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Square Enix's floor plans for E3 2018 have been revealed

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Maybe they'll have their own conference/presentation again like in 2015. I really liked what they did there and this year could actually be worth it because it's also been a while since we last saw FFVIIR.

Among other titles, it might be better to have their own instead of just having Sony/Microsoft do their thing. Also because I did not like Sony's press conference last year at all... If you could even call it that since it basically consisted of over an hour of trailers. It was one of the most boring presentations they had had so far.


Anyway, I'm pretty excited for E3 and the livestreams which will likely be available again. :D Though the "sharp, powerful and well-made" comment does not excite me at all, considering a well-made title should be what all developers aim for... Reality may be different, but still.

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