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Text My Kingdom Hearts Story: Two Universes Collide

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On 1/26/2015 at 8:39 PM, Shigehiko said:

This sounds like a great idea! If you decide to go through with it, I'll be more than happy and honored to read your story! :D

Oh thank you very much! :D I will start writing!Note: the following names used in this story are for entertainment purposes only. They are not real people.

Chapter 1: Revelation

      It's late November and my family and I came to Walt Disney World for Thanksgiving. It's our favorite time to go since all parks and resorts are decorated for the holidays. For our first day, we decided to go to Magic Kingdom. It's my favorite park and I like even more in November. It's about 7:00 pm and we are walking out of the Main Street Emporium. The sky is completely dark thanks to the layer of clouds that came in after sunset. We all wore shorts and tee shirts; I wore my Kingdom Hearts 2 shirt. We turn towards Cinderella Castle and walk in that direction. The castle is absolutely magnificent as it stands a proud 190 feet tall and covered in hundreds of thousands of lights to give the appearance of ice. It is a perfect evening, but then something strange happens. The lights start turning off from low to high. I thought a show on the castle was under way, but I realized this: the last castle show ended half an hour ago; it's too soon for another show to begin. Once the lights were off, the castle in its blue color was left.

      Then, an orb of light like a firework shot up from the castle. It had a blue core and magenta shell and tail. This drew everyone's attention including my family and everyone started mumbling to each other. The light kept going higher and higher and when it went past the height of a firework shot high, I knew something was not right. The light disappeared into the clouds and then a force justled every one of us a little. The clouds over the castle then parted into a ring and I saw it. I could not believe that I was seeing Kingdom Hearts; the grand heart-shaped moon appear in full glory, which lit up the sky like a full moon. The chatter on Main Street increased in multitude and volume. My parents and sister watched, could not believe and talked among themselves while I stood in silence with my mouth open in shock. I knew Kingdom Hearts was a made up thing and I joked around with friends as we would pretend it was real. Never would I have known that I was making a joke over something that was real. I couldn't comprehend what I saw and how it could be. I could imagine news stations interrupt their reports to cover what has happened. I could hear and see Greta Van Susteran start off her show with the Fox News Alert graphics and then describe what the alert is. After standing in awe for what felt like a long minute, I turned on my phone, went into my contacts and called my best friend, who is also a Kingdom Hearts fan, Adrian. It rang a few times, then he answered.

      "Hello?" he answered.

      "Adrian!" I said.

      "Hey man, what's going on?" he asked cheerfully. He knows I am in Disney, but does not know what I am seeing.

      "I'm on Main Street right now and we were walking towards Cinderella Castle when something you won't believe appeared. Kingdom Hearts exists!" I told him. I heard nothing for a second, then he responded with skepticism.

      "Yeah, ok. I think you're letting Kingdom Hearts go to your head some." he replied.

      "Don't believe me? Put on Fox News then." I said. I heard him go to his TV and hit the remote's on button. Then I heard him hit the keys and then the sounds of Fox News came on the other side.

      "Believe me now?" I asked, but he didn't respond. I could tell he's stunned like I was when I first saw it. Then he spoke.

      "Oh my gosh! What is going on down there?!" he shouted.

      "Look, I know this is too much to digest," I replied "but you and I have to accept this: Kingdom Hearts is real."

      "Look, you better be careful down there. Watch your surroundings!" he warned.

      "Alright, I will." I said and then hung up. I look at the huge heart that floats over Cinderella Castle and just stare. An announcement then came and told everyone there is nothing to worry about and all park parades and shows will go as scheduled. My family and I found our spot on Main Street, watched the Electrical Light Parade at 8:00 then Wishes Nighttime Spectacular at 10:00. After that was over, we hung around in the park, went on some attractions, then went back to the one bedroom villa at Old Key West Resort. I went to bed that night with a full mind as I just realized that my concept of reality and make-believe has been completely altered forever.

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On 1/28/2015 at 8:49 PM, Shigehiko said:

Whoa, this is interesting! It definitely sets the stage for what's to come! I'll be looking forward to reading more! :D

Thanks a bunch! Here's more.Note: the main character's name is Ben. This story is told from his point of view. This is not a real person.

