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  1. FrvdMFyOjcI oh the good old days this video used to be so funny back in the day /shot *feels old*
  2. DC-ism is a religion that only the sexyness that is kaiso can make a reality Under DC-ism, you MUST support the pairing Kaiso x Cella. nevar!the pairing kaisoxcella is my bread and butter i have loved it since i was a little yungun MUST OBEY o-o/shot
  3. DC-ism is a religion that only the sexyness that is kaiso can make a reality
  4. Me: Dad can I corrow 10 dollars? Dad: get a job Me: I have a job T.T Dad: Well get another firetrucking job you freeloader! Me: TT~TT but- but I have school! Dad: Is that an exceptable excuse for not having two jobs? >.> LMAO at him right now
  5. I have a doggie he died tho so all i got left is teh cat.
  6. o.o *talks about the good ol kh13 days all the time <3
  7. ims awesome? yayz! 8D *is not worthy*
  8. Sora... Kh2 Sora in particular kh1 Sora acts like a kid and all happy because he is still a kid by kh2 youd think hed be more mature instead hes just less mature >.>
  9. X3 and he talked to "Demyx" yesterday too o.o
  10. o.o *agrees* I also never watch tv
  11. i use pro 9 and have like 15 video tracks at once i only use like 4 at the most/shot
  12. aweshome lets get this chat started!
  13. his favorites are axel, zexion, and demyx he HATES Larxene now o.o
  14. XDD you two shud talk to him in a group chat X3
  15. hahaXD add me then! xionultima@hotmail.com
  16. you got an msn?owo you can add me and talk to my little brother haha!
  17. haha! 8D yayz for me and my random little brother
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