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  1. Hello there. First time here in the forums, I just thought of this and I thought this could be interesting for discussion. Enjoy ~ PD: this is a semi-translation from my tweet posts about this matter, as I am spanish, so please take that into consideration if you see any error or mispellings. As you probably have seen by now, it seems that Aqua has gone through some changes, and of course we fans of Kingdom Hearts have inmediatley thought that this means that now Aqua is now one of the Thirteen Darknesses that Xehanort will use in KH3. And it doesn't make any sense. Think about it, KH 0.2 ended literally stating how she wanted to be the light in the midst of shadows, how she wanted to be there for those that may fall into darkness. And now she 's just a vessel? Weird. And then I saw this: https://twitter.com/AmaziahYT/status/1006261973527547905 . According to this information from an IGN interview (yes, I know IGN is not exactly the best source of info for KH, but bear with me) to an actual Square Enix employee, it seems that whatever happened to Aqua has nothing to do with Xehanort, but with the Realm of Darkness itself. And you'll say: that's impossible, she has the yellow eyes and even the hair is turning gray! I began to think about what kind of connection this could have if it was true. And then a friend called me saying she was about to finish KH 0.2 and had som doubts with what she had saw on E3: How were Riku and Mickey supposed to enter the Realm of Darkness if the Door to Darkness was closed and it would not let them pass. I asked what she was talking about, and suddenly I remembered this: One person cannot enter, or either exit to one Realm to another if it or she has Light in his or her heart. I guess you can begin to see where I am getting at. But there's more: "Even if she was to succumb to darkness in order to travel freely through the RoD and the RoL, how explains the orange eyes, the darkened skin and the gray hair?" And as a famous meme would say, I'm gonna call a friend that knows one or two things about darkness, the Realm of Darkness, the Organization XIII, Xehanort itself, and darkened skin, orange eyes and maybe even grayhair. Yep, my friend is no other than Ansem the Wise, also known in it's "Dark Form" as DiZ (Darkness in Zero). When Ansem was banished to the Realm of Darkness, he survived by learning how to use the darkness and control it. Not by succumbing to it, but by using it in it's favour (Ansem Report Nº6 KH2). That way, he could hide from the Organization, travel in and out freely through the Realm of Darkness and Light, and also acquire a new "form" that consisted of a version of himself with darker skin, more clear orange eyes (he already had some orangy-red eyes, but you can see it becomes near xehanort type) and as he is wearing his bandages around his head, it's kinda impossible to know if he also has gray hair on this form. And now the two magical questions: A) Why is sh mad or surprised by Mickey's pressence. B) Why didn't she left the RoD then? Answer to A) Video editing is a key point here, as the situation tries to point that Aqua is a bad girl now, but of it this way: Riku and Mickey are in the black beach. Whatever attacks them prisons Mickey in that red swirl and breaks Riku's keyblade. Aqua appears from the Darkness, destroys whatever was attacking them, and then realizes he is Mickey. Answer to B) Aqua herself can explain this better than I do. And... that's it. What do you think?
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