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Marvel Studios' Avengers: Infinity War Official Trailer

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The only thing I can do is post this...



I saw the tease of this trailer, and I was flabbergasted that we were finally getting this trailer, after such a long wait! Then, after waiting and ensuring that I wouldn't spoil myself, I was able to watch the trailer just about an hour ago, and this reaction is the result! :D


Seriously, this film is going to be amazing, and it's going to make world shattering records when it releases! It could even top Avatar as the highest grossing film of all time!


This film means so much to me, because I've been witness to the MCU since its inception with the first Iron Man film, and ever since then, I've watched each film over the past 9 years, investing myself emotionally in the characters, the worlds and stories that each film has developed! And now, to know that we are finally so close to the battle against Thanos...well, it's gonna be something truly spectacular! The Russo Brothers are definitely going to make of this film one hell of a masterpiece that will surely be talked about for decades to come! :D

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