Banpresto's monthly lottery Ichiban Kuji to feature Kingdom Hearts themed prizes

The toy company Banpresto, also known for releasing various figures and merchandising for Bandai Namco, hosts a monthly lottery called Ichiban Kuji. People can partecipate to the lottery purchasing tickets, and the prizes lineup coming for December will feature Kingdom Hearts themed ones. The cost of each ticket is of 680¥ (yen). You can see the released and translated lineup down below:


A: Sora&King Mickey statue


B: King Mickey plushie


C: Blanket with hood


D: Keyblade pen


E: Hand towel


F: Glass cup


G: Charm collection


Last Award: King Mickey plushie (III ver.)


Double chance prize: Sora&King Mickey statue


Will you be able to buy a ticket and try your luck in this Japanese lottery? Let us know in the comment section below!

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Thanks for informing us about this, Yoshirai!


I'm not really into lottery, so I probably wouldn't participate in this, but the prizes sure are amazing! X_X

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