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Sora96's Life is Strange Review

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The Square Enix published five part episodic series Life is Strange developed by Dontnod Entertainment is a quiet hit by this young French studio. All 5 episodes have been released and are all available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 & PC.
The story in this is top notch, as others have described it's like an indie movie but as someone who doesn't watch indie movies or play episodic games I can still say I quite enjoyed it.
Being able to rewind time and see events play out in different ways can be quite exciting and sometimes you might want to keep it doing in order to decide which one you really want.
Finding all the optional photos is a lot of fun, especially since you get plenty of trophies for doing so.
The gameplay isn't too challenging but some parts may take a little longer than others.
The indie soundtrack suits the game perfectly.
After the first episode I felt this was good so I'll keep going. After the second episode I was like wow, this is actually really good. And after the third episode I'm in shock, the ending is truly massive. You'll feel things after playing these episodes.
The fourth episode was also quite good but episode 5 changes things up with a stealth part.
There's some shocks late in the game but the ending is predictable.
Life is Strange is a great game and one of 2015's surprise hits. Dontnod has proven its self once again and I look forward to their future projects.
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I also thought it was about a Sora96's strange life. But this was an interesting review and as I was about to say "makes me want to get it" I see that it is for Xbox 360  :O  :O  :O  :O  :O  :O  so I could possibly get it if I found a way to download it......

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