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[UPDATE] Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] Story Update brings two new cutscenes directly following the events of the last story update

Recently, the Japanese version updated its story, featuring two new cutscenes, one featuring Brain, Ventus, Skuld, and Ephemer and one featuring Maleficent and Darkness. Credit goes to KHInsider for providing the raw cutscenes!

DISCLAIMER: These translations are not official and therefore may contain mistakes/inconsistencies. Reader discretion is advised.

Translations for the first cutscene (featuring Brain, Ventus, Skuld, and Ephemer.) can be seen below! 

Translations for the second cutscene (featuring Maleficent and Darkness) is now avaliable and can be seen below!

Translations for the scenes that take place in Candy Kingdom (Sugar Rush) are also avaliable below.

Translations by KH13 staff Ryuji and KH13 staff Solis!


A Troubled Kart Situation


Vanelope: Hey, thanks for helping me out earlier!
Ralph: *complains* When I find that little brat, I swear I'll get my medal back...!
? There she is...the little burglar, and...she's also with that person who foiled my plans before...
Vanelope: What do you think? Handmade by yours truly~! ...What's that? I cannot participate in the race, you say?
NONSENSE! I went through so many lengths to pay that entrance fee, and there's NO WAY I'm not going to NOT participate. You get me?
The Noise Blocks appear and start bashing on Vanelope's car
Vanelope: No...no...stop...
Ralph: Hey, you guys knock it off!!



Kart Repairing Trio--Assemble!


Vanelope: Huh? Whatcha looking at?
Ralph: That's all you have to say for yourself, you pickpocket?
Vanelope: I'm not a pickpocket! I just used that coin of yours as my entrance fee.
Ralph: That wasn't a coin. That was a medal! MY medal.
Vanelope: Coin...medal...same thing! You can go back to your game and obtain another one.
Ralph: No no NO! I got that game in Hero's Duty, not my own game, and there's no way I'm risking getting another one! Now, give it back, little lady.
Vanelope: Without my kart, impossible~ .....Waaait, you want a medal, I want to race. You help me repair the car, win the race, and we'll get the medal back. Deal?
Ralph: Help...YOU?
Vanelope: I already have one helper, and we all know two is better than one. Come on, please? Since we're friends?
Ralph: FRIENDS? I don't remember becoming friends with you.
Vanelope: Oh, you jokester, why don't you be more honest? Here, handshake. Come on! That medal is as good as gone if I don't win~
Ralph: AAAARGH, fine!! But you BETTER win!
Vanelope: Yaaay! Handshake. Well then...let us aim for 1ST PLACE!!


The Plot Thickens


Blaine: Thanks~
Ventus: Oh, Blaine and Ephemer! You two were together? What happened?
Ephemer: The two of them? 
Blaine's Chirithy: Well then, I'll leave you four to it.
Ventus: Hey, hey, did you guys get to see the snow falling?
Skuld: I heard from your Chirithy that you guys wanted to talk, but what about? And why here, of all places?
Blaine: Nnnngh...first and foremost, I want to ask you guys...who was the one who said you guys were the next Union Leaders?
Skuld: Lady Ava, of course.
Ventus: Yeah, it was Lady Ava!
Ephemer: Mmm, that might be incorrect.
Skuld: Huh?
Ventus: Eh?
Blaine: Where did you meet with Lady Ava...?
Skuld: Me? Right here.
Ventus: Me...uh...near the clocktower.
Blaine: I see.
Skuld: What is the meaning of this?! Are you suspecting me and Ven?!
Ephemer: Calm down, Skuld...it's nothing like that.
Ventus: No, he's CLEARLY suspecting us! Why?!
Blaine: You see. There was a particular item I got from Lady Ava.
Skuld: My word! Isn't that the Book of Prophecies??
Blaine: Yes, but the problem isn't the book. Inside the book I found a memo from Lady Ava, and it showed the names of the five Union Leaders. And...there was one name that was circled in red. 
Skuld: So? Was it your name that was circled in red, Blaine? What does that mean?
Blaine: No...my name was not circled in red, and I already had my suspicions from the start. Since Master Ava entrusted me to change the fate, she gave the book to me, instead of the one that was circled in red. 
The parade doesn't stop there, however. Among the 5 names...Lauriam's sister, Stretlizia...her name was written there.
Skuld: Huh? Then...she was switched?
Blaine: No...we don't know about her whereabouts, so I think something happened to her. Plus, if she got switched, then why would Lady Ava even give me such a note?
Skuld: So the moment Stretlizia vanished, another Leader was appointed?
Blaine: Strelitzia was last seen right before the bell tolled to signal the start of the Keyblade War. Strelitzia, who was hesitating to join the Dandelions, and was desperate to bring the Player to safety, that is, to the side of 
the Dandelions with her. She probably heard about the war after she was appointed as a leader by Lady Ava. If Lady Ava wanted to switch her in such a short timespan, she would have told someone.
Like, maybe me, the one whom she trusted to change fate.
Skuld: Was Lauriam's name in it?
Ephemer: It was. The questions Blaine asked you before were so that the person who was switched...is even aware of that. 
Blaine: So there is clearly someone here who doesn't belong. I wanted to talk this with Ephemer so as to not cause a rift between us 5.
Ephemer: In order to crack the mystery, we will need to work together, just as always. 
Blaine: Ventus...your name was nowhere to be found in the memo.


The Mark


Maleficent: Huh. This place has just light security, I wonder why.
Darkness: It is off-limits to most people, so they wouldn't even dare to enter.
Maleficent: The information you gave for the Ark as well... but you are strangely well informed about the power on our side. What kind of relationship do you have with them?
Darkness: They’re a very very old acquaintance.
Maleficent: And why does that very very old acquaintance want me to return to my original time?
Darkness: For you to become a mark.
Maleficent: A mark?
Darkness: I explained to you earlier, didn’t I? In order to travel through time, you need a body to form a medium and someone to remember you. The ones here do not have those in the future. That’s why if you return to the future, you can become the mark for the people of this world.
Maleficent: You are bringing the people of this world to the future?
Darkness: In any case, your only choice is to return to your original time. You shouldn’t need to worry about anything else.
Maleficent: Hmph! I suppose that is right.
Darkness: It’s here.
Maleficent: How do we get in?

Maleficent: Ah, so that is how you do it.



Maleficent: Is this it?
Darkness: Yes. Go on and enter it to return.
Maleficent: Hold on, I cannot do so just yet.
Darkness: You should return without unnecessary inquisition.
*The sound of footsteps is heard.*
Maleficent: I told you.
Lauriam: Why are you here in such a place? Depending on your answer, I may have to defeat you.



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Why do I have a feeling that even with this information, that Ven is both a scapegoat and a red herring in terms of how if connects to Strelitzia? (Like, still connected, but not the main/true culprit)

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