Chapter 2: Manifestation

      The next day came and it was day two of our trip. We planned to go to Epcot today. I thought that last night was a bad and weird dream so I thought nothing of it. After my family and I get ready and have breakfast, we head to the bus stop and wait for the coach bus for Epcot. It's about half after nine and the bus shows up and takes us to the park. Looking out the window as the bus moves, I see it: Kingdom Hearts. I once again stared at the huge heart. Even in broad daylight, it is still visible as it sits high in the sky, possibly in space (probably the distance half way between the moon and earth), over Cinderella Castle. I can't stop staring until the music for Imagination with Figment comes over the speakers in the motor coach and the announcement welcoming us to Epcot follows. I decided right then to not let what I have seen ruin my day at Epcot.

      We all get off, head to security, check our Magicbands in, which have all the information for our trip including park tickets, dining, etc, and start our day. It was a wonderful morning as we went on Spaceship Earth and then Soarin, one of our favorite attractions. After we ate lunch in the Seasons food court, which is in the same The Land Pavilion as Soarin (right outside of Soarin to be precise) we used our FastPass for Test Track. It was cool creating our chevy car to race for the ride and then seeing the showcase of new Chevrolet models at the end. We then moved onto World Showcase at about two in the afternoon. All was well; I did not think about Kingdom Hearts one bit.

      As we were walking between the International Gateway and Mexico, something appeared right in front of my family and I. There were four small creatures that were black with yellow eyes. Thanks to my Kingdom Hearts knowledge, I knew what they were: shadow heartless. I couldn't believe that I was seeing heartless. Even so I knew not to mess. People around us started to panic, back away and walk away in a hurried manner. I was panicked myself along with my family, but I refused to let my family be harmed so I went in front of them and spread my arms out. The heartless kept on looking at us and slowly moved toward us as we slowly backwards. Then, in my right hand, a cloud of light manifested itself. It grew, got brighter, and took shape. Next thing I know, I feel metal in the palm of my hand and see my right hand holding something I have only imagined to feel like: a keyblade. It was no regular keyblade, it was the Star Seeker. I couldn't believe it and neither could my family, who were a few steps away watching the ordeal. I sensed the people nearby stopping, watching and mumbling to each other wondering what the creatures are and what I am holding.

      Suddenly, a heartless jumps to attack me. People start to scream as it attacks me. Mom is a wreck calling my name, dad yells at me to get out of there, and my sister screams to watch out. Out of instinct, I swing the keyblade at the shadow and destroy ot turning it into a black cloud. Then, I take a fighting stance similar to Aqua's and rush in and attack the three that are left. I perform her three hit combo and defeat the remaining heartless. The crowd claps and cheers for me, but I don't really focus on that. I then look at my right and holding the Star Seeker and feel different in a way never felt before. I feel full of power and more active than ever. What I did before; I never had such an instinct as what I just showed before. My agility: where did it come from? I never was that agile before nor possessed such agility. I thought these things while still looking at my now empty palm and walked back to my family. They were stunned and couldn't respond to what they saw. Not until mom spoke up.

      "Ben..." she said "where did you get that and how did you do all that?"

      "I don't know." was all I said as I couldn't believe that I am a keyblade wielder.

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On 2/5/2015 at 9:04 PM, Shigehiko said:

Excellent!!! More!!! I need more!!! :D

There is a verse saying "ask and it shall be given". Therefore, I shall give to you what you ask.

Chapter 3: Villain

      We walked around World Showcase for the next couple hours. It was wonderful and relaxing. I still could not get off my mind what just happened. I couldn't believe that I am something that has been spoken of in legends: I am a keyblade wielder! I looked at my right palm that held the weapon every now and then and think about how I have been chosen to hold such a power. The keyblade is picky and I have thought myself as one who would probably not be a wielder. Yet, lo and behold, I am. I contemplated this for the rest of our time in Epcot. As the clock turned 4:15 pm, we were walking out of World Showcase through the International Gateway to the back side of Future World. As we were fifty feet from the stage where gospel choirs sing, I hear a voice talk to me from behind me by five or six feet.

      "Huh...so, the keyblade managed to pick the likes of you after all," the voice said. I froze in place and a chill went up my spine as I stopped. My parents noticed me stopping after walking a few steps. When they turned around to ask what is wrong, they looked past me and stared at something in silence with a curious look. I knew that voice. I heard it too many times and heard it in Birth by Sleep and 3D Dream Drop Distance. I stood in silence for a moment then turned around abruptly with my arms slightly away from my body and bent with open palms facing down like a protective stance and saw him and I knew who he was: Vanitas. He looked exactly like he did in Birth by Sleep. His mask and clothes were exactly like what I've seen before and his voice is exactly like what I have heard before in Birth by Sleep. I can't stand Vanitas! The only time I liked him was beating him in Ventus's and Aqua's stories. I couldn't believe that I am seeing the villain whom I despise the most in the flesh. A flare of disgust and hatred arose in my heart as I stared him down. He then continued to speak.

