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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. With all the rumours flying round, i thought KH13 would be the best place to come to for an update and to give my own thoughts! As much as i enjoyed my time with FFXV, i can't help but feel an extra year of development would have done it the world of good. The second half of the game felt unfinished and i'd be really disappointed if the same thing happened to KH3. I've found with the Kingdom Hearts franchise that each iteration feels complete in terms of story and gameplay on release, even before the Final Mix version. With Nomura's recent comments, i was honestly expecting a 2019 release and feel a 2018 release may be a bit too early? I'd be more than happy to wait a year longer to receive a complete game. A long and painful wait is something i've been used to ever since i completed the original Kingdom Hearts way back in 2002. I recall KH2 didn't release until September 2006 in Europe! I also wondered if they could release a KH3 final mix as DLC? Here's hoping for a new trailer at E3 also.
  2. I think it's possibly because they are a UK based station! It's gone through for me living in the UK and I've put my vote in for Yoko, so hopefully she does well again this year! I logged in using Facebook which may bypass the need for a postal code?
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    Hi everyone, new member here! I've been a fan of Kingdom Hearts since the very beginning way back in 2002. I went to the world tour concert yesterday in London which was absolutely fantastic and a culmination of the past 15 years. I thought i'd take the opportunity to join to be able to discuss KH past, present and future. Look forward to speaking to you all!
  4. Hi everyone! First time poster here. I've been a fan of Kingdom Hearts since the very beginning way back in 2002, but just wanted to say how last nights concert completely blew my expectations away. It was honestly one of the greatest experiences of my life and being able to see Hikari, Passion, Destati and Fate of the Unknown orchestrated by the London Philharmonic orchestra was something special. I loved how KH1 was given love and attention in the first half with treasured memories being orchestrated and all the video footage. It took me back to when i was 10 years old playing KH1 on the PS2 and i was grinning from ear to ear for the whole performance. They even played tracks i never expected and it was great to see Yoko Shimomura given the love and appreciation she deserves. Last night felt a culmination of the past 15 years and i'll continue to follow Kingdom Hearts well into the future!
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