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Roleplay The Haven (RP)

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Ceres looked through the gate towards the undead and a barrier enveloped her. She then picked up the sword and her wall dropped. “Stay close to me when your wounds become to greivous to bear. I will ease your pain and protect you.” She tapped her sword against her sheild and an aura of healing formed around her, emanating from her magical barrier. “The dead will be returned to their graves.” She says before charging forward. 




Galla and the Hex Beast circled eachother as if sizing one another up, at least thats what it would look like to an onlooker. What was actually occuring was the true awakening of the beast. The magical connection between it and its summoner was being formed. Galla was being drained of her necrotic magic, new cuts and wounds were forming across her fair skin. In return Galla was being granted control of the dark being. After several more minutes the two stopped and the horror bowed its head towards its new controler. The necromancer stepped forwards and climbed onto its back protected from the monsters aura by her link to it. “Onwards. To the battle field. Let no Lich or undead stand in my way.” It let out a hollow roar before taking flught. The black smoke trailling behind it. Creating a dark streak in the sky.

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Hogarth perked up upon hearing the others' voices, glancing over to find Rhiannon and Hektor heading in his and the Fallen Reksis' direction.  Thank goodness they were all right.  The triffids greatly made up for their weaknesses with numbers, and the aura around both of them seemed to stave off the triffids, which stayed close to them as if to snap at their heels and get a lucky bite in.  With bolting speeds, he fired off several thin, razor-sharp shuriken from the palms of his hands and into the remaining triffids, unveiling the fact that he had made modifications to his own body beyond his.

"Good grief, what a mess.  If only I knew triffids would be here.  These plants are unbearably persistent.  However, I agree.  These creatures must be curbed.  If we destroy enough of them, they will stop herding until they are large enough to attack big prey in the forest once more.  Alas that my skills cannot help much in that area.  My weapons are limited and not intended for armies.

"Let's be quick and grab some mandrakes before we leave.  I have a few gatherings of plants in my lab, but I am sorely lacking in mangradoras.  They should be over there, about three hundred metres ahead, if I recall right from my (patent pending) Eyes in the Sky, ju-u-ust past that growing throng of evil plants."

Even as he spoke, more triffids were surging towards the group in the direction he pointed, out for blood and manically screaming and tossing their roots, fly trap mouths, and leafy arms wildly into the air.  If each mandrake were any larger than a one-year-old baby, maybe this gathering would have been scary to Hogarth and the others.  Maybe.

((There are about thirty-five (35) of them.  Feel free to eradicate them with all the love and tenderness an adventurer can provide.  We can go hunting for one more batch of about thirty-five for a reward when returning to the Haven, or we can get the mandrakes and/or the rest of the supplies without worry of seeking out further battles.  Let me know either through your characters or via out-of-character chat what you would like and I will happily proceed onward in that direction.))

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- Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - Sapnin Village - VS: Conceited Lich: Aprameia -

The seaborne battering ram was of no concern, for Henry had stepped up and unleashed an attack so powerful it caused him injury, but greater damage befell the inbound ram, then frozen by Kolm and shattered by the Serene Demon Blade, as Henry coined it. The shockwave only blew Lucia's hair up for a moment, as it seemingly settled back into its prior style with not a hair out of place, just as unharmed as all present, as the shockwave was only damaging to those ahead of Henry.

Soon enough, the Lich who had conjured the tsunami: Aprameia, called forth her troops and prepared to do battle as the Aquafolk raised the gate, allowing the party to combat them. Donning her helmet and hood, Lucia followed alongside her allies. The shambling corpse known as a Lich held a phylactery, as Lucia had expected, but what was odd was that Aprameia was wearing it upon her neck, as if it were but jewelry rather than the only thing keeping her immortal. At least this would make it easier to grant her final rest.

"I've been waiting for a strong opponent...Aprameia! Prepare to die your final death!" Lucia called out what would likely be her last comment before battle, as she herself crackled with deep blue Lightning, before a great bolt formed in her hand, which she twirled in a flourishing fashion, as her powers activated and she summoned forth her Arc-Striding Staff behind her, entering her combat stance as she did so.

With a deft charge, Lucia ran toward her foes, going for the Revenant Aquafolk first and foremost, swiping at two of them twice in alternating left and right motions, then bringing the staff down upon the ground in front of them, sparking lightning at their bodies which would cause them grave injury, twirling the staff back to its original position, then shoulder bashing an encroaching third Revenant to the ground, this attack too was electrically charged.


- Reksis Sahn, the Voidstalker - Elysian Forest - Horde of Vengeful Triffids -

"These pests will reclaim this land and deny the Haven a source of vital herbs and resources if we allow them...I would suggest that those capable of killing them attempt to purge them, while those who cannot, such as you Hoggarth, depart with all the herbs we've gathered." Reksis put forward, resting his Shrapnel Launcher as he spoke aloud to all present, though his attention was stolen by the inbound swarm of angry Triffids, redrawing his weapon and firing into them immediately.

"Whatever we decide to do, we need to do it now! Hektor, should we stay or should we retreat?" He added, with a few more bursts of Solar Fire Shrapnel, not looking to Hektor once, as he had to aim, but then his Ghost reminded him of something:

"Reksis, try the Void on them! It should help! Concentrate it in your hand and throw it as if it were a grenade!" The Ghost's suggestion was received with a nod and a lowered weapon from Reksis as he freed his left hand, concentrating, focusing as a deep, dark purple energy, derived from the Light, yet it was unholy all the same, as the void generally drained life and unhealed, as it were. Once a definite orb shape had formed, Reksis tossed it into the ravenous horde, a Vortex formed upon impact, expanding into a large radius of dark energy.

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Kolm stared incredulously as Henry prepared the Serene Demon Blade.  "Henry, don't be foolish!" Kolm shouted, his voice lost under the winds which he summoned forth.  He had no choice but to take cover with the others, watching and praying to all of the gods he believed in.  It relieved him to find that Henry was mostly unharmed, though the blood falling from his fingers didn't escape his notice.

"How bad is it?" he asked, taking a tentative step forward, fingers reaching out for the bandage which concealed his arm.  He hesitated for a moment.  Should he offer it, and risk exposing the many scars and cuts along his flesh?  Would they immediately recognize blood magic if they saw it, and were it punishable here like it was in his world, too?  Thankfully the threat of having to expose himself diminished, when Lukkel stepped up to the plate and healed Henry instead–it would be even better than trying to stop the blood flow with his own bandage.

The gates opened, granting the Haveners entry whilst also separating them from the safety of the wall.  This was to be expected, though it did put Kolm at unease when noting the undead's sheer number against their small but mighty force.  While Lucia, Ceres, and Galla did not hesitate in stepping forward, Kolm was partially more reserved, surveying the situation and discerning where his presence would be most needed.  His eyes fell upon the lich, and as he watched her he started to realize that she was indeed Apremeia.  It felt foolish to bolt up to her alone, first thing, before she was weakened by combat, and yet he found himself marching his way over to her.  He stopped before the lich, stabbing his staff into the ground as his aqua eyes bore into hers.

"You would be the one behind all of this, yes?" He stood up straight, though he were still not as tall as some of his companions.  "Prepare to meet your match, Lich.  Your reign of terror has come to and end!"  He lifted his staff and flung out his arms, crystals from the water behind him rising in the form of icicles.  He pointed his staff in Apremeia's direction, each one flying toward her and in target to embed themselves in her torso, closest to her heart.


Rhiannon's lips curved into a slight pout as Hektor spoke, an unconscious action on her part.  "While I see where you're coming from," she interjected, "I disagree with it.  It will be highly difficult to stop them at their source.  They will just keep increasing in number before they threaten to consume us all.  If we leave they may simply return home."