      "Well, I guess you aren't such a pathetic idiot if it chose you," he mocked. That aggravated me enough to want to ring him dry. I growled the way Ventus did as he freed himself from his frozen paralysis and prepared to fight Vanitas before he killed Aqua in Birth by Sleep.

      "Huh...If you really are a tough guy, then let's see what you're made of," he said. Then, he held out his hand and summoned his keyblade, Void Gear, in a cloud of darkness and took the familiar stance. I stood there for a second a little stunned that I am being challenged, yet I am also pleased because I defeat Vanitas with my own hand and not controlling a character. I summoned my Star Seeker and took my stance. Some people noticed and gathered around to watch what was happening and mumbled to each other about what was going on. My family was rooting for me as I stared my foe down and he did so too. Then, I charged towards him and he towards me and we clashed keyblades. I couldn't believe that I was swordfighting naturally; I didn't know how to before, but I thought it was cool and continued fighting Vanitas. He was just as hard as I expected as we continuously clashed keyblades in a match like Aqua and Terra at their Mark of Mastery exam.

      Since I know martial arts, I knew I could use techniques that he would not expect from a keyblade wielder, so as he swung at my head, I put my keyblade in my left hand, rainbow parried the strike and then punched Vanitas in the side of his mask where his jaw would be. He stumbled back a bit, looked at me for a brief moment, then swung for the top of my head. I blocked and continued fighting. Eventually, I ended up in a lock as he pushed his keyblade against mine. I was in a high block and he did an overhead strike and our keyblades were close to my head. I fought with my might to hold off the attack with both hands holding on to my keyblade and tried to think of a way to get out of it.

      Then, I hatched a plan. I perried his keyblade to my left (his right), then I stepped in close, wrapped my left arm around his and made sure to have keyblade in that hand to keep his arm trapped in it. Thanks to martial arts (10 years of training to be precise), I then did the next thing in one motion. I palm struck his mask covered face, grabbed it, turned his face away, and performed a take-down on him. I got him on the ground and punched him in the masked face, but then, I felt air yet saw his form, but still like an image. I knew this attack too well thanks to Birth by Sleep and got on my feet at once from being on one knee. He warped behind me and performed his surprise, back attack.

      "Gotchya!" he shouted. I blocked with barrier and then countered with Counter Blast.

      "Hup! Take this!" I shouted and knocked him back. He panted a bit, then he laughed in his chilling, known way and stood up straight.

      "Not bad," he said in amusement, "I'll make sure to keep an eye out for you." Then, he disappeared in a dark corridor. I panted as I stared at the space he once was and realized this: I fought and defeated Vanitas in my first battle.

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I am glad you all enjoy reading this. I will keep going.

Chapter 4: Familiar Friends

      Vanitas appeared through a dark corridor in the room in the tallest tower of Cinderella Castle. The room is dark with the exception of a bit of light coming through the windows and balcony where a cast member dressed as Tinker Bell ties herself onto a zip-line and "flies" over the Magic Kingdom during Wishes. The man holds his hands behind his back as in contemplation as he looks out through the balcony onto Main Street.

      "How was the boy?" he asks Vanitas.

      "That guy actually put up a fight. He's not a loser after all." The old man felt uncomfortable hearing this since any outside force could ruin what he has planned.

      "Keep an eye on the boy," he tells Vanitas "and make sure pressure is consistently placed upon him. Do whatever is necessary to make sure the boy bends and then, I want you to break him."

      "Yes, master." Vanitas replies and he disappears into a dark corridor.


      After that battle with Vanitas, I felt confidence because I won my first battle against the person I despise. What I couldn't believe was he was a real person. I could not comprehend just yet that there is much more than what meets the eye. Vanitas's existence means the existence of more things. Though I thought about this, it did not interrupt my vacation. We went to Animal Kingdom and Disney's Hollywood Studios over the next two days and went back to Epcot on the third. Luckily, it was quiet those few days as no heartless appeared and attacked me. On our last full day, we went back to Magic Kingdom to see shows and go on attractions we haven't done the first day. Once again, peaceful throughout the morning and afternoon.

