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  1. Might as well give this a shot Showdown Name; Akarui Sora Timezone : GMT - 5 Days Free; New Years Eve and Day as well as Saturday the 5th Let's have a nice bout, everyone!
  2. Hello, my fellow Dandelions! After not posting for a long while, I am here with a question. Now, when Persona 5 first came out, Atlus put up a hard block on a certain day in the game so nobody would be spoiled within a relatively good time span. This actually helped a lot because people got to experience the long game in full before the ban was lifted. Do you think Square should do the same thing? Personally, I think so Blocking cutscenes in game is one thing, but capturing devices can bypass that pretty easily. If they put up...say an embargo, like they've done in the past with some events, that it would be a good move. Gives us time to play the game and find out the story and secrets ourselves rather than watching someone play it on Twitch. That being said, I know that this would get some heat from Let's Players and streamers alike, but I think it would only be for a short period of time. I'm thinking maybe....two weeks or so? Middle of February? Maybe Valentines Day. I think that reasonable. What do you think? Let me know down below and until next time...
  3. Hiya! Been a while since I've been around and for good reason. Work load has been pretty bad lately, but it's finally slowed up enough for me to announce that I'm going deep into streaming on Twitch. I have an icon and a banner is being made as I type this. Now, you're probably wondering "Who are you, why should we care and what are you going to be playing?" Well, my name is sorakeyblade9 on Twitch.tv I am very new to the streaming game, so much so that the PS4 broadcasting is the only thing I can use for capturing footage. I do have a headset for commentary, but I do not have a webcam...yet. My hopes is to save up for an Elgato so I can stream more games...and perhaps a long term goal would be to get a gaming set-up on PC so I can stream even more! A man can dream Right now, we're at the tail end of KH1. By the time most of you are reading this, I SHOULD be still streaming the final leg of the games (I skipped out on streaming last night because of all the news that came out. Btw, KH3 is looking so good, my eyes almost melted, but that's besides the point) After that, we're going right into Re:Chain of Memories and so on until the entire series is done. Then...Maybe Overwatch or some Binding of Isaac. Now, I'm not the best at the game, but I honestly just enjoy playing it, so doing it for people would be a nice change of pace. Alternatively, I have already played through the games on Youtube, but since Twitch is a new platform, might as well start over there right? As for when I'll be streaming, that's pretty up for debate. Right now, Most of my streams will be on days off from my current job, and late night when I do have to work (Around 9 or 10 P.M. EST) Honestly, it'd be easier if you hit me with a follow and just be on the lookout for when I go live instead of sticking to a strict schedule (Less room for dissapointment that way) I hope to see some of you there and please, spread the word around. I'm not too flashy or the like yet, but everyone starts small. Now, I gotta get ready to finish this game, so until next time, stay well, Fellow Dandelions
  4. So, I've been streaming most of the KH series on my youtube channel, sorakeyblade99, and well, tonight, just a few moments ago, I just finished clearing up Radiant Garden...and attempted to fight Sephiroth at level 40...On Critical Mode. Of course, the first round went about as expected, instant dead.. But the second round...I no damaged the fight. It was a mixture of good blocking, good item use and good use of the trinity limit. I feel so accomplished. He didn't even get to use his meteor attack, which would have probably killed me. Now, I am not sure if I can link to the livestream from here, or if I have to wait until it's uploaded as a video after, but I will attempt to post it here. No commentary, just gameplay. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RYg5q_HV7O4 Enjoy! This is probably never gonna happen again...at least with me.
  5. I would have to go with...Magnet. It's so useful. Higher level Magnet kills weaker enemies as well as draw in the stronger ones. It's a pretty sure-fire way to stop some bosses and the more sturdy Heartless and Nobodies. Gathering up a big group and then air comboing them to death is so satisfying. Also, Magnet + Thunder in KH2FM is a life saver.