None agreed with Rhi, however, and were in favor of staving off the Triffids.  She let out a sigh and brandished her spear in front of her, getting in a battle stance as she eyed the annoying abominations.  "All right.  Let's get this over with.  But if they overwhelm us don't say that I didn't warn you."

With that the blonde darted forth, running toward a nearby tree and leaping up into it.  She came down upon a Triffid from above, piercing it clean through before twirling her spear throw two others that tried to leap onto her.  One of them bit her ankle, which did not please her in the slightest.  She gave it a kick, throwing it off, though two others tried to tackle her in its place.

(1 felled, also, I think I prefer the group to complete their mission sooner than later and return to The Haven.  I fear it might get a bit too repetitive and drawn-out if we linger in the Elysian Forest much longer.)


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Pang's sad eyes very rarely left the sight of Aprameia, espying her for a while now as she stood in quiescent rage at the group of adventurers that stepped forth, him being one of them.  He wondered, since her soul was still tethered to her person, if she would remember him and some of the other Haven members, but her eyes seemed fixated evenly on everyone who left the security of the gate.  Swallowing hard, he focused his strength inwardly, steeling his nerves for what he was previously prepared to do.

Winona looked at her with sadness as well, but also with challenge.  She was not about to be outmatched by a lich, no matter how uncommon the strength or the resemblance to someone she knew first- or second-hand.  Her feet dug into the spongy, saturated ground as she readied her spear and prepared for combat.  Others beat her to the punch, Lucia with her hard-hitting lightning staff, incredulously dealing strikes to three of the common revenants, and Kolm firing off several ice missiles towards Aprameia's location.

Aprameia wasted little time with a parry, water forming too behind her and spiraling into the form of octopus tentacles, with the grey powder of bonemeal remnants within them from the fallen comrades she had accompanied.  Blocking all of the ice shards was no easy feat, but the concentrated nature of Kolm's attack made it relatively simple to block with one motion.

The ice now buried in water, she directed the attack toward Lucia and fired off three icy projectiles with the currents within the watery tendrils, at a slower speed than Kolm's attack, but at an angle possibly difficult to see.  Fortunately for Lucia, this means less power, and less accuracy, so this was easier to dodge or defend against if spotted in time.

"All of you, leave none standing.  Kill the living so that they may join the hordes of the undead."

The patricians smirked and started forward cautiously, two on either side.  The remaining, simple undead charged forward in an attempt to take down the main body with tooth and claw and very seldom a decayed sword.  None of them seemed to wield magic or missile weaponry, like bows or crossbows.  Meanwhile, the magic caster spoke anew with horrible intonations.

"Bone, be bone,
Flesh, render flesh,
Let all that was provide again upon shaping."

It was a simple necromantic chant, chiefly because all of the original materials meant for crafting the bodies of corpses were already available, but the method of crafting was different.  The fine bonemeal hardened onto the outside of the water, constructing a firm build of necrotic armoured flesh on all appendages made out of the water.  It would seem to some that she did not want to be approached, which Pang took slight curiosity to.  She did this before, on her first real fighting mission, creating the octopus wall to shield her and attack at the same time in close- to mid-range combat, but the necromancy was certainly new.  Was this still Aprameia, even if her eyes showed nothing for him?

The Zouyu refocused on the initial fight, bellowing out a roar of a battle cry as he rushed forward and pounced upon the nearest undead he could find.  He crushed an Aquafolk zombie's neck by dodging its claws and issuing a clothesline, then took out his quarterstaff and after a few seconds worth of dodging and parrying took out another Aquafolk revenant and a human revenant.

Winona had a similarly great experience, swapping her spear with open hands as she fired off a gravity vortex from herself that took out two human revenants coming her way.  The attack almost took out an Aquafolk zombie as well, managing to cripple it by powdering an arm instead, but she cancelled the attack after that, not wanting to strike Lucia or Pang or whoever else was at the front lines.

((Seven (7) less baddies and some excellent attacks in.  I look forward to seeing more of everyone's styles.  I will post for the other group once I have more time, as it is late in my time zone.))

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Ceres grinned “A shield built of flimsy materials falls swiftly to a sheild made from a will of iron!” She exclaims as she continued to rush through the undead amplifying her powers to their limits. The barrier grew larger into a large bubble as she too charged the foes targeting her allies. Ceres dashed a few feet past Pang. His expression hurt her deeply but she had a duty to complete, she would need to apologize to him later. She then returned her eyes to the enemies around her and slammex her own fist against her armored chest. “In the eyes of thr Goddess of Light! I declare this land...untouchable!” She shouts. Her barrier and healing aura amplified shredding the necromatic magic in the area in twain, returning even the mud soaked ground to a perfect meadow patch. The bubble spread to a rather miderate area around Ceres and Pang. “Just try to touch us” she motioned to the others to join her in the Sanctuary spell. Her nearby allies were dictated as “safe” and could freely enter and exit the thick sheild. The paladin then raise her sword pointing it at the Lich, Aphremia. It glowed with runes those who could read the runes will make out the words. “A light heart never bends.”




The Hex beast streaked across the sky and into the battlefield. Immediatly Galla pressed her hand into its back. “Go! Cannibalize the weak!” It roared and dove, creating a diving cloud of shadows behind it as it landed against several undead and brought down its jaws on its torso. However rather than eating it. It breathed in the necromatic essence of the zombie. It then spread its winged arms and loosed another roar, drawing in more energy. Galla stared at thr lich. “You are in direct violation of our code. Make this easy for us, you monster....” she said as she climbed off the beast and summoned two Skeletal guardians. A thick black smog left their bodies, their power amplified by the death around them.

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((After much thought, I think I'm in agreement with the triffids thing.  It will be drawn out before too long, so let's just say we cleared the nest in the end and I'll provide an incentive when we get back to The Haven.))

The large collection of angry plant life soon turned into a small collection of really angry plant life as Solar Fire rained down upon them, as well as the Vortex Grenade thrust within the center of them.  The unhealing darkness tore them to shreds, allowing Rhiannon to landfall on an especially unhappy one.  The others did not seem to appreciate it as much as Hogarth did, and lunged at her with the ferocious power and fury of a yipping dog.  Hogarth stepped in at that time, firing off more shuriken from his palms to cut down the assailing ones.  The rest seemed to flee into the forest, screeching their way further and further into the natural haze beneath the trees, but this time they seemed less secure and more afraid than angry.  In Hogarth's eyes, that meant good news.

"I don't think we will see another posse of them for some time unless we actively seek them out," he spoke with a large ear-to-ear grin.  "That leaves the mandrakes open for the taking for now.  Let's hurry and grab them, and whatever other plants we can find too.  After this, we'll be sitting pretty, y'know, for a Bronze-ranked mission.  I'll see if I can snag some grasshoppers while we are at it.  That way we can complete both missions."

With that, one of his eyes left his socket again and buzzed off into the brush, seeking out further bugs to gather.  Selene was kind enough to get a running start prepared for them.  As his eyes were self-propelled and could hold a decent amount of weight with their whirlybird mechanisms, capturing two grasshoppers each with their miniature nets would be easy.  The downside?  Not very much battery power within them.  They had a running life of twenty minutes max if burdened and in flight all of that time.  He would have to charge up when he got back.

"Ooh, a fine mandrake right over there," he elatedly called out, a small smile on his face.  "Dibs."

With that, he claimed it, digging the lovely specimen of a mandragora out of the ground and shoving it into one of his many pockets.

((That took longer than expected, for which I apologise.  I hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!  I did.))

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"Power like this comes at a price." Henry replied back to Lukkel as the boy excitedly stated that Henry's attack was impressive and effective. He couldn't help but smile as the boy showed his enthusiasm, however, always good to have someone to lighten the mood. Henry nodded respectfuly as Lukkel proceeded to heal his arm, most of the others began to speak to him. Ceres scolded him for being reckless, Henry simply looked back at her and smiled. "True...but reckless tactics are sometimes necessary." Henry commented as he began to stand up as he stretched and inspected his arm, healed fully, this was good. 

