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  1. POV you go to another larks game Best view!
  2. POV: you attend a baseball game that goes to 10 pm CST
  3. Sorry I'm an hour late Im crying inside rn Kingdom hearts in the Olympic opening ceremony... I need a tissue..
  4. What in toonation Gamefly
  5. I don't know. Do I look like the person who would know that.... Hang on..... Have you checked the gaming chat?
  6. like Game of thrones! https://tenor.com/view/ghost-wolf-ghost-wolf-look-animal-gif-7737244
  7. Guess what we're naming it?
  8. I want to cry but I’m a grown man
  9. Well the war has started for the final smash dlc slot.. I want to curl up in a ball right now.
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