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  1. I would like two things in particular, more unique moves bar Limit/Final Limit for each Organization Members and the original idea that was not realized which is each member having their respective Subordinate Nobodies under their commands in battles (as party members?).
  2. I'm not sure how you compiled the Eng list, but all I have seen is the Jap version of the game features different names in the sequence at hand.
  3. If I'm not mistaken, Jap and Eng vers have different list of names they pull from. And, I think Unicornis is Jap's Vulpes in terms of numbers. Ava has been built up prior to all of this as well.
  4. Well, optimistically, Agrabah is this month's Union Cross Update and it is the longest Disney World in UX, so there might be some benefits and implications there like how San Fransokyo is revealed at Tokyo Game Show. Plus, desert world is distinct from any other worlds so far.
  5. Yes, and he is also one of the four remaining by the second visit to Agrabah where a member has supposedly give the merchant the treasure. Agrabah is probably the one I want the most among the remaining possible choices. Plus, I think that one returning world with two new worlds for each set of three worlds seems reasonable.
  6. If Frozen is in the game and Vexen is not in charge of it, I'm not sure what world can be better fit. Scientific World like Big Hero 6 can kind of fit, but that is not the case either, so either his world is connected via an unforeseen connection or he is not in charge of a world (supportive research), in charge of an original world, or he is not really a seeker. They did say three sets of three worlds, but not necessarily 9 (Disney) worlds, so I would say 8-10 Disney worlds is reasonable to expect. It depends on whether a mini-game world like 100 Acre Wood (if included) is counted as a world or not. Alternatively, if the chess piece next to the presumed Larxene's piece is Vexen's, he might also be in charge of Frozen similar to Ansem/Xemnas.
  7. I would prefer that they just show us the missing five Nobodies (one of which we seemingly going to get).
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