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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I'll be more active around here hopefully soon. Been busy job hunting this week.

  2. I spent some time at home with family. We had a big dinner; a spiral ham, sweet potatoes, mixed steamed vegetables, a small salad, and a dinner roll. Yummy! ^_^
  3. I'll see about taking time to read what some more of what you awesome folks write over the weekend, before posting chapter 2 of Invasive Darkness.

    1. Ancapikitty


      Been really at it on my art of one of my characters. I hope to get his head completed by this week. As usual, I'm fussy about the details. xD But I'm becoming an amateur if not a pro at digital drawing realistic fur!! SO COOL!

  4. LOL. Yeah that is amusing. Erica was half-intending to be funny when thinking about Pluto. She was also actually concerned for him, when first seeing him. (Haha, it should be a little amusing when she first meets Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy, in addition to seeing Pluto again.) I enjoy reading your feedback! Thank you so much. ^_^ I'll be sure to start reading your trilogy sometime soon. That chapter was my first time in writing about Axel. I'm very pleased with how that first part turned out! I'm looking forward to writing more scenes with him later on! As for Erica... The facts that she can't remember at all as to what happened in between what she was about to do in her world, and how she wound up in a place she can't recognize, beside Sora - all this deeply bothers her. She's not at all happy about a bunch of her belongings being missing either. The dice cube in her pocket doesn't make any sense to her. (She'll get her things back though! This will start to be revealed a little later on. :wink: ) I already thought about how Sora would react to her freaking out some, and how worried he'd be about the new friend he's just made. He'll be helpful however he can, and this of course includes helping her find what she's sure has been stolen. I'm positive that learning more about her and her world will be very interesting to him. I'll say more in a reply to you under my status message. ^_^
  5. LOL. *yells Noooooooo dramatically* :tongue: 1!
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XorRRynELuY&list=PLa5nY8h7DDUEzFFUW7SJktkUZ4uF2rrDF x'D I don't know if any of you have seen this one before. I think it'd be a good idea to share this... I've found this gem again a while back. (There should have been a Burger King reference when Gaston says to Belle, "Have it your way!" That's the only thing missing from it.) The way this has been put together in editing is epic!
  7. These poems are so well written! You freestyle very well! Your latest one, "Dying Pleas" resonated with me, in two different directions. In reading, I thought of my dad, who is getting old, and he's not very mobile. I also thought my boyfriend's grandfather, who had recently passed away. He could have been the same as the old woman and given him advice if he hadn't caused so much harm and hardship for his family.
  8. This looks so cute!!! I'll want to see this film for sure.
  9. I hope this sequel is at least almost as good as the original! The original is a classic favorite musical of mine... I even have a 2 disc special edition of the soundtrack, with bonus stuff on it.
  10. FE characters in a Kingdom Hearts game?? Aw yeah... There has to be some of the Path to Radiance and Radiant Dawn ones. Ike, Ranulf, Lethe, Naesala Titania, Oscar, Boyd... The idea of laguz being featured a KH game has me beaming!
  11. Invasive Darkness, chapter 1, is uploaded. Now, to get back to an interesting story I'm still reading on these forums, titled "My Kingdom Hearts Story: Universes Collide"

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    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Excellent, I can't wait to read more! Oh, so you have a copy of the film? Sweet! It's pretty badass, and now that I'm playing through FFVII, the story threads from Advent Children make much more sense! :D


      Awesomeness, I can't wait to see the finished sketch! :)

    3. Ancapikitty


      I'll post chapter 2 tonight. =D Yep, I have Advent Children, as well as the original FF7 game and Dirge of Cerberus.


      It's going to be a colored digital drawing! I recently found another tool besides the DeviantART muro, called Krita. It's very cool. I find it a bit easier to draw with, because I can copy and paste the references I use onto Krita, and that's great! I hope I get something done within this week.

