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  1. 1. open MENU2. open OTHERS (その他) on the bottom 3. now choose BACKUP (引き継ぎ - the one with 2 phones and a arrown inbetween) and then OK 4. you are now asked on which account you want to backup you chara 5. choose the one you want (i think you can choose between twitter and google) and backup your chara ('ω')ノ
  2. ok i used the medal today and it lowered the costs from 47 to 46 (;'∀') ........ well it isnt useless BUT -1 is by far not enough!
  3. It says something about lowering the deck-costs of a 6star but i am still waiting to use it .. so we arent 100% sure how it works and the japanese explanation isnt very good lol
  4. uhmm yes this will be a problem... but i am not so sure if there will be a EU version ... (T_T)i heard it is working better on phones than on tablets ... you're welcome (´▽`*) have fun!
  5. 勉強。。。(´Д`)

  6. You may compare your message with the one SpeedRave posted here. If it's the same you need more space on your phone! It says that you donot have enough space on your device. You have two solutions, clear enough space for the app or try to install the app direct on your SDCard! (´・ω・`)
  7. Post a pic of the error message and i will translate it for you ('ω')ノMe and my husband (austrian mobile phones) are playing it on Android without any problems.
  8. i played it ^__^v but we must not talk about it (.__.)but i really enjoyed it!
  9. もうちょいでKH 1.5 :D daddy, ship it as fast as possible! お願いぃぃ~~

  10. i just bought 2 Cambridge Satchel for me and naoki :D 楽しみ!!

  11. it getting warmer and therefore it was time for sea salt ice :D

  12. PS4 please!! KH on the PS4 sounds really awesome!! :3i bought the PS3 for the HD colletion, i won't care if i have to buy a new console for KH3 (>__<)
  13. my exams are killing me x__x ....

    1. VanitasisKirby


      I know that feel. x_x

      Good luck :O

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