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Sora96's FINAL FANTASY Review

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I purchased the Android version of FINAL FANTASY (the first entry in the series) during Square Enix's big Christmas/New Years sale for $4 something along with a few of their other FINAL FANTASY games. A nice bargain if you ask me. Anyway, the Android version is a port version of the PlayStation Portable remake.


The graphics suit the game perfectly. It's definitely the definitive version. The sign's it's an old RPG are definitely there though, every few steps you'll encounter some monsters and this will get very annoying at times, especially when you've got no idea where to go. To save your sanity, I recommend a walkthrough. Worried about spoilers? Don't be, there's really nothing to spoil. A primary school student could have written a better story. Not even the slightest bit of voice acting, not even those groans you'd find in the Kingdom Hearts DS games.


I could definitely see how the combat system was inspired by American Football, and I didn't really notice many issues with it. The Red Mage was absolutely useless for me. You've got to use it correctly, and I didn't. I wish you could change class in game so I could change it to a Warrior/Knight. Speaking of which, my team was: Warrior, Red Mage, White Mage, Black Mage. I also wish the Airship was unlocked much earlier, in a game like this where you will get annoyed by monster encounters it is vital. It should also be easier to know what to do, if I didn't use a written walkthrough I would not know what to do half the time and would have missed out on some vital things.


Did I enjoy FINAL FANTASY? At times I did, at times I didn't. If it was a long game I'd probably say I didn't enjoy it.


It's hard to judge a game that was originally released nearly 30 years ago but considering this is what the second or third time they did a remake of it I'm not going to cut it any slack. I wouldn't say this game is worth more than $10 in this day and age unless you're purchasing it on disc or cartridge. Would I recommend it? Depends on the price. I would recommend though that you know what you're purchasing, this game is no walk in the park, literally you'll be attacked every few steps. Haha. I would also strongly recommend using a walkthrough for your first playthrough.


And no, I'm not going to replay this game unless Square Enix ever did a full remake (which I hope they don't do).



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