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[KHUX NA: 6-28-2019] Version 3.3.0 Update, 10 Million Downloads, SN - KH3 Kairi B Deals, LUX Challenge Event


If you haven't already, be sure to check out the update notes that came with June 27th (PT)'s Version 3.3.0 update:


■ Update Details 
- Added the Beginner’s Guide button to the Home screen.

- Increased visibility of Boosted, Supernova, and Supernova+ Medals in Medal List.

- Up to 99 of the same Trait Medal can now stack into one slot in Medal Storage.

* In conjunction with the update, players will no longer be able to place Trait Medals in their spirit slots (6th slot) and select them as their shared Medal.
* Trait Medals cannot be stacked in the following situations. 
 - [Caution] Medals with traits. 
 - Leveled up Medals or Medals with their special attack enhanced. 
 - Medals with skill attached to them. 
 - Locked Medals and shared Medals. 

[Caution] Please note that Medals with Special Traits (and nothing else) obtained through Sprit Training can be stacked, but will lose its Special Trait once it is stacked.

- Added new Filter categories in Medal List: Trait, Can Evolve, and Supernova.

- Adjusted the Special Attack sort option in Medal List.

- Huey & Dewey & Louie Medals will now appear when selecting [Optimize] in the Level Up menu.

* Attack Medals will no longer be selected when using [Optimize].

- Adjusted the transition after a Raid Boss spawns.

■ Addressed Issue 
- Addressed issues with Reflect.

Additionally, Proud Mode quests up to quest no.840 are now available.

To celebrate nearly ten million downloads of the game worldwide, all players can receive 100 Draw Tickets by clearing a mission to clear any one quest! Redeem these tickets in the corresponding special medal deals until July 31st at 23:59 PT!

Until July 15th at 23:59 PT, the new SN - KH3 Kairi B medal arrives in VIP and Standard medal deals! The VIP Draw guarantees this Kairi within ten pulls, while the Standard Draw guarantees either SN - KH3 Youth in White (Eraqus), SN - Guardian Form Sora, SN - KH3 Sora, or SN - KH3 Kairi B within ten pulls. Both draws offer ten Limited VIP Coins per draw. More details can be viewed in-game.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Ability Max Multiplier
7* SN - KH3 Kairi B Upright/Magic 9 0 SP 

[AoE] 1 turn: U-Medal STR +500, DEF +500, ↑ STR, U- & PSM-STR 10, SP ATK B +200%. Count ±0.

[AoE] x160 (x200 if Boosted) multiplier. 1 turn: U-Medal STR +5000, SP ATK B +230% (+280%), ↓ targets' DEF, U- & PSM-DEF 7. Count ±0. 
Activates before Slot 1 when defending in PVP.


x52.44 (x80.04 with Booster)

Lastly, the LUX Challenge event, featuring the Lady Luck and Sleeping Lion Keyblades, is here until July 7th at 23:59 PT. You'll want to defeat enemies in one hit!

Images from this update can be viewed below. Will you pull for Kairi?


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User Feedback

Recommended Comments

Stacking trait medals is a great improvement! I freed up 50 storage spaces just from combining mine. Raid bosses have also been streamlined, which is greatly appreciated.
If you're having trouble seeing some of your medals, it's likely because tier levels have been removed from 5-star and lower medals. If you want to locate them, you can't filter your medal list by tier level. Just as a heads up. (Odds are they'll be fixing it soon, but who knows with this game.)

If you're not able to get the 100 draw tickets, it seems like there will be more throughout July, so no need to worry. That being said, none of the new medals introduced in the meantime will be available from that banner (if past banners are any indication). Keep that in mind if you're thinking "oh, I'll just try to get it in the ticket pulls" or something like that.

Speaking of new medals, KH3 Kairi B. For once, she's not a game-breaking buffer that everyone needs. The big draw this time around is the +500 STR/DEF and the +5000 STR (from her Supernova). These boosts can be stacked, so extra attack traits and copy medals can definitely increase the effectiveness of this medal. One downside is that this one doesn't provide as many buffs as KH3 Kairi A and also doesn't do any debuffing (aside from the one-time Supernova activation). As for the banner, it's not great. Both VIP and F2P are subject to a 10-pull mercy, though VIP players get a guaranteed Kairi B while F2P players have a 1-in-4 chance of getting her. Neither is a falling price deal, so you're shelling out 30,000 jewels either way. My recommendation is to pass on this banner, though it's not terrible if you already have VIP for this week (or planned to buy it next week).

The Lux challenge is just a simple event, no strings attached for the most part. The prizes are pretty lackluster, so hopefully we'll be getting something a little more interesting in July.

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