Square Enix Presents 2018 Confirmed. Three Day Livestream To Have Kingdom Hearts Content


Square Enix has confirmed that it is doing its annual E3 livestream, Square Enix Presents. It will be starting at 10 AM on June 12 -14th. Kingdom Hearts Union Cross and Kingdom Hearts III will be featured on June 14th at 10:30 AM and 3:00 PM PDT respectively. The livestream will be on Youtube, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter and Mixer.






What are you hoping to see out of Square Enix Presents?


Kingdom Hearts III releases on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer and Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer!


Check out our coverage for Kingdom Hearts III at E3 2018 and keep an eye on our Twitter for our live updates!

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I'm really happy about this. I would have been slightly upset if the Square Enix showcase was it. But this makes me feel better. I'm still hoping for something at the Sony conference though.


I am hoping to see KH3 info of course.

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Oh my Lord you are kidding me, right? Man clearly this has become the Kingdom Hearts III show. This is cool though.

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