Henry watched as all the others attacked the zombie horde and the lich now known as Aprameia. They were off to a good start, lively bunch these, especially the necromancer girl. Henry switched to his wind style, his appearance changing to signal it as Sylph floated beside him. All the spirits had resided in his body in battles as to not distract him, sometimes they would talk from inside and outside. "So, Henry, are you ready to dance with the wind?" Sylph asked excitedly like a little child going to an amusement park as Henry smiled. "Of course." 

[Wind Style]

"..." Gnome stood silent within his mind but Henry noted her wish to participate. "Its alright Gnome." Henry spoke to her as he walked out of the gates and immediately summoned a sword of wind on his hand as he dashed and sliced through four zombies in quick and effective succession, the wind magic in the surroundings was resoundingly high, thanks to the aquafolk especializing in it. Funny how Aprameia wasn't, however.

With Ceres's newfound necromantic killing barrier, an idea popped in Henry's head. immediately dashing foward and sliding behind the revenants that were no doubt trying to rush at Ceres's barriers stupidly, but would no doubt stop at the nearest hint of danger, Henry would give them a little push. twirling his sword in his hands as he spun around, gathering wind with the momentum and slashing towards their backs, sending out a pushing shockwave that sent them flying to their deaths at Ceres's barrier. About five or so revenants destroyed by the healing properties of the barrier, Henry would shoot Ceres a smile and a nod at her, a show of trust to Ceres, trusting the paladin's abilities fully to handle more of the coming undead  before turning to face Aprameia and a serious frown taking his face. 

"We take the lich down and the rest fall along too." Henry noted as he began to run foward, opting to run in order to conserve energy, his normal run speed while in wind mode was damn fast however, easily three times that of the fastest human alive, with winds on his step, he charged at Aprameia, mid way in his run he shot towards her like a torpedo with wind energy behind him, spinning as he did, wind sword in hand, as he arrived at her he would attempt a wind powered slice at her, which would release an explosive shockwave on contact, she could dodge it, yes. But in doing so would leave herself vulnerable to his allies's attacks.

"Pang, Necro-girl, now!" Henry shouted at them, partly wishing he could have at least known Galla's name to call her. Necro-girl would have to do.





"Indeed...then I shall continue looking for Kingsfoil." Hektor commented politely as Hoggart spoke, during their barrage at the nest Hektor mostly kept stragglers and other triffids from surrounding them, keeping them at bay with his bladed cane with a rapier style of fencing. Which is why not many would notice his acts during the raid. But he did hit part, as did everyone else.

"Might I ask you to accompany me in my search, Miss Rhiannon?" Hektor asked her polite and gentle, with a true and kind smile as he looked at her, like a the gentleman that he was. One should act the part in the presence of others, it was only fitting. "Albeit if you would wish to gather another type of herb, it is quite alright." Hektor added. With the kingsfoil he had taken earlier sitting safely in his suit's internal chest pocket, he would have a point of reference in case he had forgotten the Kingsfoil's appearance, which was highly unlikely.

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Galla grumbled “necro girl?” she said before shaking the thought off and having the Hex beast charge in behind Henry. Its jaws clamped down on a second Undead, drinking in its dark essence. Galla sent in two Undead Assassins behind the hex beast.

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((Nice work, everyone.  The horde of lesser undead is brutalised (if I counted right, all or close to all twenty of them are taken out), and that means the entombed patricians and Galla remain as definite threats.  Feel free to add more lesser undead in your posts if you'd like.  I cannot complain about a good fight.))

Aprameia looked around in mild shock as the undead servants beneath her were quickly becoming eradicated by the opposing forces.  Most, if not all, of the weaker undead were erased and became naught but bonemeal and necromantic essence, the latter of which was quickly drained from some of the zombies by a horrific, jaw-snapping necrotic beast.  This beast, as well as others involved in the fight, would definitely be trouble for both her and the patricians that remained, but she felt that this was still a winnable fight.  The peons were destroyed, but not the brains behind the front.

She smiled at Galla's statement about the necromantic code of ethics, likely because she was precious little informed about the hazards of breaking its tenets, being a new lich.  Her expression froze dead in its tracks as her eyes darted towards Henry, with his newfound speed and quick wind-based slice aimed for her.  She slanted her body to avoid the attack as he skirted around the octopus barrier, dodging the attack by a narrow berth before countering with a buffeting wind above his head meant to send him earthward.  Should it succeed, his speed and trajectory would put him on the ground, prone to the heavy, crushing attacks by her armoured water tentacles.  She deemed two to be enough, and aimed one after the other in an effort to smoosh him into paste.

The Hex Beast, like previously mentioned, was another dangerous adversary.  It's ability to drink from her necromantic font was a very strong weapon, and she readied another attack.  The armoured water tendrils not aimed for Henry opened outward like a flower, allowing ample space for her send a surge of cutting winds in the Hex Beast's (and Galla's) direction, three visible sets of vertical and strong air waves.  Should any strike its intended target or others, the wave would threaten to cut the Hex Beast or the person involved in two.

-- -- --

Pang had company.  Two of the entombed patricians targeted him and sneered, one beneath an open helm of antiquity and another without head protection, the remaining thin strands of his long hair tattered by age and deterioration.  They circled about him in an ever-shrinking curvature, their obsidian-tipped macuahuitl cruelly glimmering in the weak light and the shimmer of the surrounding waters.

"Well, would you look at that, Yilwach?  A fine beast head to mount on a wall, eh?" voiced the helmeted one in a gravelly pitch, his bulky physique lighter than what Pang originally assumed.

"I don't much care for animal heads, Fitzjerome," said the other, his voice light yet sober.  "I'd sooner eat my trophy than observe my trophy, though he does look fitting of either."

Pang said nothing, instead glowing with an ambient hue of blue and green.  The enemy took notice and charged in, knowledgeable that if they took any longer that things would get worse.  Pang widened his eyes and parried a few blows intended to sever his head and stomach, the quarterstaff almost snapping in two under Fitzjerome's might and the sharpness of his blade.  The largest price of building a charge of Shattering Strike is that one remains stationary.

"You speak as well as charge in when the opportunity fits," Pang thought aloud, still rattled by the nearly simultaneous attack.  "You even have names.  You are a step above the rest of your kind, but not for long.  We -- I -- will vanquish you and eradicate the threat of your existence.

"How cute.  Not only does the tiger dress like a person, but it speaks like one as well," Yilwach commented dryly, looking over to his ally.  "He's a fast one.  Don't take him lightly.  He parried my strike."

"While that may be, mine nearly severed his piddly stick.  We'll see how it ends up the next round," voiced Fitzjerome, taking off his helmet and tossing it to the side.

Pang was shocked to see a dragon brood standing before him.  Draconic blood typically did not convert well with undeath, stripping the body of almost all but its skeleton, but something about the halfblood nature of Fitzjerome made the transmogrification different.  He coiled up, preparing for a charge, but the other patrician surprised him with a masterful control of fire energy as three serpent-headed flaming whips spat out in his direction.  If not for his speed and rushing out of the area with Supercharge magic, he might have been badly scorched.

"Oh?" Yilwach intoned, surprised by the red glow.  "You're a rainbow of surprises, aren't you?  Any new colours up your sleeve?"

"Just one," Pang replied, setting himself up in further preparation, "but you won't live long enough to see it.  Let us battle."

With a pleased grin, Yilwach met Pang halfway as both surged forward, each nimbly darting around the battlefield in a grave dance.  Fitzjerome tried his best to keep up with the fight, but he could barely even swing his weapon to strike, let alone keep his eyes on them.  Grumbling, he awaited an opportunity.