    4. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Awesomeness, I shall read it as soon as possible! :D And oh wow, you have the entire FFVII compilation! Impressive! :D


      Oh, and that sounds like a pretty useful art tool! I hope that you can be able to enjoy it to the fullest extent! :D

  12. Flipmode: I'm glad you like! I saw the KH13 community twitter feature this story. So humbling and exciting! I liked and retweeted on my account as soon as I noticed it! :biggrin: Thanks for the encouragement. Yeah, I intend to keep going on this story. I like how I've been writing the characters, and the suspense, the drama... Transcendent Key: I think I will leave the link later on, to one of the blog entries of mine that is a behind-the-scenes backstory as to how Dariek came to be. ^_^ Ohh yes, he does get to be quite malicious... and sociopathic. More and more, I'm starting to like Zexion and Dariek interacting with each other every now and then. One of my KHUX friends on Discord first brought this up, and I'm glad he did. I type up the good ideas down and add them to the list as soon as they come to mind. I have ideas about Marluxia and Axel, for later, and I just added the one I mentioned about Axel and Zexion. The first chunk of chapter 4 is written, and I intend to add more tomorrow. For now, here's... Chapter 1: Weirdness and Unease The memory will pass. Probably today... Axel walked through one of the upper floors of Oblivion, intending to forget about the look Erica had, just before Dariek had used his magic to subdue her. The elegant decor became something he was indifferent about, for he already had given himself the tour of the entire castle. So, she was afraid of what was happening, and the first one she happened to look at was me. So what? Big deal. He knew he was being stupid and foolish. Perhaps he shouldn’t have started thinking about this at all. He should have never entertained it. If he didn’t, then he wouldn’t have anything to be curious about. It wasn’t that the encounter had truly bothered him. Nobodies were incapable of having genuine emotions. For what other reason could she have gaped at me? Unless she was hoping I’d step in, and... Axel stopped walking, and rolled his eyes. “And what? Rescue her?” Why would I ever do that? He shook his head and sighed. If that had been the reason why she gave him that look so quickly, then she obviously had no idea what he was! Nobodies weren’t to be counted on. They didn’t care about the Somebodies, who had hearts. Those who had hearts were nothing but fodder for the Heartless now. Why would he ever want to help a Somebody, especially one he didn’t know much about? He knew was her name was, what she looked like, and the fact that she was important to Marluxia and Dariek’s plans, for some reason. No one had given him the whole story about her yet. The cold look in Dariek’s maroon colored eyes didn’t scare him. The sorcerer’s silent warning sent to stay back and not interfere didn’t intimidate him a bit, as the guy worked his power, sending thin streams of dark smoke up Erica’s nose. Her body slacked, and then went limp as strands of her light brown hair moved over part of her face. Her darker colored eyes no longer focused on Axel, and closed. Yeah, that had been a little weird to see. If this guy had worn the same hooded cloak attire everyone else around here did, then Dariek would have been easily mistaken as someone new among their ranks. He could have been confused for someone else new he never met, apart from Xion in Organization XIII. He seemed to have a steady hold over the darkness... If the traitors had wanted to, they could have easily had him be incognito among everyone else who had been assigned to Oblivion. Dariek seems fickle about what he does though... Whatever. He’s not top priority. Axel had to focus on his mission. He was assigned to find whoever had plans to usurp Xemnas. As part of this mission, he figured it would be a good idea to keep an eye on how Marluxia and Dariek’s plans were, and how they progressed. Erica, and especially Sora, were two Somebodies the Organization were interested in, and in no way did Axel want to deliberately ruin anything. Saïx would not at all be pleased if he did. He knew the guy well enough to know that he always kept serious, whenever it came to any order that was given by the Superior, or from a member who had a higher rank than his. Maybe it’s because I’m just not used to seeing Somebodies in here. It’s something new, but it’s not like I can feel anything about it. His most primary focus was succeeding in his mission, so he could go back to being with Roxas afterward. What an interesting first day that was... Would Roxas have found it weird as to what happened then? Would he have found it funny? Axel shrugged. He wouldn’t know until after he