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  1. While I can't comment on the cutscenes and story as I didn't have time to watch them, I can comment on the gameplay, in regards to the cutscenes, I agree with the majority that this stuff and the plot points should of been in the base game from the get go, I will be referring to the trailers a fair bit As for the gameplay, while I did enjoy it, it felt a bit bare bones in almost all areas and most of it was just a re-hash of the end of KH3, which is fine, it's to be expected, but when it comes to what was advertised in the trailers, everything is there, but with the exception of the re-mind final boss, everything feels done with minimal effort, yes, the other gaurdians are playable as advertised, but only for one boss each and even then, some opportunities where you think you would get to play as a different gaurdian, you either can't choose them or are just locked into Sora and one of the battles is just a glorified quicktime event with no real stratagy or gameplay to it, A similar case applies to the explorable Scala ad-calium that was advertised, yes, it's there, but still feels very bare-bones and under-utilized with a good deal of potental wasted. Not bad, but could of been much better, as someone said, it's one room. The final boss of Re:mind is the only thing that actually felt like care was put into it, it was fun and unique The limit cut data bosses are... Ok? I may just suck at the game but some of them seem hastily thrown together as the just spam unblockable attacks and seem to only stagger when they feel like it, I am trying to learn their Patten's, but it does seem like pure Chaos in some of the data fights, as as mentioned, only Merlin's house is playable of radiant garden And without spoiling it, the ending just seems to add another uneeded Level of complexity to the overall KH storyline while hardly answering any of questions opened up by KHUx. Overall, very lackluster, with one shining moment and I do think that if people were not busy making Memes with the data greetings feature or speculating the mysteries raised by this DLC, it would get a lot more hate
  2. The 0 AP campaign is still on? Sweet! That makes the weekly Jewel extravaganza even better value! (And I have it)
  3. well, the score requirement for rewards are extreamily high (first milestone is 3,000,000 and 9,000,000 for your first beat and rhyme.... are these scores even possible?) but i guess it's a good thing that we can pick and choose heartless along the way to battle rather than having to go down a linear path facing them all? (i don't know which type of HSC is better)
  4. I think there's a subtle reference to the KH 2.5 final mix Marluxia fights. In that game, when the number above Sora hits 0, he dies In this game, when the number above a wandering spook hits 0,you die, Probably just a coincidence, but if not, it's a nice reference
  5. Part of me hopes that the skills to thrill deal time is extended, only because it was aroumd for only 3 days and we have lost 8 hours of that time.
  6. Kingdom hearts GO (sorry if already done) The heartless and nobodies have found a new world, our world! Grab your phone and head outside to stop their invasion! Features: -Over 20 keyblade to collect and power up from The classic kingdom key to the ultima weapon as well as over 300 different medals to set in your keyblade. -battle groups of heartless in argumented reality with simple touch controls. -enhance your abilities even further with magic including fire, blizzard, cure and many more! -find and train dream eaters to form the perfect heartless slaying team! -stop at real world moogle shops to and item points to collect materials to upgrade your keyblade and dream eaters! -team up with fellow keyblade wielders in public areas and landmarks to take down huge bosses and organisation XIII
  7. If you have medals that buff you or debuff your enemies. Keep those at 5* and pair them with your 6 star medals. That worked well for me as 6* medals have a much higher cost. Even with cids
  8. I have theory that these are designed with the JPN version in mind but are not adjusted to account for NA's weaker medal pool and lack of Micky and brooms #freethebrooms
  9. There's a Paywall in the form of 2 level 210 airplanes (I hate airplanes) My score without score boosters:1,228,375 Anyone remember the good old days where you weren't for forced to fight every heartless and only had to fight the ones you felt confident against? I miss those days
  10. Thanks, I see, thank you, i'm guess it won't be possible to do this with my account once the app updates. Hopefully I'll get a good start next time (I had ansem the wise, black coat riku Ver B and SP axel) EDIT: I have installed APK pure. Hopefully this will allow me to update my App after maitenance.
  11. I see, thanks. Thankfully I haven't played long so won't have lost much progress, but is it possible for me to back up my data in future?
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