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Ceres held up the protective area as she gathered her magic in her blade. A thin but sharp barrier formed around the sword. Healing magic gathered in the new. She pointed it at one of the patricians that Pang was fighting. “Just a bit longer.”



Galla dodged to the side, however the air blade flew fast and swift drawing a large gash along her side. The necromancer winced but it wasnt anything new compared to the damage she had taken before from her own abilities. Using her own blood from the freshly made wound she set off to enhance her control. Swiftly she marked her finger with the red liquid and whispered a few words. Then she began to puppeteer the 6 undead beings under her command


The Flaming Skull of her master stayed by her side as the guardians charged towards two of the patricians that were not being contested. Galla didnt care for names. An undead being was undead being to her. The only exception to that rule was the skull near her. Black smoke bellowed from the guardians and the skull clouding vision near the mage . 


The twin assassins rushed the the smoke to attack the blastphemous necromancer, aiming to catch her by surprise.


The Hex Beast roared at Aphremia. Its eyes raged with the desire to devour her essence. It then rushed towards her. Its maw snapping and biting at her form. Then it ceased motion, the blades segementing the beast, however undeath is difficult to defeat especially when commanded by high force. The Hex beast began to refore as Galla siphoned energy from the area into the beast. Several wounds opened further along Galla’s body, especially the newer one. She was in a critical state. 

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[Wind Style]

Henry's reaction to Aprameia's maneuvers was that of an amused and impressed expression as she soon enough used wind magic to send him crashing down, a nice plan considering his momentum would not stop. However she wasn't dealing with a small threat. That move would prove very unwise in the long run.

'Your turn Gnome' Henry spoke mentaly as his aura began to change mid fall

[Earth Style

His momentum did not stop, however with the greatly enhanced strenght and endurance from the Earth magic he stuck the landing, landing on his feet, only kneeling slightly as the ground cracked from the impact. Two large flesh tentacles attacked him, in a most likely attempt by Aprameia trying to crush him with them, Henry ducked side stepped one and the slammed on him from the side, Henry simply smiled as his aura began to increase slightly as a small rock armor began to form around him, moving and shitfting, the impact only made him more his head as if he had been slapped. As the tentacles came at him again Henry stepped foward and slammed his fist into one of the attacking tentacles, the impact so strong it knocked the tentacle to the ground as it was momentarily stunned, the same happened to the next one.

With both tentacles down Henry grabbed one in each of his hands and held them below both his arms as be began to pull, as much as the barrier would try to pull them back, as much as the tentacles would try to fight, it would all prove useless as Henry's strenght overpowered them as he eventualy pulled them right off the flesh and water barrier, showering the surroundings in flesh and blood as both the necrotic tentacles began to decompose, as a necrotic flesh reanimated would. 

Henry smirked as he analyzed the barrier, it had...water in the middle? keeping the mass of flesh contained it seemed, if he could destroy it he would effectively render the barrier useless, if not break it entirely.

As Galla was attacking Aprameia, meant Apra would not have the opportunity to stop him.

Henry held out his arm as the armor would begin to expand into it, eventualy covering it completely and forming a sword made of rocks, with a small crystalized parts in it. He stepped back, then foward in a lunge. With his enhanced strenght he went a fair distance, straight at the barrier's center as he prepared his slash.

"Earth Rumbling Slice." He muttered as he spun mid air as he slashed at the Barrier's center, the slice would also cause a small fissure in a straight line on the ground on landing into the barrier's center. And a small crater on the exact point of impact to signalize the strenght of said attack. Hopefuly more than enough to destroy the barrier outright.



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It seemed that Henry had things under control with Aprameia.  He felt that anything he may do would just get in the element user's way.  That was when he noticed Galla . . . and the toll that her necromancy was doing to her very own body.

Galla, the woman who first greeted him at Haven, and who  he immediately clashed with.  It pained and surprised even himself when he stumbled over to her, reached for her hand, and held his other palm over it.  A pale-blue aura began to glow under his palm.

"If we have a moment free from interruptions," Kolm murmured, "we should be able to get you patched up.  Just hang in there.  This may not feel the most pleasant."

Kolm was, sadly, no stranger when it came to self-infliction to cast more powerful magic.  He had grown accustomed to blood magic himself back at home, and relying solely on his ice element was proving to be a challenge here.  The raven-haired magic's gaze did not rise to meet Galla's.  In fact, it never left her hand.


The dragoon girl smiled brightly as Hektor addressed her with politeness, desiring her company while seeking Kingsfoil.  "It would be my pleasure," she answered, carefully tucking a lock of stray blonde bangs behind her ear.

She followed a short distance behind Hektor, studying the ground as they went, occasionally stopping to examine the plant life underfoot before continuing.

"You handled yourself very well back there, if I may say so," Rhiannon commented.  "Have you encountered triffids before?"

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- The Aquafolk Village -

Aprameia glanced backward in surprise as Henry somehow stood his ground, regardless of the forces enacted upon him.  Not only did he do this, but his entire mien changed, as well as his appearance and strength.  With two of her defenses gone, ending up as bonemeal-laden water and other necrotic material, she was open for an assault from behind thanks to Henry, and in the front she had further issues to take care of.

In an attempt to keep her attention focused, she readied an assault on two of Galla's corpses, aiming two further tendrils at each of them.  One flew overhead and withdrew sluggishly.  The other aimed for a horizontal swing to knock the sacks of flesh and bone backward, the intent to destroy them in the rough and hardy foliage floating on the water.

The Hex Beast was a challenging contender as she imagined, snapping its jaws ferociously at her, which she attempted to dodge with a leap out of the danger zone and countered with ensnaring water tentacles, but with Henry's latest actions the center of the barrier was destroyed and all control over the vast volume of water erased.  Together, Galla and Henry forced the way open and forged a great possibility of success, and the water splashed harmlessly about them.

Aprameia glared at the two, anger burning dully in those off-colour eyes.  If one could read within those eyes, one could tell that she harboured both a desire to win and . . . something else interred within her, something that normally is not observed, but what would bring about this strange dichotomy?

Speculation would have to wait as she merged together wind and water magic, creating an small, dark, and ominous cloud that flew overhead and increased in size.  Storm magic had been observed in several locations, most chiefly around parlour magicians and tricksters who used it as a getaway or a spectacle, but this one had a dangerous side to it.  With the right temperament, the manifested storm can change the weather from bad to fair, or from fair to bad.

The dark nimbus cloud swallowed up most of its brethren as it reached the canopy of clouds overhead, turning them dark instead of a placid cotton white.  Thunder rumbled overhead as hairs stood on end for a great many people in the vicinity.  Someone had better distract her before lightning is called down from the heavens.


Pang continued to be occupied by the two patricians, the smaller one proving difficult to land a good solid hit while the larger one was protected by the smaller.  He wondered if he would be better off attempting to land a single charge of Quick Strike and Shatter Strike upon one or the other, but he felt that it was not quite time.  When the thundercloud surged upward from Aprameia and became numerous, he looked up, as did his enemies.  Now.  Now was the time.

"Would you look at that, Fitzj-" said Yilwach before being cut off by Pang, who came in with his quarterstaff held high and swinging down at him.

Grinning, the patrician raised his weapon in a quick swing in an effort to cut the wooden staff.  That proved disastrous as Pang activated both individual charges of his two powers, bringing in his quarterstaff mid-swing and aiming a thrust of its tip toward a chink in the corpse's armour.  Yilwach snarled as the blunt weapon pierced shy of his shoulder and broke his left collarbone, through the leather lamellar that would have protected that area had Shatter Strike not been used.

"You little . . ." he voiced on, eyes glinting with hatred as he remarkably tried to clinch the still-lodged quarterstaff with his shoulder, neck and open hand.  He smiled triumphantly.  "Fitzjerome, now!"

