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  1. I felt really old. The school went through a remodel during my senior year
  2. Walked through my old High School today
  3. We lost Ken Block yesterday...
  4. I'm kinda sad today as a Rally fan...
  5. @ali3n.0bserv3r You Cosplay?
  6. Wait till my Collab with DJ Roxy.
  7. Made my boi a DJ for some reason
  8. Note: this is not a hack, this is an actual Mp3
  9. What do you guys think? https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/493890097570250752/1047126259026628748/Evil_Morty_WIP_-_112822_11.15_PM.mp3
  10. This is not a good tarot card to wake up to.
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