had accomplished everything that was required for him to do. Saïx had specifically given him the orders. He was also to learn more on what Dariek was about as well. If Dariek intends to join this resistance, then I’ll eventually have little choice but to get closer to him. Right? Axel didn’t suspect much from the Organization’s new ally, not yet at least. As he dismissed the memory of Dariek not wanting him to come close towards Erica at all, he didn’t really know about much about this guy that came off as strange, other than it being not the norm for any outsiders to come along, and prove themselves worthy in helping them out. Trust wasn’t easy built, so the sorcerer must have done something really impressive to prove his loyalty Marluxia. That might be why Saïx also asked me to make sure about him. “Hmn... I should visit him again later," Axel suggested to himself. As for Erica, that Dariek had brought to Castle Oblivion, wherever she came from... Well, that was another mystery, wasn’t it? Although, he already had confirmed that Erica wasn’t really anyone for him to worry about. Whatever the reason was for her to be here, he was certain he’d know more information on her eventually. He thought no further about what he witnessed yesterday, and decided to maybe tell Roxas about it as a laughable story. Marluxia and Dariek were definitely two Axel had thought to observe, while pretending to work with them. He knew his orders, and what he was set on doing. Now that his focus was clear and as sharp as one of his Chakrams could ever be, he changed direction, and began to seek out Larxene or Marluxia. It didn’t matter on which of the two he’d find first, but he did notice Larxene hanging around Marluxia quite a bit since yesterday afternoon. She had been in the head of Oblivion’s presence more than their newer ally. This was after the short encounter with Dariek and Erica had happened. Having a chat with her was something he considered to do today. As long as he’d act cool and not give himself away while talking to them, without drawing any suspicion, he’d be well on his way to joining and infiltrating within the resistance. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Erica moved and stirred as she felt something wet on her cheek. Her vision blurred a moment, as she realized she had been asleep. What...? She didn’t remember taking a nap, and she didn’t remember seeing a dog that looked strangely familiar. This dog must have been the one that woke her up. Whose dog is that, Erica wondered. She couldn’t be sure on who it belonged to. The friendly animal had a yellow fur coat, with thin black floppy ears. It wore a somewhat loose green collar. She saw the skinny black tail wagging as it stood on all fours and started moving away from her. The eyes were much bigger than they would normally be on any dog! Erica liked dogs, and she began to wonder if this one had been experimented on. There were no bruises or scars visibly seen on its body, but was it used to having eyes that looked much bigger than its own mind? Was that why this creature didn’t whimper or wince in pain as it moved? Erica noticed a big bump located at the top of the dog’s head, but it didn’t look like he was in any pain at all. The dog looked... like it came straight out of a cartoon. Yeah. That was the best way she could describe this animal as; a freakishly cute cartoon-like mutant of a dog. Who did this pet belong to? Who was the owner? Why did I think I knew about this dog? Erica frowned a bit in confusion, as the weird looking and friendly pet moved a few steps away from her. She noticed someone that looked like a kid. This boy, that looked to be twelve or thirteen to her propped up against the wall of the building she moved away from. His hair was spiky, and not very well brushed. He was breathing very softly, as he was deeply asleep. Not for long though, as the mutant dog gave him a big wet lick on his cheek. Did it belong to the kid, or someone else? Erica shifted to sit up straight as she had watched what had just happened. She felt the palms of her hands touch solid ground. Wait. I don’t remember ever taking a nap today! The boy groaned groggily as his blue eyes blinked open. Erica found herself standing up quickly, and looking around. There was a wooded fence wall to her left, with what looked like a little red graffiti mark on it; three hearts connected within a near perfectly round circle lines. There was a three story tall town house building they were next to, but she couldn’t begin to guess where she was. Where the hell...? Where was she? This wasn’t anywhere near her neighborhood, or county she lived in! What had happened? Worry had set in as she heard a young voice say, “What a dream...” She looked back to the boy and the cartoon looking dog, in which put both forepaws on his