely seen any gameplay, im assuming it hasnt come out yet. For however long they will support KHUX, it seems until then they will be adding new worlds. i think these would be a good fit. - Land of Dragons - Halloween Town - Neverland
  2. Ive watched a bunch of videos of Japanese KHUX gameplay. I am super jealous about all these medals we dont have. one of those are these purple medals, i have a pic below. Who knows what they are called,and are they JP exclusive right now?
  3. is this like Pokemon Orchestrated? i love KH music better than any song now thats popular.
  4. how do you get the zootopia medals?!? Im never in those rankings!
  5. I think it's because of the lack of information. We barely know how this game plays, im impatient for news because i want to know if this game is going to play like BBS or KH2. Also, we have seen the same world for a year now, if we were shown a new world, i would be satisfied
  6. i got some cid medals, but i feel like they arent that good since they only bring the cost down by one, but i guess its better than nothing
  7. They should make a suit of armor the last thing you unlock and is a testament to completing the game
  8. Awesome! I love Zootopia and will do my absolute best to get them, even if they are bad medals! Speaking of that, are they good?
  9. These costumes are so cool and unique. Im using the Neku outfit with Gray feather hair. it got me thinking, which costumes would be cool to see. I love lilo and Stitch so those two costumes would be awesome. - Buzz -Woody -Beat's Beanie(male) Rhyme's Beanie (female - Advent Children Cloud - KH2 Sora outift - Lilo -Stitch -Olaf -Peter Pan - Kuzco's Emporer Outfit Whats your list
  10. if i were in charge of picking the next medal, it would probably be Lingering Will and it would do Rising Sun on multiple enemies for 3 special points.
  11. Its good that its useful in the coliseum, i dont play the coliseum alot, but thats because im saving it for when im dine the quests. im at 209 now but im mostly doing old missions to get avatar coins easily
  12. thats actually disappointing, but om the other hand, munny missions are all eggs, so it could be great for munny farming oh wow, thanks for the heads up. i have a lot of 6 star medals ,If only keyblade cost wasnt so much lol
  13. very true, thanks for the advice! Im level 82, but it seems like i do no damage. i still have 2 weeks though to level up though.
  14. i think they are absolutely necessary. It seems like Tetsuya has big story to tell, but is it forced? From what i have heard, Disney were pushing these games. Perhaps Nomura made more to the story line so the so called "spin off" games had some meat to them. I think no, but it could be a possibility. either way, i love the spin off games, even though some of them are unbalance. but i feel they add more to the series and i dont have a problem with it.
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