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  1. I know it's true, but it's not like EVERYBODY needs to post this as Ven-Vanitas isn't awesome or mentally challenged.
  2. Oh my god. Anyone else planning to point out that this is Cloud's alternative costume in Dissidia Duodecim?
  3. I like the wings and the background from the first picture.
  4. watch this then. Because I don't. I messed up her stupid mouth and her nose and her makeup. taking everything into account she either does look like a witch or (..or maybe AND) like a bitch (no pun intended, it's just a matter of fact). couldn't rub out the color, wouldn't work. then again any more rubbing would have mauled the paper. anyway http://www.abload.de/img/dsc00616pcqg.jpg oh yeah it's supposed to be aqua. might redo this in adobe photoshop for i can rub as much as i like.
  5. He speaks about the time gap between the release dates and here you are pointing out the issue on the features which, so he said, weren't what he wanted to point out. That's just so great.
  6. paint.net is almost like photoshop, difference being it's free
  7. which program were you using to do this? microsoft paint?
  8. they're okay i suppose, keep practising
  9. Aqua's more like a big sister to Ven, I think. So yeah, if there was to be a pairing, I'd favor Terra and Aqua for them being -so it seems at least- at the same age.
  10. Wow, at least one person who realises how crappy this video actually is and how less effort there was put into it. EVERY SCENE from this ''''''opening''''' (I'd rather not call it that way) is stuff we already know from BBS, KHI, KHCoM, Days and KHII. Not even a
  11. Far as I know, no one draws the pictures they use. o.O They use pictures they find online. Then they have to mention it. I wouldn't like to see anyone stealing my artwork, using it for avatars without any permission.
  12. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Haruhi_Suzumiya
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