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  1. I thought it was okay. At first thought it was so cool but then it got boring. I liked Riku's mode because I didn't have to worry so much about the order and stuff.
  2. I actually love when the Org members are frustrated. I think it's so cool what they do when they get mad lol.
  3. That's so cute! Awesome drawing!
  4. Yeah that's why I created this thread. He needs some fans and love too . But that video idea sounds cool!
  5. Nice!! I can't even beat him on my first try with all the bonus things (due to the 10 second water challenge)
  6. I was just curious who are Vexen fans? I've seen fans to almost every other Organization 13 member but none for Vexen?
  7. I liked his death scene because it gave a lot of emotion but also hated it because I love Axel. If he survived I think the battles with the remaining Org. members would be more interesting and that they'd go back to the islands happy and blah blah blah but I don't think Axel would like it too much because he would lose Roxas and that would probably make Sora feel weird. I'd hate if someone liked me because of someone else like me that was sort of inside of me.
  8. KH is my fav but Mario is also cool. I grew up with the Mario games. It would be cool if they did come out with a KH game for the computer though.
  9. I actually really liked Sora's singing voice. Who knew Haley could do that.
  10. Yeah I love all of them but my favorite is This One (Crying Like a Child). She puts so much feeling into it!
  11. HAHA! He's always hot (no pun intended).
  12. ROFL! That was good! Mine of course was when Axel died. I cried.
  13. It's Reno from Final Fantasy. People always say that they look alike and Nomura based Axel's idea from Reno.
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