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[UPDATE] Tetsuya Nomura states that anniversary artwork is not ready yet; aiming to be completed by the anniversary event

The official Japan Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has shared an update from series director Tetsuya Nomura, stating that he does not have a celebratory piece of artwork ready just yet, as he began illustrating yesterday. However, he hopes to finish the art in time for the anniversary event on April 10th.

Additionally, this tweet houses a teaser for what to expect from the full illustration!

You can view the official teaser image via our gallery below:

A translation of Nomura's message has been provided by our team's Ryuji, viewable below:

"Good evening. Thank you all for the 20th anniversary messages. The 20th anniversary event is not quite ready, so I don't have anything prepared for now. I have begun on the 20th anniversary illustration since yesterday, and I can't wait to unveil it when it's done." -Nomura

UPDATE (03/28/2022): The English Kingdom Hearts Twitter account has provided an official translation of Nomura's message, viewable below:


"Thank you for your messages celebrating the 20th Anniversary. Sorry I’ve not been able to prepare anything special as we’re busy with the upcoming anniversary event. I started the illustration for it, I’m nervous about whether it’ll be done in time." - Tetsuya Nomura


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Obviously he is not he needs to put in atleast 5 more easter eggs that give us a hint for the future of the series for us to obsess over 

Thanks nomura for everything :)

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I'm glad they're at least able to share the artwork even though it's not completely done yet, way to get fans pumped up. xD Hopefully we'll see the finished piece some time soon. :D 

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