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  1. so far i'm playing Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee New 'n' Tasty! never played the different s ones so ill vote for that
  2. Eevee for me because then i can bring it anywhere and hug it with my friends
  3. so far that i know there are only sprites of them as a png. not that they are moving like a small gif sadly
  4. Its good to be back home after a holiday.
    Now i can finnely sleep on my own bed https://t.co/xuzrRcY8Xh

  5. like always. team sonic know how to make great music for almost every game.
  6. i think DLC is the last thing they sould do but if they add them then i would love Outfits
  7. Greethings you all Steeghs is here with i new topic About how to (almost all) Xaldin event. I know that im pretty late, But topic is as last resort if you are still stuck in the event and relly want the medal. What is the event about: Can you beat all of Xaldin 13 quest to get a limit event medal call'd, Xaldin B (7 medals total) And so here it is all of the 13 quest and how to beat it. Quest 1 Fight vs the heartless and beat it in 1 turn. Quest 2 Walk below qounter clock in, then clock up. Quest 3 Fight vs the heartless and beat it in 1 turn. Quest 4 Go to the fountain and jump on it. Quest 5 Fight vs the heartless and beat it in 1 turn. Quest 6 Walk counter clock in then, Go to the middle pad and follow the Materail's Quest 7 Fight vs the heartless and beat it in 1 turn. Quest 8 Walk to the left and take the walls on the far left. Quest 9 Fight vs the heartless and beat it in 1 turn. Quest 10 Walk counter clock in, walk then clock in when you fount the Materail's Quest 11 Fight vs the heartless and beat it in 1 turn. Quest 12 walk left and take the path with the Materail's Quest 13 Good luck to beat the heartless in 1 turn I hope that this relly helps it. Just leave here below if this relly help.
  8. Hallo there . Welcome to the Kh13. I hope you will enjoy here
  9. Like the art style keep it up man
  10. Sorry to added here but this will make it better. (if i may if not just let me know) Greethings everybody as you saw it there is a new Epic carineval. As you can see there is a 100% chance to get a 4 tier or a 5 tier medal. But there are 2 things that are making this bad. 1. The 4/5 tier medals are not orbed only the new 4 are. 2. you get only one of the new 7 medels the rest are from tier 2 or higher. now for the new medals detail what it gives : Key Art #4 : Upright Magic,Tier 5, Gauge cost 1, Target all~ Deals 8 hits and all attributes by 1 tier for 2 turns. inflicts more Dmg the higher your HP. Xahanort & Vanitas : Reversed Speed, Tier 5, cost 1, Target all~ Deals 8 hits. Raises Speed-based strength by 1 tier for 1 turn. Lowers Speed-based Def by 1 tier for 1 turn. Ill Leon : Upright Power, Tier 5, cost 1, Target all~ Deals 4 hits. Raises Power-based strength by 1 tier for 1 turn. Lowers Power-based Def by 1 tier for 1 turn. HD Roxas : Reversed Power, Tier 5, cost 2, Target all~ Deals 8 extremely powerful hits. Lowers Power-based of Def of all target by 2 tier for 1 turn. KH 2 Black coat Riku B : Upright Power, Tier 3, cost 3, Target Single~ Deals 4 extremely powerful hits that ignore target's attributes. Neoshadow : Reversed Speed, Tier 3, cost 1, Target Single~ Deals 4 hits. Inflicts more Dmg the more Skills triggered in that stage. Mysterious Figure : Reversed Magic, Tier 3, cost 1, Target all~ Deals 3 modertaly powerful hits. If you are willing to pull just let me know what you get and if it was worth it. This here was steeghs Till next time bye bye
  11. Greethings you all Steeghs is here with i new topic for you all And it its calld ​How to beat (still working on prosess) its more like i little help how to beat : Events, HSC and Story on proud mode. So what off better way to start off with Yes i know im maby late for that but still later then never so what is the event about: Beat 30 levels on one Vs one and as reward you get 1 gem for each type. Sounds nice but its not easy. The last 10 levels are pretty hard of you dont know what you need for medals. So here is the list what i think are the best medals of each type and skill that you need to use. Reason why i think this are the best medals to use. .You fight 1 VS 1 so AOE medals are not the best use here. .Ariel and flounder & Sebastian Are the best boost medals to use if you dont have ill Kairy. . Halloween Sora is that extra Def you need if you can't 1 roundt the enemy heartless. .Alice & Belle remove buffs on enemy so that the fight is easier. .Skills Gives you that extra help. So long if you put this tip in mind then t will be a easy cake for you all. Hope that this relly helps you all and dont forget to leave a comment if its relly helping or something is not good. Till next time Bye Bye
  12. Greethings every body Steeghs is here with a new topic and that is a relly wierd one if you say to me Its about mine elgato game capture hd that you see below. Yay i know its a relly old one but still it gets the job done for my channel ( no promote or something) My ask is : can you rocord it still 60 fps in that ? For example~ I im recording Kh1,5+Kh2,5 Hd on the ps4 And the recording is going good and i want to rendert it in my edit program like Sony vegas. (also side note if i rendert it in 60 Fps why does it take so long before its ready i mean like 3 hours for a video of 15 min.) Then i uploud it then if im ready does it still works on 60 fps. That is all i wanted to know because i cant findt it is that works and think you guys knows more about it then i do ? Ty you for reading it and if you can anser it that would be great . But looks like i have to go now. Ty you for reading this topic and till next time Bye Bye
  13. I relly want to buy the stuff but i can't go to the Orchestra World Tour.
  14. that is the only problem they come not orbed (First if all Yes I Did forget make te tiltle Better WOEPS ) And hallo there everybody, Steeghs is here ones again with a new Yay or nay topic. The topic what i say about it and why that it so is. But most important is that you leave in the comments below, what you think about it. For this topic there are 2 things you will see and both of them are relly something, The Cupid avatar Set : Cost 2500 Jewels. Gives the following items~ Medals 6* Heuy & Dewey & Louie x3 6* Chip x3 6* Dale x3 6* Cid 10 x1 6* cid ( male avatar set only) 6* Magic mirror x2 Skills Atk Boost 3 max x1 SP Atk Gauge 1 x1 Other Power gem x1 Title : World Tour (Male Avatar only) Tiltle : First Breath ( Female Avatat only) Ok that i have to say clever Kh man. the title's are a nice easter egg if you say to me. And if you want to buy them go ahead if you want but be warned. its is not relly worth it if you say to me. A New Combination VIP Quest! : Only Available if you buy the Vip That cost 14,99 Dolars and Euros. For 5 AP you per try you need to destroy Eggs to get lots of ..... EXP MEDALS EVOLE MEDALS MUNNY MEDALS KILLS LVL UP For New players or who wants to farm a lot go ahead if you want to. As for me no ty ( For now). I want to keep my money for last week of this moth ty you very much. I Need to buy KH1.5+KH1.5 And If we are luckey A KH 15 years Event on KHUX. But that is what i have to say Just Leave in the comment below if you want to pull or not and why that so is. This was steeghs here and till next time Bye Bye.
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