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  1. I like that song, and never skip cutscenes so i’d watch it!
  2. I'd love for it to finish right before the release of KH3, I'm losing so much interest in the game but keep playing for the story!
  3. Now that KH3 is releasing next year, do you think this game will wrap up prior to the game's release?
  4. https://bossfightbooks.com/products/kingdom-hearts-ii-by-alexa-ray-corriea Has anyone read this book? It just came out a few days ago, looks interesting and I'm thinking about picking it up.
  5. I think it goes something like "sunshine daisies, bottle of mellow... turn this stupid fat rat yellow!"
  6. Yeah this makes sense as FY 17 ended on march 31, 2017. So we are currently in squares FY 18
  7. This is great to hear! It definitely increases the replay value of 0.2. First, I'll beat it in regular and then work my way up to the hardest difficulty
  8. Im assuming the August release of information will be geared towards 2.8, so I'm not expecting any KH3 news. This is all great news though! Im especially excited to hear that KH3 will basically be a worldwide release. I was worried when he said Japan would get it earlier
  9. im going to take my time and explore the world heavily so im hoping my first play-through will take close to 3 hours!
  10. I think this will actually be good for me. I don't care about insane graphics or Virtual Reality. When this releases in the fall, I'm sure standard PS4's will get a price drop. Especially around the christmas season. I'll pickup the standard PS4 in time for KH 2.8 I also don't believe that the PS4K will sell all that well. Instead, they will still create games geared towards the standard PS4 and then upscale them for the PS4K.
  11. That trailer was incredible! As far as that note at the end goes... I believe they put that there because they will only be focusing on 2.8 this year. So this way, we won't be disappointed that KH3 wasn't shown. I think they are learning to prepare us for when we should and shouldn't expect KH3 information haha So overall, I don't think KH3 will appear at E3
  12. Hmm... with them releasing the 2.8 trailer tomorrow, do you think Kingdom Hearts might not make an appearance at E3? Still very excited though
  13. I know what you mean. People love to hear themselves talk. And sometimes, they try to force opinions on you. Your response should either be "okay guy/girl" (in a really sarcastic voice). Or... you could always say "hey, i hope you have a wonderful life!" (in a really happy, sarcastic voice)
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