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  1. Alternate reality setting. Spira in FFX easily the most interesting and perhaps futiristic/steampunk as second best.
  2. Well its a little more complicated than that right now... I wouldn't watch all of the mobile cutscenes... There are a few spoilers particularly in the last few cutscenes so you should watch up to and including Kingdom Hearts unchained X but not past that.
  3. Not bad, mine is pretty different 1. Star Wars: Episode VI Incredible story, action sequences, and themes of family. An amazing ending to one of the greatest stories in history. 2. Star Wars: Episode V Iconic story, and action sequences. Iconic twist. 3. Star Wars: Episode IV Great story, and action sequences. 4. Star Wars: Episode IX Good story, and action sequences. Bit of a mess though, but honestly this whole trilogy had no bigger plan for itself, so they did the best they could... and it wasn't bad. Good twist. 5. Star Wars: Episode VIII Good story, and action sequences. Particularly, great character development for Rey, and Luke in this movie was great too. Decent themes for the new generation of Jedi to take it upon themselves to make the galaxy a better place. The rest was alright to boring. 6. Star Wars: Episode VII Alright story, and amazing action sequences. Particularly like the twist introduction of Rey as the main force-sensitive character. 7. Star Wars: Episode III A lot of this movie was boring, but the anticipated duel between Anakin and Obi-Wan was exactly what everyone had hoped for. 8. Star Wars: Episode I Darth Maul badassery 9. Star Wars: Episode II IDK lol... sand i guess
  4. Go to google search and type “the game awards vote” and you can do it there! Also, you can do this every 24 hours so make sure to do so!
  5. Wouldn't mind a remake of kh1 or something like that but definitely days first!
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