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  1. I would like: Lara Croft & the Temple of Osiris Tomb Raider GOTY Edition Hitman: Absolution - Elite Edition. If you need me to pick just one just say the word. Thanks a lot Sora96.
  2. Is this for real or are you just throwing ideas around? A new Parasite Eve would be amazing.
  3. Where can i redeem these codes? My friend gave me one and i have no idea where to go.
  4. THIS!!! I'm extremely pissed they made it KH style. But i do get why they did it. Instead of fulfilling the dream of the original fanbase they decided to remake in a way that would satisfy the masses/casual-gamers. Very mad about it. Still gonna get it though. But mad for sure.
  5. I can't find anything online about that. Is it for real? I need to know!
  6. I believe this has already been asked before. Firefox btw
  7. I want to join!!!!! Username: Heldem ID: 87237 But first, someone please explain to me what they are for and how you make/join one. The only thing i know is that we can fight raid bosses together. Which I've been doing alone up until know. I can beat Darkside and Guard Armor on my own but its kinda boring alone. Behemoth always kills me though.
  8. Does anyone here know whatthe Chip medal is used for?
  9. I want to play Dissidia 012 with someone

  10. Does anyone here want to play Dissidia with me?

  11. Woops, totally forgot to type my friend code. I'll edit it now.
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