      At about 5:45 pm, the sun was in the west getting ready to start setting and so my family and I sat in the train station near the entrance to the park at the beginning on Main Street. We went up to the second floor where the boarding platform for the train that goes around Magic Kingdom is. My family and I were in the station talking and I went to the balcony where one could see all of Main Street. In the plaza in front of the station, the flag retreat proceeded by the flagpole. It was great to see and after it was done I just looked around Main Street.

      I then saw something interesting. Someone was walking near the plaza and wore clothes and shoes like Sora in Kingdom Hearts 2 and his hair and face were like his too. I looked at him for a while, but then it hit me and goosebumps went up and down my body. That is not someone who looks like Sora, that IS Sora! I kept an eye on him and tracked where he was walking to and mentally registered it. I looked behind me into the station to see my folks and they were talking to each other and did not pay attention to me. I snuck to the stairs and rushed down them. Once I got to street view, I looked around for Sora and saw him walking in front of the plaza near the station. I ran after him dodging a few people and grabbed his sleeve.

      "Excuse me." I said and turned around and looked at me. All the features of him were exactly like what I have seen in the CGI footage of him in the 3D Dream Drop Distance opening. His clothes felt like nothing I have ever felt before. He became cheerful in his familiar way when he saw me and introduced himself.

      "Hey there! I'm Sora!" he said. His voice was exactly like what I have heard many times before.

      "Who are you?"

      "I'm Ben." I replied and then I took him aside to a deserted place near a flower bed on the plaza circle.

      "What are you doing here?" I asked with anxiety.

      "What do you mean?" he replied "I'm here trying to defeat heartless and other enemies. It's been difficult since they hide so much."

      "You realize that you are in the open and anything bad could happen to you, right?" I said.

      "I know that. That's why I won't back down from anything." he replied in his familiar, brave manner. I chuckled and thought classic Sora. He smiled and put his hands behind his head like he usually does. Suddenly, creatures appeared behind me and surrounded Sora and I. There were many of them and they all startled the people around us and commotion among them erupted. My family noticed me missing and went on the balcony to look for me and found me in the midst of the creatures. These were not heartless, they were unversed. I knew they came from Vanitas and thought if he wants to play, then I'll play. Sora summoned his keyblade, Kingdom Key, and took his fighting stance.

      "Run! I got this!" he said.

      "Thanks, but I already am prepared." I replied and summoned my keyblade and took my stance. Sora looked at my keyblade and his eyes widened.

      "You own a keyblade too?!" he asked.

      "You see Sora," I said "there are many of us. Did you really think it's just you?" He nodded and understood where I was going. Then we attacked the mass. It took some time, but we beat all the unversed. After the unversed were defeated, my family came by to see me and tell me it was time to go.

      "Well, I must leave," I said "will I see you again?"

      "Of course you'll see me again. We're friends now." he said in his usual friendly way. It left a mark on me as I walked to my family with a smile and a chuckle.

      "Ben, who was that guy?" dad asked.

      "A very good and new friend." I replied. Then, we said goodbye to Walt Disney World as that day was our last. Tomorrow, we leave on a five o'clock flight from Orlando International Airport back home.

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Sora!!!!! Haha, I loved how you nailed his personality perfectly! Keep going, I want to see what happens next! :D

Thank you all so much for your support for my story. Tomorrow is Ash Wednesday and that marks the beginning of Lent. I cannot post chapters from Monday to Saturday since I won't be online, but I can on Sunday. I'll try to post chapters as much as possible, but do not expect a ton to be posted. Expect them to be posted on Sundays, I will try to post one per Sunday. Thank you once again for your support.

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Thank you all for waiting. Here is the next chapter.

Chapter 5: My Best Friend, the Keyblade wielder

      We left on an afternoon flight from Orlando International Airport back home. I thought over the things I've seen and those that I have met. I could not get over this: Sora is my new friend! What I could not fully grasp was Kingdom Hearts being real. All the games are really just subtle documentaries that possessed a veil good enough to hide their true nature. I figured that since I am outside Walt Disney World borders, nothing will affect me or I won't see anything from my trip.

      We landed at the airport in the evening. Since it's November, the sun already set so it was dark already and cold since I live in the north. We got our baggage from baggage claim, put them in the car and drove home. It was good to be home and we unpacked that night to make ourselves comfortable. I went to bed that night tired, but glad to be home and away from it all. Or at least, I hope I was. After Thanksgiving break in December, I went back to school and caught up on stuff I missed. I went to karate class that day to instruct and teach the students and found Adrian there. He brought me into the school male's changing room.

