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  1. This plays into my theory that which is why he isn't in the board game.
  2. What do you think it represents? Has this appeared before? I would love more opinions on this.
  3. I will never forgive Amazon for their live stream betrayal.
  4. "What else is darkness but hate and Rage?" -Aqua, BBS. Do we know when we unlock rage form? Because this seems to elude to Sora letting darkness into his heart...
  5. Whilst I was pondering the depths of Nomura's imagination, I had a quick thought, we have two characters in the KH universe who wear red scarves, Ephemer and Braig. I could just be pulling at loose threads but did anyone else notice that Braig's scarf looks like Ephemer's but a lot older? A slightly less reliable tie branches off of the theory that Unchained was created by Ansem the wise (Hence the "Children sacrificed for the sake of my research" ). If this is so, could it be that Ephemer escaped said experiment, changed his name then joined Ansem? And yes, I know this has many problems already, such as why doesn't Braig have a Keyblade? I have more thoughts but I would like to hear some second opinions first.
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