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  1. It would be nice to see the chocobros, or maybe lightning and snow. Fang would be cool to see too since there hasn't been a dragoon to appear in kh yet. I don't think having the mmo games' characters would make much sense unless they did a Collab like with xv where noct is in that game too. As for xii, I'd love to have Balthier or Fran appear. Imagine how excited sora would get that she has bunny ears
  2. Got into FFXII and FFX when they came to switch, and I ended getting stuck on the airship fight in FFX and haven't picked it up since 😬. As for FFXII, I'm already on the final chapter after playing so much lately, and I've been trying to level my party and finish side quests before moving onto the ancient city. Both games are wonderful, but I feel more attached to FFXII than FFX lately
  3. I think brave could be very cool to see in kingdom hearts. Plus merida would most likely be one of the new princesses of heart
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