      "Hey Ben," he said "welcome home. So what happened down there?" I proceeded to tell him what I've seen, the things that I've experienced, and the people I've met. He soaked it all in like a sponge with an expression of amazement and curiosity.

      "Wow." he said "I'm at a loss for words. I can't believe you met Sora himself and fought Vanitas himself."

      "Yup, and I have to show you my keyblade," I replied. I raised my hand and summoned my keyblade Star Seeker. Adrian watched shaking his head in disbelief.

      "I can't believe you're a keyblade wielder either," he said. I gave him my key for him to hold and observe.

      "It looks exactly like the one in Birth by Sleep and feels exactly like I've imagined," he said and he handed it back to me, which then I unsummoned it.

      "I'm proud of you brother. You truly deserve it," he said.

      "Thank you," I replied and we embraced each other. After I took my class, the school closed and Adrian and I talked outside as I waited for my ride. Suddenly, heartless appeared in front of us. I could not believe that what I have experienced in Disney has spilled over into society... and near my home of all places! It shocked both of us, but Adrian more because he could not believe heartless were real.

      "I think it's time for you to show me you stuff," he suggested without taking his eyes off of them. I nodded and was about to summon my keyblade when I noticed the heartless weren't interested in me, they were interested in Adrian! In other words, they were going to attack him!

      "I think they're interested in you, not me," I said.

      "What?" he asked in confusion and at that moment, a cloud of light surrounded his hand and took shape in the form of a keyblade. This was not an ordinary one, it was the Ultima Weapon from 3D Dream Drop Distance. Adrian watched the ordeal in astonishment with bulging eyes and mouth slightly open in a gasp position. A heartless jumped at him, but Adrian already saw it, struck it down, and then charged toward the rest of them. He destroyed them with the same agility as me in Disney. Afterwards, his keyblade disappeared and he looked at me shocked.

      "I guess I'm not alone," I said smiling.

      "No, I guess you're not," he replied. Then my ride pulled up in front of the karate school.

      "Well, good night... keyblade's chosen," I said still smiling. Then Adrian smiled back.

      "Good night keyblade's chosen," he responded and then went to his car and drove home. I hopped into the car and went home with a smile on my face that remained until I went to bed that night.

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Thank you again for your patience. Here's more.

Chapter 6: Not a Group, a Race

      I went home with a smile on my face. My best friend is a keyblade wielder. I thought that was so cool how I'm not alone. Little did I realize there was a bigger picture behind it all. The next day, I went to school. I didn't think about Kingdom Hearts much until I heard chatter about it in the hallways. My school is large so stories and rumors spread like wildfire. Two other best friends of mine go here. Jack and Shane are great guys; I always caught up with them about everything. When I saw Shane in one of my classes, I high-fived him and gave him a hug.

      "Hey Ben, how was your trip?" he asked. I told him and Jack I would be in Disney.

      "It was perfect," I replied "I wish you came with me. You would have had a ball down there." He agreed, then he asked about the thing that happened in Disney.

      "Hey, when you down there, were you there when you saw the huge heart over the theme park?" he asked.

      "I did," I replied and proceeded to tell him about it, but then class began so it had to wait. After class, I continued to tell him about it and the things I've experienced as we walked slowly down the hall.

      "Wow, that's unbelievable," he said. I then made sure no one was looking and summoned my keyblade and showed it to him. His face went into awe and he couldn't say anything, but one word.

      "Wow..." he said. Suddenly, heartless appeared in front of us and it caused everyone around to clear out of the way in panic. Some girls screamed in fear while some boys backed up quickly with horror written on their faces. Shane and I stopped in our track as we saw the creatures while I was still holding my key; Shane was stunned as we observed the four shadows and neoshadow. Then, a cloud of light formed in his hand, took shape, and then in his hand appeared the keyblade, Fenrir just as I've seen it in KH2.Shane was shocked when he saw the weapon. A heartless jumped at him, but he destroyed it in one swing. Then, in similar skill as me, he destroyed the leftover shadows and neoshadow. I only smiled at him as he couldn't believe what he did.

