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  1. uhmm... uh..I-I kind of I mean...all my family and friend's have known about this already for almost a year now ^^;;; It was just this forum where I was not out at yet. ... Aang I understand the difference thank's c: uh ... James Lutz, catmaster0116, Weedanort, Shimmy and everyone else thank's for the support ☆^-^☆
  2. uhm.. @Weedanort People would've found out eventually too... @Master Ignis I'm a Trans girl/women tbh
  3. uh.. Hey people ^3^ For multiple reason's I think this needed to come out but as you probably found out when you clicked the topic title or figured it out but... I am transgender. I have been transitioning before I even joined this website...while on HRT. I've been struggling with this for the majority of my life, not to mention anxiety/deep depression/doubt and suicidal tendencies, I figured that this place need's to know. uh.. So yeah that's/this is me. cx
  4. Fancy

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    2. Sora


      Satsuki's eyebrows remind me of caterpillars owo

    3. Frisk


      It's been a while since I've seen the show but I remember they were big xD

    4. Frisk


      That guy @-@

  5. I'M SO firetruckING CONFUSED

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  6. Hiya~ I'm まとい りゅうこ uh..nice to meet you people's ? s:
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