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  1. Yeah but I mean something like, three keyblade cards create an upgraded keyblade move, three Abu create a super Abu, etc.
  2. We need something like sleights or program advances in the game.
  3. Honestly I don't have a problem with a drought of news. The plot is in a good place, we still have UX/DR plot to tide us over, and it'll be a good break from all the yearly releases (and good on my wallet). I'm excited for the future of the series and can patiently wait for the next Saga. Also it's cool to get confirmation from him that he plans at least a few games ahead.
  4. Summon Meow Wow --> Use Deflate Dash --> Watch Saix's Berserk gauge drain faster than Lake Peigneur.
  5. Re:Coded because it did the command deck the best and it's just a fun game in general.
  6. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but would there happen to be a place to get all the heartless sprites as well? Thank you for ripping the avatar stuff!
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