      "You're a chosen one," I said to him, then I embraced him in pride and said goodbye to him as I moved on to another class leaving Shane to ponder over his new power. I went to my next class which Jack was in. I greeted him the same way and he too asked about my trip and about the heart which I started to explain. At the end of class, I continued my explanation of the heart and told him about everything I experienced, including Shane's power, including showing him my keyblade briefly, which I immediately unsummoned. He reacted the same way as Shane.

      "Do you think I'd be able to get one of those?" he asked.

      "I think so personally," I replied "but it's the keyblade that makes the decision." Just then, heartless once again appeared. Really? I thought. It caused more of the same in the hall as people reacted the same way the first time. Jack was stunned with what he saw. Then, a light cloud appeared and then took material form in Jack's hand as the Wayward Wind. Jack held exactly the way Ventus did. As the heartless attacked him, he charged and destroyed them in speed just like Ventus. I was not surprised, but he was and he didn't know how to react. I merely just embraced him, bade him farewell, and moved on to my next class. It was more of the same as I looked around as five more boys and girls discovered the power. I merely smiled. As I was going to my last class, I came across a kid I knew named Ronnie. Now in a joking way, I have said his personality was like Vanitas's, but he really was a nice guy. I greeted him and we started talking. Then, he asked me something that stopped me in my tracks.

      "Hey Ben, how long did you think you could hide it from me?" he asked. I was stunned, so I stopped and turned around.

      "What do you mean?" I asked.

      "You know exactly. I know what you are-" he said, then he held out his hand and summoned the Void Gear; Vanitas's to be exact. "-and you know what I am." I was shocked and couldn't put it together.

      "You didn't tell me you defeated my good friend Vanitas," he continued "so I want to see what you're made of." He then took the same stance as Vanitas. I had to hold off on putting it together and so I summoned my key and then attacked Ronnie. It was luckily a short, but hard match and I defeated Ronnie. He panted then laughed a bit like Vanitas.

      "I can see why you beat him." he said "Don't expect me to go easy on you next time." Then he disappeared in a dark corridor. I looked into the space where he was and realized one of many large truths: I'm part of a race composed of both light and dark.

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Chapter 7: Transformation

       The next morning, I get up early to get ready for school. It's quarter until six in the morning and I am tired since I'm no morning person. I wake up and get dressed wearing my one of my KH2 black t-shirts. All is fine, then I come downstairs to eat breakfast. When mom comes down to say goodbye to my sister and I, she looks down at my clothes and gets a weird look on her face.

       "Uh Ben?" she said "Where and when did you get that coat?" I was sure I was wearing my winter coat since it was cold, but I looked down and saw something else. I was wearing the black coat Roxas wore! I couldn't believe that I am wearing something I've only imagined. I looked around at everything and even my glove covered hands. I couldn't help but be excited. I told mom goodbye still after we both shrugged off the question and I left for the bus. When walking into school, it was cold, but the coat felt so warm and comfortable. I put the hood up and sensed it was just like the game with Roxas. I felt some stares as people wondered who I was. Even Shane and Jack were awed until I took the hood off. Then they realized it was me, laughed a bit, and then complemented the coat.

       Over the next seven days, I felt a change also energy, endurance, and strength wise. I had more energy than ever, I endured muscle endurance activities more than most people in martial arts and gym, and I felt stronger and could lift heavy objects that I struggled with greater ease. I didn't know why for a couple days, but then Shane, one day noticed something about my body.

       "Whoa Ben!" he exclaimed "You're ripped!" It was true; looking down at my arms and shirt, I was ripped. I looked in my shirt at my stomach and saw I had an eight pack. I loved it as I flexed my biceps. Not only have I obtained a new power, I am now seeing it transform me. Jack also saw later on in the day and he couldn't believe it. At the end when I was walking out of the school, I saw my sister... WITH VANITAS BEAR HUGGING HER WITH HIS KEYBLADE AT HER THROAT!!!! Everyone backed away and there were some teachers who are trying to get her free. I felt my heart drop into my feet. Not only has Vanitas got out of Walt Disney World, he is threatening my sister! He saw me coming and made sure I saw this. My sister was scared to death as she felt the blade of the keyblade against her throat.

       "I'm glad you're here." he said "Now, you either give up the keyblade and surrender to the master, join us, or you can say goodbye to your sister." I began to seethe as he threatened my sister. Then, an angry look came on her face and she stomped on his foot, then gave him a hard elbow to the stomach. He let go fast and she ran to behind of me. I summoned my key, charged after Vanitas, and we fought. I let him have all my anger. He was difficult, but I used fire and Ice magic on him to open him up. Finally, I perried a side strike from his left, my right, turned around and back kicked him in the chest and sent him flying back five yards. The large halls have lobbies and this took place in one of them. He landed on his back and stayed still just like in Birth by Sleep. Then, he kip-upped just like after his first match with Ventus and looked at me.

