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Dissidia Opera Omnia: Battle Lines

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At long last, the gods reveal themselves! And I think it's time to unveil the first of their chosen warriors!
Name: Zest, the Warrior of Light
Original Appearance: Final Fantasy/Dissidia Final Fantasy
Alignment: Lawful Good
Weapon: Zest wields the Braveheart and the Lustrous Shield, the same sword and shield he used during the war between Cosmos and Chaos.
Appearance: 1146891992_ZestWarriorofLight.png.4f5e1e335f1fe71ea6bd29e3f31d7018.png
Bio: Once the nameless Warrior of Light, now a full fledged adventurer in his own right. After fighting to defeat Chaos in the thirteenth cycle of conflict, Zest was sent to World A, the original version of the world Cosmos and Chaos occupied. After journeying with three other adventurers to stop the Four Fiends and defeating the Chaos of his world, Zest has been summoned to fight for Materia. He swears loyalty to her alone, and he will obey her orders.
Special Abilities: Zest is a skilled swordfighter, and is able to channel the power of light into his attacks, allowing him to enhance his shield, summon swords, or channel light into a magic attack.
Notes: N/A

Limit Break: Holy Chain! Zest uses the power of light to fortify himself and his allies, and is able to divert an opponent's attention to himself.
Name: Garland
Original Appearance: Final Fantasy/Dissidia Final Fantasy
Alignment: Lawful Evil
Weapon: Garland wields a greatsword called Rebellion.
Appearance: Garland.thumb.png.07f1e36dc6498241aa615a06e01f3af2.png
Bio: A former knight of Cornelia, who would have himself sent back in time to become the Chaos of World A. Garland was summoned to World B after he began his transition into Chaos, and he acts as an enforcer to Spiritus. Garland retains his memories of the past conflicts between Cosmos and Chaos, and he loyally serves the one who summoned him.
Special Abilities: Garland is able to use the powers of the Four Fiends in his attacks.

Limit Break: Soul of Chaos! Garland unleashes his might as Chaos in a flurry of blows and magic!
(Note: These are just the versions of the characters present in this Dissidia RP. I'm not claiming them solely for myself, this is just for reference for everybody. Anyone can still claim either of these two.)

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Hey, everyone. Due to certain circumstances, Shard is going to be dropping out for a while. If anyone wants to take over for Zidane and Hope, that's great, otherwise, I'll be assuming those roles for the time being.

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I'm really sorry too. Hopefully I'll get a chance to post. Also i do thought about sign another character up, but I'm still not sure if i should sign up with another OC or an official video game character. >.<

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