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  1. I thought it's a given that almost all gameplay shown in the trailers and demos have been debugged for demonstrative purposes. Both the enemies' and Sora's health etc are likely just placeholders. This is especially apparent when you consider that during his first visit to the various worlds, Sora has been shown wielding keyblades that would normally be unattainable, as you don't obtain a world's keychain until you complete that respective world. So I wouldn't apply any meaning into Sora wielding the BH6 keyblade in the Aqua fight; it's likely that they were further showcasing the newest keyblade. Without more details I can't comment on why Aqua has Mickey's keyblade, but with what little footage was shown, I don't think we can confirm any sort of status regarding Mickey and Riku. (Lol I just reread that last sentence and it sounds like something Nomura would say in an interview.. Please look forward to discovering these answers in the coming months I guess??)
  2. Nice! The Ratatouille ingredient quest sounds very interesting. I was actually just making a joke with a friend, but I'm actually now convinced that in the first 6 seconds of the Classic Kingdom Trailer you can see a restaurant in the corner of Twilight Town called Le Grand Bistrot. There's little doubt that this must be where Remy resides and Sora will periodically visit this restaurant to drop off ingredients, the French name all but confirms it. Also in regards to The Caribbean being present as a world, while it looks amazing and I'm excited for it, I could have sworn Nomura said in a previous interview that Twilight Town and Olympus were the only returning worlds. Not that he's never misled before, and I feel like this world will be sufficiently different from Port Royal.
  3. Yeah, is this the first time Donald and Goofy have been given world-specific weapons? Obviously Goofy's is definitely thematic of pirates, but while Donald's armillary sphere staff has navigational qualities that tie into this theme as well, the sphere also has connections to Hercules which could suggest it came from Olympus. Given that both Sora and Goofy's weapons are from the Caribbean though, I'd assume the same would be true for Donald.
  4. It's almost definitely set after the events of the film. At 1:53 in the trailer you can see a sign on the wall that says "Be Funny" referencing the fact that it was found at the end of the film that laughter is a better source of energy than screams. And at 1:07 you can see scaffolding in front of the "We Scare Because We Care" motto to indicate that they're in the process of updating it.
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