      "Alright tough guy. I'm through playing soft." he said "Next time, you'll be begging for mercy." Then, he disappeared in a dark corridor. My sister and I went home embracing each other tightly. That evening, I wept. I saw my family basically get threatened by a villain from the series I love. I decided to see Beyblade Metal Masters and Fury episodes with Ryuga. Then, my curiosity over his personality was sparked. Ryuga was tough, took no nonsense from anyone, had an honorable and yet somewhat kind sense in it all. Though rude a bit of the time, he does so in respect. I realized then that I too must harden my personality a bit; mixing it with my sweet, lovable self. I must take on after Ryuga.

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Thanks for your patience. Here's more.

Chapter 8: On the Run

      All was quiet throughout the Christmas and Easter seasons up to Pentecost. There were no heartless since these were seasons of light. Now, it's late May and right after Pentecost. Everyone wears t-shirt and shorts for summer approaching. I go to school and attend class as always. During a later class in the day, my teacher accidentally knocks over her drink and it heads toward the floor. I go to reach for it and it stops in midair; I am still a few feet away from it. I move my hand and the drink floats as I move and I put it on her desk. Her eyes are wide open in shock.

      "Umm... thank you... Ben," she said then moves on to the lesson. I continue to contemplate the event for the rest of the class. In between classes, I meet up with Shane and Jack in the main entrance lobby and tell them what I did earlier. They complement me and in turn tell me they have caught up on their Kingdom Hearts "education". As we were talking, someone began to shout at me.

      "Finally I found you! Now it's time to keep my promise!" I look behind me and I see Ronnie, the guy who attacked me, with four other guys.      "I told you I wouldn't go easy on you next time, especially since you thrashed Vanitas around!" he shouted. Then he summoned his Void Gear and the four others with him summoned their keyblades of darkness.

      "For your punishment, get ready to be ground into the floor!" he continued. Instead of being shocked like before, my Ryuga side came out instead and so I smiled and laughed like Ryuga.

      "Ha ha ha! I don't think so!" I shouted back "You'll be the one who will kiss the tile!" As I shouted this, I summoned my keyblade as did Shane and Jack and we all took our stances. Then, two more keyblade wielders of light showed up next to the three of us to even the score. Meanwhile, people around, instead of gathering around whenever there is a fight, they backed away and commotion among them arose. Then, both sides attacked. I fought Ronnie, Shane fought a kid I have seen to be a jerk to everyone, Jack fought another kid who I realized turned out to be his counterpart. This kid is named Nick and he looks like Jack, but with red and black details on his clothes and his hair is somewhat a mohawk.

      Spells were sent everywhere and keys were swinging. Bystanders screamed and ran away; school security tried to break up the fight, but could only keep distance behind a corner and call the police. Ronnie was much harder and I had to mix in some of my martial arts punches and kicks to loosen him up. He still came back strike after strike and he truly was harder than last time. Suddenly, three keyblade wielders got involved and stepped in my, Shane's, and Jack's battles.

      "You have to go now! We have this!" the boy told me.

      "Thanks Mike!" I replied and the three of us started fleeing. Mike was a good kid I met one year and always say hello to; he was one of the chosen and obtained the black and white Void Gear. It fits him because his dress is a little dark at times, but he really is a nice kid. As the three of us try to run from the battle, it still follows us as spells ricochet from behind us. We take a corner fast and run out of the school and into the woods escaping the chaos. I could hear sirens from police cars as they head to the school to intervene. It hurt that I had been driven out of my school and had to run for my life, but I sucked it up like Ryuga and kept going deeper into the woods. At least I am with my best friends/brothers.

      As we walked through the woods, a rabbit hopped toward us and so I knelt down to pet it. Then more critters from squirrels to raccoons approached us as well as birds from finches to hawks, and animals from fox to deer. Then, a bear showed up and we summoned our keys out of near fear. It saw our keyblades and then bowed its head and then the critters and birds followed. All we did was look around at the scene before us. It seems animals recognize keyblade warriors of light. I then bent down to to the rabbit in front of me.

