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Kingdom Hearts Dark Road Episode 3 - "The Purpose of the Journey" released in English

The third episode of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road has released in English! The global update for this title released unexpectedly soon after the JP version of the update.

You can watch all the cutscenes for this new update below, courtesy of Damo.



What are your thoughts on this hefty episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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So next world should be Agrabah? Looking forward to see where the story takes place. Plus, I'm glad we finally get to see what Baldr looks like.


And it looks like Eraqus is part of a Keyblade family?


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To my knowledge, Brain has not yet been officially revealed as Eraqus' ancestor but he probably is. I dont think Brain ever revealed his keyblade but when he does, I think it will be the Master Defender and that's how we'll learn he is Eraqus' ancestor. 


My thoughts on the newest chapter of Dark Road? I think they are doing a good job building up Xehanort's fall to the darkness. You can see he's already seeing darkness as a way to maintain order in the world. I think theyre planting the seeds very well. 

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Good to know that they CAN in fact release back-to-back story updates in Japanese and English. They don't need "weeks to translate". There goes that theory about UX's story.

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