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I was only like 3 when the first film came out >.<

My first memory of spiderman is watching it on either dvd/VHS with my older cousin

I used to love watching spidey 2 and 3 but I didn't remember much of them

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But he’s.. not solely working class all his life.. he starts from somewhere. He starts out as a kid who basically got what you could call bad luck when they’re bitten by a spider and now they have powers.. He wasn’t always responsible about them and irresponsibility is what leads to Uncle Ben dying. I liked how clumsy he was in Homecoming because it shows he’s still that at his core: A kid prone to mistakes with powers that are still developing, who’s still fairly juvenile at heart.

Yes, things like uncle Ben aren’t thoroughly mentioned, and the media isn’t on his throat about everything, but honestly, that would have felt like repetition, after we just came off another reboot that was trying too hard to be gritty. If you just repeat these same things, even if you differentiate them... It becomes more of a joke or cliche rather than things that define the character.

He’s also struggled with missing out on dates and running out on friends in the comics, which happened in Homecoming. And there’s nothing wrong with him being more based in Queens this time, as I think it lends to the idea that he’s not quite there yet. Part of the appeal of Spidey, as we know, is that yes.. he is the everyday person, but going off his starting point, he’s ultimate a teenager in over his head.

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