chest. The boy jumped a bit, wide awake now. “This isn't a dream!” “I guess it isn’t," Erica said, nervously. Or could it be? ...No, I don’t really have dreams with dogs that look like they come out of animated shows. The way the boy looked, wearing yellow and black sneakers that looked way too big for any kid he, and the strange clothes he wore... He somehow looked familiar. Yet, it was if someone had put a large road block in the middle of her thoughts. “Do I...know you?” It feels like I sort of do, but I can’t be sure... Why? The boy looked up to her and the pet dog tilted its head up at her. They looked both bewildered and uncertain about her question. “I--No. I don’t think so.” “I guess not then.” Erica was bothered by it. First, she thought she recognized the dog. Then, she thought she recognized the boy it had woken up. She was wrong on both counts. “Is that your dog?” “No. I’m not sure who he belongs to,” replied the boy as he moved with ease to stand up. His response was almost immediate. He looked to the dog as it looked back at him, wagging its tail, and panted. Then it turned around to scamper off. “Hey, wait!” “Strange looking dog,” Erica sighed. “Must be going back to whoever the owner is...” She saw the dog run off out of sight for a moment, and then looked back to the boy, who started to look around. He seemed so taken by surprise, and possibly overwhelmed. To Erica, it seemed like he didn’t know where he was at all. “Where are we? ...Oh, boy...” His reaction was clear enough to have her guess that he had never been in this place of town houses. He looked and sounded so overwhelmed at that moment. Leaving him alone wouldn’t be right, not to her. Erica gently touched his shoulder, and and managed to calm herself. “Hey. Take in some deep breaths, alright?” He looked to her, nodded, and inhaled. He breathed out. He did this one more time, and that was all it took for him. His shoulder muscles relaxed as he smiled a little at her. “I’m okay. Feeling a bit better now. Thanks.” Erica was a bit surprised as to how he was quick to bring himself together. That feeling soon changed to relief as she returned her hand to her side. “I don’t know what’s going on, or where we are, but I won’t let anything bad happen to you.” “Thanks. I would do the same for you.” His grateful expression lingered. He seemed like a really nice kid. “What’s your name? I’m Sora.” “I’m Erica.” A plan was starting to form in her mind. “Where do you live? If you tell me your address, I could find it online. I have my phone with me.” Sora looked confused. “Online? Your phone?” He shrugged. “What does all of that mean?” Erica blinked, surprised about him again. “Do you know what a cell phone is?” He looks old enough to have one of his own. “No.” He shook his head. The kid certainly looked no less confused. Huh? Really? “Your parents never gave you one? Are they strict?” Most of the boys and girls his age in her home county would be carrying one around. “No one I know has heard about them.” One of his brows rose slightly over the other, as he blinked. “Hey. Are you from another world, Erica?” He was looking at her very curiously now, and seemed to notice for the first time that her clothes looked different than his. Her light lavender long sleeve, blue denim pants, and white and blue sneakers fit her just right. His shoes looked too big, and the blue, black and white zip-up jacket he wore looked a bit small for him to wear. “Another what?” She chuckled a bit nervously. She wondered if Sora was goofing around. “Aren’t we both on the same planet? Earth?” “I’ve never been away from my island before. My mom, not even my friends would know...” His bright curiosity had suddenly changed to worry, soon after he mentioned people that he cared about. “My island! Mom! Riku! Kairi...” His head lowered as despair was seen on his expression. Oh, no... Erica had a really bad feeling about this. Something really terrible must have happened, for she saw him in such distress, away from home. “It’s going to be alright, Sora. We’ll find this island of yours. You’ll be back with your mom and friends. I’ll help ya get back before they start to really worry.” Erica meant that. She would promise him that, because it troubled her deeply to see him look so worried and sad. I should get my phone out now. She reached into one of her pockets to retrieve her Android phone. She didn’t expect to find the pocket empty. Her right pocket was where she usually put it, whenever she left her house. Not in there? Okay... She felt inside her other front pants pocket. Her fingers touched something that was much smaller than her phone, something that felt very familiar as she pulled it out. “Hey. This isn’t even my car keys.” Erica felt her both eyes go wide as she held up and examined the red shiny dice cube. “What? This doesn’t