His patrician companion would not make it in time before Pang ignored the restricted movement of his quarterstaff and delivered a palm strike upon his chestplate, crimson energy radiating from his hands as he augmented his speed and strength to dent the armour inwards and crush the ribcage of the corpse.  Yilwach was thrown backwards, several ribs broken and considerably weaker.  Unfortunately, the strike also amplified the draining force of Yilwach's doomsteel armour, sapping Pang of much of his energy from the strike and sagging his shoulders.  He barely avoided getting beheaded by Fitzjerome's brute strength behind his sword, the quarterstaff soaking enough of the blow to delay the strike before it broke his weapon in half and sliced across his chin.

"Only a little blood, but I'll make due," the half-dragon corpse muttered, stepping back and licking the spilled blood off of his sword with his lizardlike tongue.  Green tattoos glowed upon his head as his eyes took upon the same hue.  Pang swallowed hard.  An undead sanguinary mage?  This was way more than what the mission called for.


Winona assisted Galla's warriors with the remaining two patricians, who sneered at the idea of undead fighting undead on the battlefield.  They swung their weapons to match Galla's servants' ones, and Winona, stepping into position, attempted tossing a Gravity Vortex in their direction from her hand.  The feat took effort, having done this once or twice before with mottled success, but while her targets dodged out of the way she managed to ensnare one of their swords and destroy it beyond repair under its crushing gravity forces.  That was a plus.

"This one has a fire within her," commented the patrician who went away unscathed and still with his sword.  His gazeless eyes, white and featureless, seemed to pierce her regardless, as did his words.  "Leave now, warmblooded ignoble one, before I trash you like I will these harmless nameless."

"Not a chance, plus you underestimate Galla," Winnie enunciated, readying her spear and shield.  "You both will be our combined quarry, and we will humble you with our combined might."

The one with whom she spoke laughed spitefully for a time before saying, "Good.  Do lend me your vitality when you die.  I will use that to make me stronger."

The other patrician wordlessly readied himself, a dark, unhealing aura being projected from him.  He would be dangerous to fight up close if alive and well, but thankfully Galla's forces were anything but that.  This would make the fight a little simpler, as long as he did not concentrate solely on Winnie.

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Galla’s eyes darted to Kolm as if thinking he was an enemy for a moment. But she swiftly composed herself. She took in a small breath as the ice mage started to heal as well. “T-Thank..... this will buy me more time...” she seemed somewhat ashamed but mostly awkard about being healed. Social interaction was definitly not her forte. She decided it would bebest to leave it at that before turning back and seeing her assassins struck down. Her eyes darted then to her hex beast and then to her warriors with Winona.


She shifted her fingers slightly and whispered a few words and the warriors threw their sheilds in unison at one patrician. Then both grasped their spears in both hands to increase their damage. They started preforming gang up tacticts. Striking one foe together. The opposite of divide and conquer.


”need to compensate for losses” She says before snapping twice and summoning twoo new skeletal beings to take aim at Aphremia. One an Archer with a longbow that swiftly let two arrows fly swiftly towards Aphremia. The other a wanderer with a washing pole that swiftly moved towards the enemy necromancer to assist Henry.

The Flaming Skull above Galla loosed a black fog to hide its controller and Kolm alike. Masking their presence in shadow. 


The Hex beast continued to rage, its snapped twice more at thr necromancer before taking to the sky, preparing to dive bomb her with the energy it had consumed and stored up.

(So many minions aghhhh)



In a swift and flawless stroke across the battlefield a glowing blade flew to peirce the shoulder of the half dragon. The blade led back to Ceres. And specifically her sword. The barrier that she formed around the blade had shot out and extended, it looked thin like glass and just a fragile. However this was fine as it was imply a conduit. She simply looked at the half dragon before channling her anti necromancy magic into the blade and by association, her barrier that she just stabbed the half dragon with. Pouring the element of undeath into the target.

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(If you will allow me Feria).

[Earth Style]

Henry watched Aprameia's reactions to his and Galla's combined efforts, and the results were more than favorable to them as Aprameia no longer had any layers of defense, however the corrupted Nimbus did prove a threat to them. Which let him with two options, either continue focusing and rushing down Aprameia, hoping that should she fall every one of her spells would follow. Or Stop that nimbus before it truly began to cause problems, but the nimbus proved too fast and much too quick at swallowing up its brethren before Henry could dispell and nullify it. And considering Henry had no control over the wheather and the earlier outburst of power destroying the waves did drain a chunk of his power, he'd have to go through the first option.

"Necro-girl, she's casting a storm, we don't take her down fast we'l be bombarded by corrupted lightning." Henry commented towards Galla, who now had Kolm assisting her with healing, good. 

"I'l keep up the pressure, you keep control over the undead and continue attacking as well, now that she's defenseless she can't evade for very long." Henry suggested

Galla had just summoned two skeletons to assist him in his attacks, one at range with a bow and arrow. Special note was given to the sephiroth wanderer looking one with a giant katana, named a washing pole to those well versed in the stuff. Henry would smirk and nod to it, "Follow my lead" he spoke as he tapped his hand on its shoulder, Henry's eyes flashing a purple color for a second before returning to bright green, in truth Henry had infused it with some of his own dark power, considering both necromancy and darkness were in essence alike, the energy channel would work splendidly as the washing pole wielding skeleton would receive a major power boost when Henry decided to activate the energy given to it, it was all done very quickly, unoticeable by most.

Hoping Galla had provided them with enough intelligence to comprehend words and orders as his aura changed once again. Changing back to his wind style.


[Wind Style

As his aura changed, Henry wasted absolutely no time forming a spiral of wind on his feet as he launched towards Aprameia, now with no longer any barrier, Henry began with a series of mid air slices with a windblade, sending out slashing shockwaves of with strong pressure wind force at Aprameia, baiting her to dodge, because if she did so, he would shoot a burst of wind from his feet mid air to correct his direction, following her wherever she would go. 

And when he arrived at her? he would let out another small burst on his feet, a wind step if you will and flip over her, smiling as his eye began to glow bright purple for half a second again, allowing the Washing pole skeleton to have the power infused into it activated, the skeleton would seemingly combust into purple flames, but the flames were not fire in nature, nor did they hurt its skin, it was just a signal that it was empowered by Henry's dark energy, this would cause it to have a massive boost in its attributes, most notably strenght and speed as it would speed up to almost double its original speed.

The washing pole skeletong would then charge at her and end up in front of her, at a noticeable distance considering its sword's lenght as it would allow, and slashing with as much power as it could muster, meanwhile Henry, who was in the process of getting behind her, would lash out three quick mid air slashes at her back, should she face the skeleton. A pincer attack, the best kind.

The best part was that, since Galla was a necromancer, no one but herself would find that the skeletong suddenly bursting into dark flames strange, they'd think it was just her giving it more power, most likely anyway, at least he hoped, Darkness wasn't something people tended to take well, and Henry usualy hid it at first from others, that and as a means of training without it.




"No, but I have experience against small creatures, you see, back in my world we had these small, devilish plant creatures created by druids and dryads, which we named 'Plant Effigies', they shared much the same traits as the ones you call Triffids, albeit they were not sentient." Hektor explained to Rhiannon his apparent experience with fighting such an enemy before. Telling her of a common spellcaster's best friend in his home world, effigies, objects or beings infused with elemental powers, one could make pretty much any object into a controlled minion. Druids and Dryads were especially annoying as they could turn plantlife into effigies. Hektor harbored quite the disdain for them as in killing plant effigies, you would destroy the plant it was used, and considering they liked to make hundreds of them at a time. The plantlife would suffer as a result, such travesty did not sit right with Hektor.

He would go on to explain more, but he had just spotted a kingsfoil plant in the vicinity, "Ah, here we are!" Hektor quickly picked it up and stored it somewhere safe.

