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  1. Steins;Gate 0 is coming out this year! YES YES YES YES YES! I'd thought I'd have to suffer until 2017 at the very least! SO. EXCITED.

  2. I'll be taking a break from KH13 for awhile. I'll still come around on occasion, though, and in a month or so I'll be back in full swing. So until then, everyone who cares to read this! :)

  3. Finally beat Birthright... Not being able to save before the last chapter is stressful, it's a good thing I had a Hexing Rod and Mozu's great hit rate.

  4. You know, we still haven't gotten the last part of the KH2 manga in English yet. And Yen Press has said nothing about it... I'm going to be a bit upset if we don't get it...

    1. Veemon


      Remember Unchained X? Same exact situation. Trust me, it'll come one day on short notice. :)

  5. Since the title was causing confusion, I added Hunter x Hunter to the end. That should make it clear which manga is being discussed (I dunno how it could be any clearer, really).
  6. I'm going to limit this to my top 5. I could list all the games I love, but if I were to chose my favorite games they would be as follows: Tales of the Abyss Persona 4 Steins;Gate Fire Emblem: Awakening (also my most played game) Stella Glow These games were all games that sucked me into them and didn't let go. Tales of the Abyss and Persona 4 were games that kept me entranced throughout two summer vacations, and I loved almost every aspect of them. Steins;Gate is different from all the others in that its a visual novel, but my god do the story, characters, and art make up for the lack of "game-like" features. Fire Emblem Awakening has sucked more time out of me than any other game, netting about 260 hours between 2 play-throughs. It got me interested into both the series and the genre, and is probably one of the few times I've actually been downright addicted to a game. Stella Glow, while it doesn't have the strongest story, game play, characters, or art direction, is fairly good in all categories. Perhaps a bit standard, tapping into cliches and popular trends, but overall a charming game that feels like more than the sum of its parts. Also, I put more playtime more quickly into this game than any other I've played. I got to nearly 100 hours in about 20 days or so. Lets just say I had a lot of free time over winter break. Honorable mention goes to the Pokemon series, which has given me tons of games that I like.
  7. 40-50 hours is the target zone for me. I'll play and like RPGs that are longer, but once you start getting into 100 or so hours for basic story completion you are losing my interest.
  8. I'm an American, so I spell favorite, color, honor, etc. without the u. I think defense is the American way to spell it, but I always liked defence better. This is probably just my regional bias, but I actually really dislike the additional u in colour, favourite, honour, etc. It doesn't change the way the word is pronounced, looks worse, and is really unnecessary. I honestly think the US got it right in changing the spellings.
  9. Happy Easter! Mine has been okay, I have a lot of homework to do though.
  10. Tales of the Abyss was pretty spot on, yeah. I think the most accurate I've seen, though, was Steins;Gate. It of course cut some stuff out, but it told the true-ending path of the game very well.
  11. On weekdays, I generally go to bed around 10-11, but I normally don't fall asleep until about midnight. On the weekends, normally around 2 or 3.
  12. The more work I have to do, the more I procrastinate...

    1. Svard


      That's me in a nut shell. :P

  13. Steins;Gate The anime is flat out fantastic, better than every other anime I've seen. About as perfect adaption you could get when taking a 30 hour visual novel (about that length anyway) and turning it into a 26 episode anime. Also has an amazing English dub. The game is even better, of course, but that's more a testament to the high quality of the game than any lack of quality in the show.
  14. I don't really know. But... I don't think its a lot.
  15. I'm on chapter 21 of Birthright, and I don't know when I'm going to beat it, going to be busy with school work. I have the special edition, so I'll be playing Conquest next, then Revelations. Honestly, Conquest was the one I was most excited about, but I decided to start with Birthright for a better difficulty curve. Really enjoying the game so far. They did a very effective job on making me feel like a jerk no matter which side I chose, and continually making me feel guilty for betraying my siblings. I'm liking the story for the most part, its not groundbreaking, but entertaining and provides a desire to keep going, which is all I really need. I like the characters for the most part as well.
  16. No, not my kind of thing. A lot of the fun in RPGs for me is watching the level of my character(s) get higher and gaining new skills. And, yes, I love getting my characters to OP levels of strength. Playing on Critical Mode is enough to satisfy me in KH, challenge wise. Challenge fights like Terra and the OrgXIII refights in KH2 are great as well.
  17. Its a Fullmetal Alchemist reference. FULMTAL = Fullmetal, and one of the major characters is named Roy Mustang. Anyways, nice find! I'd freak out if I saw that license plate as well.
  18. If I'm on this site, I'm using my laptop. In my experience, mobile devices have loaded the site much more slowly than my laptop, and the small screen size makes it hard for me to use the moderator features.
  19. I haven't read the KH2 manga yet, but if I take what you said and apply it to 358/2 days, then I wholeheartedly agree. As for KH1 and KH CoM, I wasn't as impressed with the manga. They felt like they moved a bit too fast, whereas Days seemed to be the correct pace.
  20. I hated Fruit Ball and Ice Cream Beat, but the Ice Cream game was definitely my least favorite. The racing was okay, and I'm not sure I even remember what Pete's Rec Room was.
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