  6. Greetings, Fellow Dandelions! As you all know, Synthesis has been a big part of Kingdom Hearts since the first game. It gives us ways to get items and weapons from drops from Heartless...but, do you really use it as much as you think? Like, you know it takes quite a bit of Synthesis to get to the good items and weapons, but...do you really use it after you get them? For instance, in KH1, you have to create almost every other item in the list to get to the weapons, but after you get those, do you bother spending the time grinding to get multiple of some items. One play-through, I made enough Crystal Crowns for my entire party and it took AGES! Way too long. And of course, there is the fact of remember what enemy drops what item, what world that enemy appears in in that point in time (Because Heartless and Nobodies have a really bad habit of moving house when things get more intense near end game), and of course, just how often those items drop. RNG is a cruel mistress. Granted, the tediousness of this could be removed if they somehow managed to streamlined this process. In KH2, if you got 50 or more of the shard, stone and gem variants of some materials, you could outright buy them from Moogle shops...but that's if you got 50 or more, which is really way too much grinding. By the time you complete them all, you'd probably have enough material to make anything you want and more! Fighting all those enemies for items is a pretty good way to get higher in level unless you already maxed yourself out, in which case, every enemy that doesn't have a drop is just another screen transition to get them to re-spawn. The usual ultimate prize for all your work is to be able to create the Ultima Weapon, though in more recent games, they've been able to find other ways of giving you that weapon.(Secret boss in DDD, Mirage Arena from BBS.) Who's to say you won't be able to get it from doing the Hades Cup in Olympus (Seeing that it's already in the game and that has been the token Tournament world for many games now.) I personally wouldn't mind if it came back, but wouldn't be surprised if the didn't include it in. What are your thoughts? Anyway, my B-day is soon, so maybe I'll get something KH related from my family. Until next time, Stay Shining!
  7. I totally would. Cool castle. Cool Jacket, Cool Powers. The only downside is being used as a vessel for an old man that should be long gone, but cheats death every time.
  8. Sometimes, you gotta wonder why nobody has tried to stop those heartless making machines if they're such a big problem. I'm gonna assume that there's some protection on it or something. Either way, I just learned a crap ton! Still, I'd like to think they evolve. Too many of them have too similar appearance, mannerisms to actually be born separate. I'm just happy to get people thinking this way, since we probably won't get an answer. On a non-related note. Does it bother anyone else that Sora became a Shadow? You'd think it'd be something stronger...
  9. That's right! I forgot about the Tower and Tides! Not really an evolution, but it does show that Heartless do work together...sometimes.
  10. Greetings, my Fellow Dandelions! As a rabid KH fan, I've had this question in the back of my mind and I finally have an outlet for it in this place! So, I gotta ask, do pure-blood Heartless Evolve? As we all know, all heartless are in two separate categories; Emblem and Pure-blood. Emblem Heartless are made from machines, inanimate objects, ect. And Pure-blood are made strictly from darkness in our hearts.Thing is...ever notice how similar they look to each other? Let's take a look at Shadows for an example. We have our cute little Shadow and then we have the Mega Shadow and then the Gigas Shadow. Of course, that's typical behavior. Shadow Spawns, doesn't get killed and gets more darkness and grows bigger, right? Then...we have NeoShadows. These buggers look like a Shadow that's been hitting the gym, right? Taller, bigger and much more dangerous. Now, I could be wrong, but doesn't it just seem like a natural evolution to the Shadow line? It even has it in the name! My proposal is that when a heartless goes for a long period of time without dying, it grows in size, but if it actually fells a person in battle, it grows stronger and thus evolves. Like a Pokemon, for some of you fans out there. Another example, Posessors They take control of inanimate objects and turns them into heartless themselves. Granted, when that object is hurt, it can't do much by itself...that is until it evolves. From here, I think that it could turn either a Darkball or a Shadow Stalker. And as we all saw from KH2, A Shadow Stalker definitely CAN evolve, into a Dark Thorn, and one could argue that this heartless evolves into a Dark Hide, if give enough time and experience. My reasoning of why only Pureblood Heartless evolve is that they can't be mass manufactured. Emblem Heartless are made to be that specific heartless and nothing else. Any Heartless that is similar in shape, name, attack pattern, is due to small variations in their code. Only Pureblood heartless can form directly from darkness...and Darkness takes on many different and terrifying shapes if we let it. But hey, that's just a theory. A game theory! Until next time, Stay Shining!
  11. Greetings! I've been following KH13 on Twitter for some time now and I figured it was finally time I actually made an account for this place.Um...what to put here... Oh, I guess some fun facts about myself. I've been a KH fan since 2003, when I got my first PS2 and a copy of KH1 on my Birthday. I currently own a PS4. PS3, Nintendo Switch, and a 3DS Besides KH, I love Pokemon games and the Tales of series (Which you should check out if you haven't already.) My Birthday is November 19 My IRL name is Akeem, but please, call me Sora or SKB99. I write stories in my spare time. Some fanfiction, some original ideas. I play Alto Saxophone My favorite aspect about the KH series is the Music and to wrap things up, I am open to playing any online games with anyone. I think that's good for now, Looking forward to meeting you guys and gals!
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