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Fairy Star is hidden inside KH Unchained χ

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Isn't there a 4th Upgrade too?

The design is almost identical to the 3rd Upgrade but it has like a dark thunderbolt for it's teeth amongst the stars along with palette swapped colours and extra stars.


4th Upgrade



3rd Upgrade



OMG Where did you get that? :O That last one wasn't inside of the game.

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Seeing the pictures I can imagine that Shardoftruth extracted the files from the JP ver. while I did it from the NA ver.

I'm downloading that version atm to see if I can get more files.

Thanks a lot for the info :)


Yup, he got it from the JP version!


I'm just waiting for the artworks for 'Stroke of Midnight' from 'Castle of Dreams' to go up :D

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It's nice seeing things like this now, knowing that they won't ever surface in KH X proper now that it's over. It's a shame though that they still aren't allowing us to see all the models of each of the Keyblades in order to appreciate all the detail that went into their mid-level designs.

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