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  1. I find it kinda funny with the Proud mode Quest up to now 400, my completion for story will forever be stuck at 99% because I still can’t figure out to how to beat this quest still... - RemieGino14 -
  2. "Brain" ... Like, I would've expected "Brian" but eh....could've atleast kept it "Blaine" Brain sounds weird. Lol - RemieGino14 -
  3. By 2 females and 2 males, are you talking about Skuld, Strelitzia, Ephermer, and Blaine? I mean, it'd be funny if Ephermer is Demyx, Skuld is Larxene, and Blaine is Luxord, but that leaves out Strelitzia. Marluxia is obviously Lauriam, now the question is how did his Nobody show up in Organization XIII? Then that ties into Ansem (Xehanort) Back in KH1 when he was defeated...which means Xemnas was born and had barely started the Organization. This timeline/plot/whatever the hell you wanna call it, hurts my brain... Someone please tell me if I'm somewhat off. - RemieGino14 -
  4. I'll just say this, Anything you have that's Tier 4 or higher, use those as much as possible. Tier 3 or lower, you'd only want to use buffers or any medal that has a damage multiplier higher than 3.0, if anything of this makes sense. - RemieGino14 -
  5. There is a problem with that, the Keyblade locked is Lady Luck, and the condition is you can only use Special Attack Medals with the cost of 4 Only. That and there's a big Ice Plant that's in the way, so you can't even by pass it and go straight to the target. I've thought it through enough if I could just by pass the Ice Plant and go straight to the target and Nova Strike it, that would be considered just 1 hit. - RemieGino14 -
  6. A question for all, has anyone manage to beat this? If so, have how you guys done it within 3 hits? This is literally the last quest that's stopping me from achieving 100% completion up to date in story quest... and it's killing me. lol - RemieGino14 -
  7. ...or just hope to release it all in one go. Seriously, I finished the 15 quest in 1 day. Seriously taking forever to catch up, but atleast there's some progress... - RemieGino14 -
  8. Honestly, the only thing I'm glad about is the Accessory tab (Looking for stuff that gives perk was such a hassle) I don't even care about more Proud mode Quest, I just want them to hurry the hell up and catch us up to the Keyblade War. I mean Japan is already well past that, we haven't even seen Ventus yet, nor anything correlating to the story yet. - RemieGino14 -
  9. I've already made a comment about this on the Facebook Page, "Kingdom Hearts Community" (Which btw, is super toxic. I'm just in there for the memes and the lols" But I've thrown out to many of them that (This is just a theory of mine) Kingdom Hearts Union X will probably keep going, even after Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out. For how long? Only Nomura knows, but I feel that if he were to end the series, I would think ending it on a phone app would be pretty troll. Troll or not though, the game does signify enough credibility to end there because as we saw when we first played the game last year in April, the game starts off opening a book and telling a story. (As the game is downloading) Whose to say that the series can just end with a flip of a page and close the book for good? I mean so much stuff has happened in the story (Ventus is in the story for some odd reason, although International ver. isn't even there yet, which is pissing me off.) Probably Kingdom Hearts 3 will include daybreak town as a world (Maybe from a memory as part of the story, I don't know) - RemieGino14 -
  10. Of Course. My friend got me this Jacket for Christmas. It's so Lewd, I love it. Its the back of the Sweater btw that you're not seeing. Lol - RemieGino14 -
  11. Here's a recent picture of me when I went up to Norcal for Fanime 2017. I was wearing my Four IIII's X Fakku Sweater, which is NSFW at all. Lol - RemieGino14 -
  12. I submitted along time ago, but no reply. It's ok though, I mean its pretty hardcore of you guys. I'm mainly a casual player, but I casually play everyday. Lol. Goodluck guys! - RemieGino14 -
  13. I literally just finished watching this amazing movie and I can say a few notable things, I will not watch this movie for a while not because it's bad, but because it kicked me in the heart real hard. I've never read the manga, but I read the plot and that's what got me interested last year, but since there were no subs out yet I waited until a right sub did it (HorribleSubs) Plot talked about a boy who bullied a deaf girl back in elementary and he eventually lost all his friends (Nearly everything) After losing everything, he's at that point in life where he just wants to give up (All this is literally 5 minutes of the movie) I'm going to stop right there because I feel like that's enough to get you guys interested in watching it. The reason why I'm not going to watch it for a while is because it hit home real hard. Everything Ishida went through, (The Male Main Character) I can relate to in some extent. Life is hard and sometimes suicide comes to mind, be it financially, emotionally, physically. I don't care how much this movie didn't follow the manga (as much as I kinda wished I did read it) the message it gave out was so strong, I'm not going to lie. For a 28 year old to cry inside so much is not normal. Movie came out last year, it just got released subbed by HorribleSubs. Give it a shot. I'll be in the corner of my room crying for six hours. - RemieGino14 -
  14. And yet, we've still not hit the story of meeting Ventus and the other Dude at the Keyblade Graveyard in the US. Being hopeful for more story content, like 100+ story to atleast catch us up. - RemieGino14 -
  15. When you get stuck on those last 2 quest, and you're banking on Second Chance and Defense Boost II... Lol I'm using Lionheart since my KDG is the strongest medal to dish out damage. - RemieGino14 -
  16. I contest more Story, that 15 was basically nothing and did not progress the story in terms whats happening back at Daybreak town. I mean come on, Japan has 2 new members of Dandelions, yet we haven't even gotten there yet. -_- - RemieGino14 -
  17. The game didn't, but there was a pin for the launch event. I was there at the event, they only handed out 2000 though. - RemieGino14 -
  18. I believe he means either Exclusive Medals you can only get from the banners, or those banners that say pull 5 times and get the medal after 5th pull. Atleast that's what I think. - RemieGino14 -
  19. Plot twist: X means the upcoming, Tenth key-blade war. *Insert Sarcasm* - RemieGino14 -
  20. I only spend money for the VIP when I'm able to. So maybe just roughly $300 (Throughout the year.) I don't mind since I do support, but I'm not dumb to go ballsey. Lol Yeah I don't have great medals, but I'm able to get by. Been playing since release of last year too. - RemieGino14 -
  21. It would seem its only for JP for now. I don't think there's that option yet for International. - RemieGino14 -
  22. Dude...I'm still in traverse town, its just the fact that everything is card based, even to go through a door...I can't stand it. Lol. - RemieGino14 -
  23. Nah, its just my friend is a Wedding Photographer and he just so happen to bring his DSLR with him to Japan. This is at Napa, Osaka, the food market street. Lol. - RemieGino14 -
  24. So I'll leave this here, just cause I'm missing it a lot since some of my friends are over there right now... Lol ...but I miss Japan. - RemieGino14 -
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