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KH3D 37 Kingdom Hearts 3D screenshots from Famitsu.com

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Famitsu.com have posted an article containing many screenshots from Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance. The article, which contains 37 screenshots and 1 avatar, mainly focuses on the Unknown (young Master Xehanort), and The Grid (the Tron: Legacy world). You can see each of these images below.


february-24-2012&i=01.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=02.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=03.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=04.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=05.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=06.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=07.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=08.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=09.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=10.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=11.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=12.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=13.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=14.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=15.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=16.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=17.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=18.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=19.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=20.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=21.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=22.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=23.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=24.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=25.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=26.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=27.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=28.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=29.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=30.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=31.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=32.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=33.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=34.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=35.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=36.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=37.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1 february-24-2012&i=38.jpg&h=100&q=75&t=1

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pretty nice pics. i wish that when you enter The Grid the Dream Eaters got Tronified like the Heartless did in KH2 lol and and if you can name your Dream Eater that would be great because I already have names for them lol as weird as that is, yes i like the one with Sora and that Ghost Dream Eater lol can't wait for this game.

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y should translate what they are saying in these.

im interested to know :D


just because it still was on my pc and the only thing i had to do was to rearrange it.

It is exactly the same as the other scans. :unsure:



Yen Sid: This long journey will transform your appearance.


Yen Sid: You have chosen the journey that will lead you on a mission to become Keyblade Masters.


Yen Sid (picture with Riku and Sora): Also, you will have to obtain a new power and open the 7 Keyholes of Sleep.


Lea: Ah... I am back to my human form...


Unknown: Dilan, Aeleus, Even, Ienzo..


Ienzo: The world called Traverse Town is formed. There, it will be recovered.


Silver-Hair-Guy: You are the one how was choosen at the beginning


Silver-Hair-Guy: Just as I heard it... you are a happy-go-lucky boy.


Silver-Hair-Guy: You do not even understand where yourself is


Sora: It is a tool to make everyone smile.


The Gird people: The kid owns a strange weapon


Tron guy: You just have to touch the source a little bit to overwrite the whole character and memories.


Clu: You own the thing that is called the Keyblade, able to open every door.

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