      "Could you and your friends help us to get to my place?" I asked and then the rabbit started to scamper away and began leading the animals; we knew to follow them. In fact, they moved in swiftness that the two deer pushed us along gently with their heads and the hawk, eagle, and some other birds pulled us along as they wanted us to hurry. Apparently, they knew we needed to hurry. After two hours, we finally get to my house. I thank the animals and they bowed again, then vanished into the woods. We walk through the garage door entrance and enter the house into the kitchen. Mom rushes into the kitchen with an overwhelmed and worried sick demeanor about her. She embraced me tightly and kissed me many times and I embraced her just as tightly. I assure her I'm ok, introduce my friends and we three then talk at the table.

      "Guys," I said "our journey to defend the light begins."

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Chapter 9 Journey

      Jack and Shane look at me with stunned faces as if to say "I beg your pardon?". They stared at me for a bit then Shane spoke.

      "Um... uh... what?" he asked.

      "That's right," I replied "our journey to places and worlds outside of ours begins now. Our universe and the Kingdom Hearts universe coexist with each other; what happens in one affects the other. We have to protect what we cherish; it's what keyblade warriors do as their duty." Shane and Jack stared into space in contemplation for a while as they thought about the magnitude of the situation. They did not question why I said what I said because they are fully educated on the Kingdom Hearts series and see that it's coming to life. Then, their faces became determined.

      "I'll go with you," Shane said.

      "So will I," said Jack. I served them refreshment and then went into the den in the front of the house. Mom was online working and she was in tears. I went around the desk to see the monitor and saw the Fox News website home page with the headline: WAR AT SCHOOL Major Sword Fight Breaks Out at High School, 4 Critically Injured, No Fatalities. I hug her and she gets up and embraces me tightly.

      "You could have been killed; I could have lost you." she said in a sobbing voice.

      "I am alright mom." I assured her and told her my purpose and what I must do. She was reluctant in approving, but nodded and made me promise to be careful. I kissed and hugged her and returned to the kitchen where Jack and Shane were calling home. Afterwards, we embraced each other and set our plan.

      "Tomorrow," I said to Shane and Jack "we meet in the same place as yesterday and start our journey there." They nodded and I opened up a light corridor and sent each of them home through a "shortcut". Later that day, after my sister and dad came home, I went through the shpiel and they also approved. I went to bed early to get rest for tomorrow.


      The old man sits in a chair in the highest room in Cinderella Castle. He has his head leaning on his right hand as he thinks with eyes closed. Vanitas approaches him.

      "The kid escaped from Ronnie." he said. The old man continued to think.

      "The kid is starting to change." Vanitas continued "He is stronger, his magic is becoming more advanced, he has created a bond with two stupid-looking kids he considers brothers." The old man opens his eyes.

      "The keyblade warrior from yore is returning." the man replied "Sooner or later, the boy will learn who his ancestor is. He will also learn the fate that was in store for his predecessor. Once the boy falls to the same fate, the seven and thirteen shall clash uninterrupted." He then stands and walks to the window and looks over Main Street.

      "Soon, destiny will send this world into darkness and I shall obtain my prize I seek." he finished.

      "Yes, Master Xehanort." said Vanitas.


      I went to school the next day and the three of us met where we planned. Then, I sent us into a light corridor and we arrived in the Magic Kingdom on Main Street. We looked around and saw it not too crowded.

      "We begin our journey here as this is one of the links between universes." I said and my friends nodded. It did not take long before I saw Adrian walking around. I ran to him and embraced him as did he.

      "I can't believe you're here!" I cried excitedly.

      "Of course. I know my purpose as do you." he replied. I introduced to him Jack and Shane and told him what has happened lately.

      "Now that's behind us and we must focus on now," he said. Then, we went to go up Main Street to the plaza. We took a few steps before I saw him: Sora! I ran to him, got his attention and embraced him; he returned the hug after a second's pause. I introduced to him Adrian, Shane, and Jack. Adrian couldn't believe he was actually meeting Sora and he shook his hand.

      "It's great to meet all of you!" he cheerfully said. Then, I explained to Sora all that has passed and why we were in the park.

      "Thank goodness you're here; I was getting lonely." he said and I chuckled. Then, I assigned us tasks for the park.

      "We must find darkness and destroy it." I said "We'll split up and search every land of the park. If you are in trouble in a way, fire a firework into the air and one of us will help." Everyone nodded and they went there way. I stayed on Main Street as did Sora because he wanted to remain with me as a friend. We started our mission from that point on.

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