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I just finished watching this film for the first time and I see massive potential in the concept of the magic being extinguished by the Abuela's misguided thirst for the protection of the magic creating and spreading stress, self-doubt and conformity throughout the Madrigal family. It's the perfect recipe for Unversed and the darkness that draws villains such as the organization and Maleficent and Pete (where the heck even are Maleficent and Pete? We didn't defeat them in KHII). 

Meeting Sora, someone who isn't a Modrigal, someone from another world who possesses a gift could add to Maribel's conflict about not having one and Bruno is even a possible character of interest for the foretellers who were hinted to possibly be the next big adversaries now that Xehanort has been defeated once and for all.  

The one thing about the film that bugged me was that we don't get an exact explanation as to the reason Mirabel was not given a gift but KH lore could fill that in. There is a subtle suggestion that she is a manifestation of the miracle so perhaps she could be a guardian of light or a princess of heart. 

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