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  1. Real talk, I kinda wanna see Even shirtless now to see if his entire body is covered in burn marks. I hate the character with a dying passion, but the little tidbit about slain nobodies transferring their damage over to their somebody is super metal and I wanna see if the damage left physical scars.
  2. Heh, it looks like they decided to release these based on the idea that some fans will spend the next 2 days of their life playing the game and possibly replaying it on Critical. I know that's what I'm gonna do at least so this slightly delayed release is perfect for me.
  3. Heh, I figured out the login to an account I haven't used in almost a decade.

  4. list as much characters from all kh games possible
  5. they're the best people in all the games. who's with me?
  6. I like your avatar the most it makes me hate mine since it wasn't uploaded
  7. I was 4 when i saw my sister play and was 5 when i first played it
  8. the ratings go higher i think it will get rated T for teen
  9. since he is xehanorts nobody he is practically both.
  10. just download the cheats from your computer or print them on a piece of paper and just use that.
  11. marluxia and the others who tried to take over the organization
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