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Shuichi Saihara

The Kh13 kirie fanclub

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Well, I love her pictures for the following reasons:

  • She's my girlfriend.
  • She's frickin sexy.
  • She's wonderful and gorgeous.
  • She always looks so cute and wonderful.
  • Aaaand other things I cannot say in public. xD

And yes, I shall be the chairman of this fanclub! :P

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She is a goddess wrapped around a human form due to living as a queen in a former life who so happens to be into KH.  In fact she  was Nomura inspiration for Kairi and the rest of the seven princess of KH. Can't you guys clearly see the resemblance, it is truly shocking!!!!!!!!!!. 


I have Kirie collectibles all around my room and everything , I have listed Kirie catchphrases, have Kirie's T-shirts , straight leg jeans with Kirie's Avater , its truly shocking !!!!!!!


Like I am her number two fanboy of all time , but is that truly shocking?  !!!!!!!!


Like I try my hardest to be like Golden Fighter to one day catch a legendary girl like Kirie but I ran out of  ultra poke balls to catch such a magnificent creature with , shocking!!!!!!!


I am shocking everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!  , oh man I am done. but yea Kirie fanclub is no joke, the little rant I went on is just a taste of the power that Kirie has bestowed on us mortals  

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Oh God, I'm cracking up too much right now!  But yes, my dear Inori/Kirie is truly a magnificent woman, and I'm proud and honored to be her boyfriend!  I mean seriously, I am one lucky son of a gun, I'm not even joking, I'm frickin blessed to have this girl as my girlfriend!  She blows my mind and rocks my world! :D

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Inori is the beautiful mermaid who sheds light into my sea of loneliness - the sinful goddess who taught me about the forbidden fruit!



A million shiny Pokemon wouldn't bear a candle against how she sparkles!~



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