"Might I ask? You too handled yourself especially well during that fight, if its not too much trouble, may I ask where you learned your skills?" He asked her, attempting to start a chat with the dragoon.


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Kolm's brows knitted together at Galla's response.  She did not seem ungrateful, but rather awkward at best.  Perhaps she didn't hate him as much as he had feared previously.  At least she didn't have anything witty to retort with.

His attention was swiftly brought back to the battle and their current circumstances.  Were they winning, or losing?  He could not tell which.  It looked like a constant battle of tug of war to him; just when they seemed to be on the brink of victory, some adversary would knock them back.  He was grateful for the covering that the flaming skull concealed them with; it would shield them from an onslaught, but also give them the element of surprise.  Aprameia still had plenty of attention from Henry, though the patricians were being dealt with predominately by Winona and Galla.  Perhaps he could lend a hand.

Concealed by the shadows, Kolm unwrapped the bandage around his arm, unveiling dozens of thin scars that decorated the flesh from his wrist to his elbow.  He murmured an incantation, taking a small knife and drawing its blade into a blend of smooth flesh and old wounds, drops of crimson pouring forth to stain the ground below.  In response a surge of magical energy danced at his fingertips; he felt more powerful than he had in months.  Or, since the last time he had used blood magic.

Leaving the shadows behind, Kolm surged forward, targeting the patrician opposite of that which Galla focused upon.  He smacked his palm hard into it, leaving a trace of cold magic in its wake.  The frost spread quickly.  The patrician howled, reaching out for Kolm but was unable to do so before he found himself an ice sculpture.  Pleased with his work and mace in hand, Kolm swung its head into the ice patrician, hoping to cause him to shatter upon impact.

(1 felled, if successful)


Sunlight filtered through the forest's canopy, casting a light green light to filter onto the young woman's troubled face.  Her gaze shifted from Hektor's abruptly upon his question, the girl busying herself by inspecting a bush a few feet away.

"My father trained me when I was young," she stated simply.  "His skill with a lance far exceeds my own.  I remember being a young girl watching him practice with his best friend.  I wanted to be as talented as him, though I have a long way to go."  Rhiannon laughed softly, wisps of hair playfully falling into her face.  It had been so long since she had even thought of such a fond memory, let alone uttering it aloud.  Silence about her upbringing, her purpose, had always been difficult to manage; it felt good to reiterate a harmless story about her childhood.

"Anyway," she commented, casting a sideways glance at her companion.  "I think we've found about as much as we can out here, and it will be getting dark soon.  How about we find the others and wrap things up from here?  Return to headquarters for the night?" (RTC, anyone?)

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- Pang, Yilwach, and Fitzjerome -

Pang was shocked when he saw an anti-necromancy blade pierce through the battlefield and ending in Fitzjerome's shoulder, causing the undead to howl in rage as its arm was cloven off with healing, holy energies, decaying into nothingness.  The rest of Fitzjerome was little better off.  Decay occurred in a growing patch as the the magic surged even further into his body, and soon enough he was little more than a head and legs amidst armour, the rest of him gone and dusted.

Silent rage burned within him as he stared up at both Ceres and Pang, the glow within his eyes dulling to a regular white.  His teeth gnashed against each other as he moved his jaw in effort to speak, but without lungs or even functioning vocal cords he could only clatter.  Pang stepped up to him first, as Yilwach could wait his turn.  Enough damage was implemented to prevent him from moving very much.

"Boastful until a second death, and filled with rage -- I suppose it is right for a monk like myself to give you the solace your body craves and inter you, half-dragon."  More clattering could be heard from the undead head, face contorting with many emotions.  Pang looked over to Ceres with a smile.  "My thanks, Ceres.  I would have had a difficult time with this one otherwise.  Now, to business."

Pulling his glove taut, he approached Fitzjerome and lowered his palm onto the large, chattering head over Fitzjerome's visage, grasping it tightly.  The fire magic interlaced within the fabric of the glove did the rest, and the noise ceased.

"One down, one more to go, and then we are off to the big prize.  Aprameia . . . please let it be me that sends you off to your rightful destination," Pang murmured under his breath, more a prayer than anything else.

- Winona, Hurst, and Nero -

Kolm's great feat performed by blood magic escaped Winona's viewing thanks to the clever cover of Galla's smoke, and two new shapes appeared from within the billowing haze, supporting him in the efforts of trying to take down the one she was aiming for (Hurst).  The other (Nero), a gloomy, unwoken firebrand of a man once feared by many, was quickly taken by surprise by Kolm and ended up being frozen in place, unable to move anything more than his sword arm towards Kolm before being incarcerated.  He still exuded the black aura of unhealing from his body and the ice, but that stopped upon his shattering.  Not even the undead can handle a hasty shattering upon being frozen, and a great amount of ice particulate scattered across the ground.

The other patrician lifted an eyebrow in surprise at his companion's sudden departure to the afterlife, but that was all the expression he wasted upon him.  Truthfully, it was Kolm that astounded him, especially the slit on his wrist that dribbled down blood, and his deeply pitted eyes lit up with intrigue.

"There's a unique mage," he brought to whisper before being sidetracked by thrown shields and inbound spears gripped with two hands, as was vastly intended for the weapon.  He dodged the flung defenses stiffly, using levitation to move about -- as he was telekinetic within short distances -- and brought out his blade, aiming a slicing blow upon dodging the first spear at the spearman's head, and deflecting the second with a well-timed strike to throw off his attacker.

"Hmph, lesser undead hold no threat to one such as I," intoned Hurst, words of power streaming from his mouth.  He stretched out a long, bony finger towards both attackers.  "Greater Turn Undead."

If their bond to Galla was not adamant, Galla's underlings would feel compelled to flee the field of battle, probably in the direction of the swamp where they would probably be lost to the elements.  If they were immune, they had a moment of opportunity to strike out at Hurst before he understood that this was so.

- Aprameia -

Aprameia had a mild annoyance towards being shot at by an undead archer, one arrow whizzing past her chest as she narrowly dodged, and the other being redirected away from her in a freshly summoned gust of wind.  This was enough of a distraction as the Hex Beast aimed new strikes in her direction, snapping its mighty jaws upon her and afterwards taking flight.  Worse yet, Henry and the washing pole swordsman directed assaults at her in a pincer attack.  She had to let go of the storm to be able to dodge this flurry of blows halfway through, and let go she did.

The wind blasts Henry launched in her direction, mighty gusts all, which she dodged as Henry planned.  Upon realising that he was close, she lashed out with a billowing surge of water and wind, but he dodged about her by somersaultng over her head.  Wind?  That was her specialty, and yet she did not have the capabilities that this swordsman did.  She tried her best to keep both combatants in her sights as she stepped to the side of both Henry and the inbound skeleton, and when both lashed out at her, Henry with wind slashes and Skeletor with a mighty cleave, she was faced with a challenge, one she was ultimately going to lose.

Bracing her hands up in both directions, she unleashed a shielding force of wind pressure that shoved the wind-based strikes Henry made up into the air.  The massive boost of power given to the skeleton, however, was unprecedented, and his strengthened slash carved through the barrier of wind pressure and next through her arm at a diagonal.

No blood was lost from Aprameia, being undead, but she clutched at her stump of an arm and backed away, ire smoldering within her gaze, and yet joy as well.  It was as if she were begging to be destroyed, even though her body rebelled.

The descending hex beast reminded her of the dire situation at hand and snapped her out of her dichotomy, and she raised her remaining hand towards the sky, letting the thunder rumble overhead before the collective energies of three chafing clouds caused a lightning bolt to strike downwards.  If the Hex Beast could not dodge in time, a terrific amount of electricity would assuredly rip a hole into its lower torso and maybe a wing.  If not, the lightning bolt was angled so that it would strike close to Henry, potentially stunning him with the sight and sound of a lightning strike.

