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New Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind news revealed at Osaka's Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World of Tres concert


According to multiple sources, Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura has made an appearance at the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra World Of Tres performance in Osaka tonight! At this concert, Nomura went into detail on several new features that will appear in Kingdom Hearts III Re:Mind, as well as show a video showcasing some of these features.

News about these features and other talking points come to us courtesy of Twitter users lunesacree and mel_lifluous3. Translations are courtesy of KH13 Staff Ryuji.

According to attendees, we will receive a new trailer and a release date next month!

Re:Mind will include a range of new features, such as:

  • Fast Pass and Black Code modes. These options will allows the player to adjust several difficulty settings to their own discretion.
  • Fast Pass mode will make the game much easier, with options such as allowing enemies to be defeated in one hit, or grand magic and Attractions appearing much more frequently.
  • Black Code mode, on the other hand, uses player-imposed restrictions to crank the difficulty up to ludicrous levels, with options such as restricting players from healing.

As stated by mel_lifluous3:


Fast Pass Mode and Black Code allow you to change difficulty settings. There were too many potential settings, went by so fast, but Fast Pass Mode lets you essentially one-shot kill enemies and had at least 7 attractions / spells stacked up above the combat menu.

Black Mode lets you tweak difficulty to extra hard including choosing how much health you have. The example battle was against Marshmallow in Frozen world. The demo player had to constantly block his swiping attacks and had no way to heal (used a kupo coin though).

  • Photo Mode allows you to choose a location to pose the game's characters and enemies in, as well as customize your images with props and background effects. In the video shown at the Orchestra, it was shown that this mode can be used to recreate scenes from past games using Kingdom Hearts III graphics. For example, the video showed the scene of Axel confronting Xion in Twilight Town (from 358/2 Days).
  • Slideshow Mode allows you to create slideshows with the images you've taken.

Unfortunately, it appears that these new features will not be showcased during December's trailer.

We will update this article with more news as it arrives. 

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"Photo Mode allows you to choose a location to pose the game's characters and enemies in, as well as customize your images with props and background effects."

I already know people are gonna use this for shipping and other chaos. 



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