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  3. Honestly, I expect very little new cutscenes. I expect like 20-30 min of new cutscenes, and then a bunch of recap cutscenes. Something like the cutscenes we had on the original DS version of Days. Those recap videos are an opportune moment for me to catch up my cousins on KH, as theyve only dabbled in the story with KH3, but seem to really like the gameplay of Melody of Memory
  4. Im gonna get it on PS4 because thats where I keep all my 100% trophies for KH games
  5. Is proud mode worth it? I'm a player who just got into the game 3 months ago. Now I'm one of the top 3000 of my union. I had to grind through Proud Mode to get keyblades and those keyblades are the real goal of Proud Mode. You'll at least need them to do better in PVP mode.
  6. Indeed I too am excited for the KH3 soundtrack. Although I am sad because I'm going to have to get used to calling the tracks by their official names and not their fan made names. I'll have to forget about "Key To All" and call it "Dark Domination" instead. Honestly, some fan made names are absolute fire!
  7. I must say, I am enjoying this younger Eraqus. He's much more refreshing than his older counterpart. I hope they show a reason why he became more serious as he got older
  8. Yeah Pluto is definitely a mystery in the series, but he is a welcome mystery
  9. So glad you establish these rules, because I absolutely hate it when Im spoiled for any game. I found out who the final boss in KH3 was because of a youtube video icon. I'm blown away why people feel compelled to put spoilers in their video icons.
  10. Sure do. And for KH2 and KH3, I spent extra time to make what I call "perfect accounts" where I max out Sora's stats. Hey, I see you're one of the top 10 people in leaderboard for the MoM giveaway. Me too. May the best man win
  11. Yeah! I love taking those recordings whenever I do something significant in KH, like the moment I get all the trophies or beat the game for the first time.
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