~~ ~~ ~~

- In the Forest -

Hogarth looked about for a time and smiled at the group's accomplishments within even an hour's time  They gathered much of the necessary materials, fought a grave number of ugly plant people, nearly lit the forest on fire, and he managed to collect a few impure nature essences while he was at it, bottling them up for later when he can refine them.  The most feisty ones were the giant arthropods, the grasshoppers springing left right and sideways, but with a few more of his tools he cut them down and picked up the remainders.  Nothing said they needed to be alive, though he was certain they would lose some usefulness this way.  Beggars cannot be choosers, however, and he made his way to the others.

"All right, everyone, it is nearing the end of our time here.  How about we make our way back?  Being in my room snoozing seems mighty pleasant after spending even an hour in this wild and untamed forest.  Any arguments from anyone?" he spoke to Rhiannon, Hektor, and maybe Reksis if he were near.  He could never manage to keep an eye on that one.  He moved too much, him and his Ghost.

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“Im sorry Winona.... i cannot hold them in place....” Galla muttered as her soldiers fled and then cracked into nothingness. She released them from her hold. “I need what i have left... “ her archer turned to dust and she looked up at the Hex Beast. “Its what ive got left. HENRY DO IT AGAIN! BUT ABOVE!” She pointed to the Hex Beast. Its wing recently struck by lightining but swiftly reforming by using Galla’s energy. A large three talon slash mark appeared across Galla’s back. Kolm being the only one who could see these.

The Wanderer, having Galla’s knowledge, lunged to slash off the other arm of the Necromancer Aphremia. Attempting to stifle the magic that came from her.

 With a wing reforged The Hexbeast began its descent. Its body wrapped in an aura of devouring. If the attack landed it would simply consume Aphremia’s Magic entirely. If not, the Hex Beast itself would be destroyed by its own energy without taking a foe with it.



Ceres approached Pang. “Would you like me to take care of this one?” She brandished her blade. “You have a date with destiny you dont want to be late to afterall.” She adds.

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The raven-haired mage wasted no time in wrapping his arm hastily with the bandage, gaze shifting to the remaining patrician who spoke in his direction, addressing his blood magic.  A frown furrowed his brow.  "Perhaps I will bestow my uniqueness on you!"  

With a cry, Kolm charged toward Hurst with uneven footing, mace held over his shoulder like a baseball bat.  He swung in a similar fashion, aiming to strike the patrician's head.  Releasing one hand from the handle of his mace he extended a palm upon Hurst's right shoulder., and a runic sphere spread out imbued with ice magic.  If successful, Hurst would find ice seeping into his very bones, spreading across his shoulder and down his arm, but spreading no further.  The strike was not meant to be lethal, but it would hopefully affect the mobility of his right arm.


Just as Rhiannon discussed their leave, Hogarth found them and voiced the same, to which Rhi responded with a smile.

"That sounds just fine.  We will be right there." She turned to Hektor.  "Thank you for your help, and for the conversation.  I don't know what it is about you, but I find you so . . . easy to talk to."

It was true; she did, in comparison to many of the others in Haven.  This was going to be both a blessing and a curse.  A blessing, because she could finally find someone to relate to once again, and yet a curse because she had to fear revealing too much.  Was that why Roderick had to die?  Had she revealed too much to him?  She just hoped that befriending Hektor wasn't foolish; she would hate to endanger him.

She came up alongside Hogarth, glancing out in the direction that Reksis had gone.  She hoped that he hadn't gotten lost.

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Hurst cackled a wicked laugh as he overheard Kolm's comment, lights glowing ominously from within the deep pits of his orbits as he braced for Kolm's attack.  With such a rush on uneasy feet, the weapon was easy to predict and catch with his free left hand, holding the mace tightly in his skeletal grip.  However, as he raised his right hand high to deliver a sword blow to the caught blood mage, he found his shoulder and arm inoperable, frozen solid by the runic magic.  He could still channel magic, but he was unable to move his arm from the wrist up.

The flames within his eyes shrank as he realised that he was the rat in the trap now, and not in reverse.  He attempted to push his floating body forward with telekinesis and tried to overpower Kolm with extra force, attempting to push the mace back at the boy.  If successful, he would aim an attack with the mace towards Kolm's neck before flying away a safe distance to lick his wounds.  A soft white glow covered the frozen area.  In life, he used qi, the body's life force, to restore himself of physical ailments.  In death, qi was limited in use and took much time to restore himself completely.  He eyed Kolm carefully, now more wary and mindful than to open himself up to attacks like that.

~~ ~~ ~~

Pang turned to look toward Ceres, at first with surprise but later with understanding and a weak smile.

"I would appreciate that, Ceres, thank you," he voiced, relief flowing through him, and yet worry as well.  "Watch out for him.  He has doomsteel on him and can control flames, but I know you can handle both effectively."

Yilwach laughed weakly from his position on the ground, fire magic wrapping his hands as he struggled to keep the fire controlled enough to use.  Unfortunately for him, his utilisation of fire magic was strongly connected to breathed air, and his lungs were collapsed.  He was not a threat any longer, but still he struggled to regain his strength and destroy the living.  If not for duty, it was for revenge, and he glared at the two fiercely.

Pang placed a large hand on Ceres' shoulder as a show of thanks before jogging towards Aprameia's location, ready to help finish what the others had started.

~~ ~~ ~~

Aprameia stirred in shock at the hex beast's regenerating is limb in such a short amount of time, the idea of Galla turning all of the powers of her assets into two weapons quickly coming to mind.  It was a powerful ability, one which she still had yet to master, but she had little time to think about such things.

The wanderer skeletal servant did not allow her much of a free moment to think, and she chiefly aimed to dodge the hefty blows of this swordsman, narrowly escaping having her whole hand cut off but losing almost half of it from a diagonal blow.  Its speed had increased beyond that of a typical servant, she understood too late, but that did not prevent her from casting a close-range tornado from her remaining injured hand in the direction of the wanderer.  If striking true, it could potentially blow the wanderer apart or knock him back a great distance, allowing her some time to recuperate if Henry did not declare an attack before she escaped.

Then again, the descending hex beast had something to say, divebombing with a crushing assault with a debilitating field of sapping magic around it.  She could not dodge in time and was smashed against the ground underneath the giant monstrosity of a beast, only the phylactery keeping her alive, the amulet lying in between the creature's ribs as a stroke of luck.

Her breath was ragged.  Every bone in her body was either disjointed, cut off, or broken except for those in her head.  Her magic reserves were erased and would take a chunk of time more than what she could muster to restore enough to mend her wounds together to perfection.  In short, she was out for the count, a mere broken body as she fought to stay alive.

Pang soon approached, impressed by the sheer strength of Henry and Galla as they took down the leader of the undead horde.  Upon closer inspection, he could see that this was indeed Aprameia, but her crumbled form was just as alien to him as it was familiar.  Pausing to take a breath, fearing the inevitable, he stepped forward a little more, hoping to get her attention, as well as the others.

"Galla, Henry, if you don't mind, I would like to end this myself, as well as talk with her for a bit.  If . . . you don't mind."

The words throbbed in his parched throat, fighting to be said and heard against the difficulties posed against him.  His eyes never left hers as she looked up at him.  The longer he did this, the more and more he found out that she did not consider him alien.  Within the apple of her eye, she recognised him.

((I will post for the forest group shortly upon having more time.))

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Ceres looked blankly at Yilwatch. She looked around at her allies. All tired and some fairly wounded. “My work will be difficult. As a protector I have only watched over Pang this fight. I was a poor choice. Howevwr i have a sense of fair play.” She patiently stands before the fire charmer. “Stand, and fight for your survival, lest ye be a coward who stands before me..” she watches him, clearly looking down on him, like an undead, like all of the other shambling beasts.