make make sense.” "Car keys...?" Sora, she guessed, had probably never seen a car before in his life - but she couldn't begin to explain that to him. Finding the cube in her pocket was too bizarre for her to comprehend. Erica rambled on. “Looks like it’s from one of my card and dice games. But, I wouldn’t just take the dice out of the tin. Why would I?” That didn’t make any sense to her at all. There would be no reason to just take one part of a game, and carry it around with her. Where the hell is my phone? She frantically searched her back pockets, as she was trying to remember what she was doing, before the friendly and odd dog licked her face to wake her up. I was on my way to Bryan’s. “Erica?” She paused to see Sora’s inquisitive look of concern. Then, she looked past him to where she had somehow taken a nap, for some reason, to see if her purse was on the ground nearby them. To her terrible misfortune, it wasn’t. Sora looked behind him, trying to follow in the direction she was looking. “What is it? You can’t find your phone?” He turned back to her, looking so concerned. “I don’t see my purse anywhere.” Damn! A possible conclusion quickly came to her mind. “I think someone took it, along with my keys and phone. If I didn’t put them in my pockets, then I would have put them in my purse.” She pocketed her dice cube. Her hands at both sides curled into fists. “FFFFFFFFfudge...” She was beginning to feel scared, and really frustrated. Erica had no idea what kind of person Sora’s mom was like. Erica wouldn't think she would approve of him hissing out in profanity around her son. She still had the decency and reason to not completely freak out around the kid. “Someone mugged me, and--” She stopped herself in mid sentence. There was the part of her not remembering how she had got to wherever they both were. She still could not ever recall about taking a nap, before calling her boyfriend. He must be worried. Damn it. How long has it been, since...? “How long has it been? Was I knocked out? This place isn’t anywhere near my neighborhood. So... why would a mugger even bother to leave me anywhere far from home, after stealing my stuff?!” “I don’t know,” Sora replied. He sounded honestly worried in answering the questions she was asking aloud to herself. “Doesn’t look like there’s a scratch on you.” Erica paused a long moment, her gaze averting from his as she was trying to think of something else, to add or say differently on what could have happened to her. She didn’t feel any pain anywhere on her body. “Then, this could have happened days ago, maybe. I don’t know...” Her head and the volume of her voice lowered. “I’m having trouble... remembering some things.” “We won’t know anything just standing here.” She noticed the determination appearing on Sora’s face. At that moment, he looked and sounded a little older than he actually was. “Let’s go take a look around.” Erica had no clue as to what was happening, or why. She was so confused, uneasy, afraid, and most of all frustrated. She didn’t know why she thought she knew Sora, or the dog. That was so strange! Her eyes were starting to moisten as she closed them, in the middle of not having as many options she once thought she had, in helping them both out. I can’t lose it. I can’t go into a breakdown. Not around him. I need to keep myself together; for both Sora, and myself. “Don’t worry, Erica. We’ll find the thief, and get your stuff back.” She nodded curtly to Sora’s words, and took time for herself to just breathe for a moment. He’s right. We should find someone, so they could tell us where we are. When we find the bastard responsible, I’ll show him no mercy... I don’t remember driving. I couldn’t have gotten in a car accident... After calming herself down, she opened her eyes to see Sora, still standing next to her. He had been waiting for her, and was calm as he spoke. Yet, he still looked very worried about her. “Are you ready to go?” Erica didn’t like being so clueless. It made her feel vulnerable, and helpless. Yet, she was calm again, apart from feeling bad for Sora again, more than ever due to not being able to online search, call Bryan, or even call her own mother for help. “Yeah. We should find out where we are.”
  13. ^_^ I think it could be fun, drawing those two together. I also want to do a digital artwork of one of my OCs from Invasive Darkness. I'm going to have to pick a week sometime, to do more art stuff.
  14. Yep, and I replied to your response over there. :lol: My character, Ancapikitty, gets along with most critters. She finds your bunny to be a mischievous sort of adorable. :wink: She's witty, and a mischief maker herself, so I wonder what happens when your bunny may eat up too much of her dark soul energy, lol. I think she might spoil him.
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