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  1. true, but lets not forget people though the same with blane, though i suppose bragi is closer
  2. which isnt a good sign as as action rpgs dont translate to well onto mobile, im sure union x is more turn based but still
  3. considering how badly this film seem to be making everyone react i wouldnt count on it
  4. well they may yet go to the mysterious tower, i dont think disney has any set rules about how old yen sid is or how he ages so who says it has to be a younger yen sid they knew
  5. the fight in number 2, the encounter makes it so much more epic
  6. that is a good point, after all we dont what ava really looks like and even then this was meant o be a very long time ago so theres nothing to say that he looks like his ancestors
  7. didnt the report say he descended from one of the original masters? it kinda just helps the idea
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