Galla watched as her attack hit, she seemed pleased as the Hex beast turned to pure magic. Evaporating into the air. Much like the wanderer turned to dust after being destroyed by the cyclone thaat struck it.


Her wounds looked bad. “I dont know if i can walk.” She laughs to herself. “Does that make me an embarrassment among Necromancers? Master?” She asks the flaming skull

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The exerted force from Hurst came on sudden and hard, which Kolm couldn't resist with his own might.  Strength was not his forte, and thus he did not have a lot of it.  He was rather small in comparison to most young men his age, making it even easier to overpower him.  The mage felt his mace being shoved back toward his neck, to which he released the mace and fell backward to avoid the blow.  The wind was knocked out of him as he fell flat on his back, though anything was better than taking a mace to the neck.

When he lifted his head he saw the patrician already a short distance away, healing the frozen wound that Kolm had inflicted upon him.  "Oh, no, you don't."  Kolm rolled to his side, reaching for his fallen mace and springing to his feet.  Standing fifteen-feet away from the undead, Kolm jabbed the butt end of his mace into the ground, trails of white-blue magic surging from it.  The three trails divided: two alongside Hurst and one directly underneath him.  Ice would then surge upward from the ground, reminiscent to small icebergs only considerably smaller.

(Will post for Rhiannon after @Scrapmaster posts)

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- Yilwach -

The fire charmer held firm as he looked up at the warm-blooded individual before him, the one that brought about Fitzjerome's destruction, and scowled as he braced himself upright.  The unhealing effects of the doomsteel brought about a sort of revivification to him, a restructuring of flesh, bone, and muscle.  Even though the dent would remain for his doomsteel chestplate, impacting the air to his lungs, if he could bring an end to this malefic paladin, he could take off the armour at his choosing.  Thinking this, he sneered and opened both palms downward.  The area about him started to heat up.

"You pallies are all the same, self-righteous and self-absorbed.  Teachings of chivalry like yours are of no effect to someone of my power, wounded or no," he managed through his actions, fire spindling around his arm with flaring control, threatening to consume all about it.  "These tongues will taste you as what you really are, white knight:  fuel for the fire!"

With wildly lashing wisps of flame, he struck out with a whip in either hand, one lashing out first in a vertical swipe, the next one in a horizontal swing, intended to ensnare an arm or leg within it.  If successful, he would grin manically before channeling even more fire down the rope, with high hopes to incinerate his opponent.

- Winona and Hurst -

Winona swung around, keeping out of sight of the entombed patrician before her.  Thankfully Kolm had dealt with the major threat of the unhealing opponent, who was going to be nothing but trouble in close combat.  One sneak attack and he destroyed a powerful foe.  Given time within The Haven, who knew how much potential he had?  Limitless, she imagined, even as she skirted around the situation and aimed for a back attack, to keep him within reaching distance of the young man if she were able.

She was too far still when Kolm launched his attack to attack up close, and Hurst smiled felly as he maneuvered backwards and up, to avoid the damaging onslaught of three ice spires from the ground.  That did not stop her from rallying her strength and tossing the spear with accuracy towards Hurst's back, impaling the being with the soaring projectile.  The thrust launched him forwards, too, right in line with one or all three of the inbound ice.

"Rrr-augh!" Hurst shouted, feeling the steel of the spear lodged within him, its point denting the inside of the doomsteel near his stomach as it pierced through him.  He did not get much further than he was impaled even further by unforgiving ice, a circlet for empowered spells falling helplessly from his ragged hair as the final toll struck from his life's clock.

Winona breathed out a heavy sigh as she looked at the carnage, her shield arm falling to her side in relief.

"Good work, Kolm," she voiced over the distance.  "This would end things over here.  Shall we meet up with the others?  It seems that the enemy has been quelled to submission now . . . except for that one for a little bit," she added, looking over to the wild strikes of Yilwach as she approached Hurst's broken body, aiming to reclaim her weapon.  She stopped and blinked for a brevity, gazing at Galla for a time.  She looked especially tired, which caused her some worry, but she continued toward her weapon in time, deeming it probably nothing to worry about.  Galla had a history of dealing with anything in her own way, and she trusted that she would do the same.

- Pang and Aprameia -

Pang paid little attention to what was around him, paying more of it towards Aprameia as she locked eyes with him and he headed closer to her.  She seemed to open and close her mouth and move her lips, but no words came out.  Pang had words to spare, however.

"Mei . . . how could this be?" he queried, trying with difficulty to hold his emotions in as the giant tiger fell to his knees and looked down at her.  "You disappeared due to the Three Week Rule and somehow we ended up as enemies.  What caused you to end up this way?"

If an undead could cry, Aprameia might have sobbed on the spot, all hardness in her gaze drifting away as the shadow lying over her decayed.  Instead, great sorrow appeared in her eyes as she watched him, her mouth still attempting to pull together words.  Pieces of her slowly drifted towards her and knitted themselves with her main body, the blessing (or curse) of the lich's ceremony diligently attempting to stitch her up.  The shadow passed over her again, hollowing her eyes, causing them to glow.  It hurt Pang to see her like this and have to act to keep her in this state, putting a finger on her forehead and surging damaging supercharge magic through it.  It stopped the integration sequence, and her mind and eyes cleared once more.

"Pang," she whispered, barely able to speak.  "S- . . . sorry.  Haven."

"Don't apologise," he answered with a forced laugh.  "I feel that all your intentions were the right ones, especially those you said to me."

"No," she uttered again, this time quick.  "Haven.  Dan . . . ger.  Up . . ."

The darkness closed within her anew, and Pang had to electroshock her with his magic again.  This time it did not seem like it would last very long.  The forces taking her body were rapidly regaining strength, and she knew it too.

"End.  Me.  If not . . . he'll . . . see."

The Zouyu's heart raced within his chest as he fought to understand.  She wanted to die, to be free from this mortal coil, but the final bit of information unnerved him.

"I will, of course I will, but I need to get something off my chest.  Mei, I love you.  I loved you then and I loved you since.  However, tell me, who is this you speak of?"

Her eyes showed happiness for a time before shivers crawled up her spine, as the black fog surged within her this time and not just overshadowed her.  It felt to Pang like a hostile presence, a sense of control.  Nevertheless, she spoke, fear in every fiber of her being.

"No name, no name, no name!" she hyperventilated.  "Long fingers.  Thin glasses.  He's . . . here.  End me.  Now!"

Pang struggled to control his hands as he strove to lift them from the ground near her head and put them to her neck where the phylactery was.  How could he kill her out of mercy?  She was very much loved by him, but the thought of losing her to this lich's benediction would have caused her such torment, a peaceful individual such as herself.  There was no avoiding the situation without dealing harm to her.  He had to save her.  He pressed his hands to her phylactery, readying them to crush the fragile phial within his grip.

"Pang," she whimpered just before he could perform the act.  "I love . . . you too, Pang."

Tears began to trickle down his face and onto hers as he looked down with all the sadness in the world.  With a turn of his head, he averted his gaze and crushed the glass within his meaty palms.

Aprameia's head fell, her visage devoid of life.  The battle was over and the mission at an end.

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Galla could only watch as the others acted, she was completely out of magic. So she simply laid there as she saw Aphremia’s Philactory break. Pleased to see the broken laws fixed.

Meanwhile Ceres found her wrist and Ankle both lashed in flames, she found it pointless to guard against it and began to slowly approach. Her armor had a faint sheen to it as she walked forward. “Such pointless tactics will fail to aid in your survival fire tamer. You have little time left before my hand reaches you. Before your own body tears itself a sunder. Be quick. The Goddess’ judgment will come swiftly.” She replies as her personal barrier expands. Breaking the fire whips that clung to her. Her sword held the same sheen as her armor did.

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