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  1. Heh, it looks like they decided to release these based on the idea that some fans will spend the next 2 days of their life playing the game and possibly replaying it on Critical. I know that's what I'm gonna do at least so this slightly delayed release is perfect for me.
  2. Heh, I figured out the login to an account I haven't used in almost a decade.

  3. list as much characters from all kh games possible
  4. pedreiva

    do you like

    they're the best people in all the games. who's with me?
  5. pedreiva

    my avatar

    I like your avatar the most it makes me hate mine since it wasn't uploaded
  6. pedreiva

    parties u would want

    which game was that?
  7. pedreiva

    What did you choose?

    i did the same thing
  8. I was 4 when i saw my sister play and was 5 when i first played it
  9. pedreiva


    the ratings go higher i think it will get rated T for teen
  10. pedreiva


    since he is xehanorts nobody he is practically both.
  11. pedreiva


    just download the cheats from your computer or print them on a piece of paper and just use that.
  12. pedreiva

    which org?

    marluxia and the others who tried to take over the organization
  13. pedreiva

    Kingdom Hearts Online

    one question. If the most people put yes on a certain answer will you make an online game with that answer?