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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I feel like anyone who voted for this should immediately be removed from congress. If you consider pizza a vegetable serving, you shouldn't be allowed to feed children, forget taking care of the country. Pizza is not a vegetable, it just isn't. First of all, tomato is a fruit, and second of all pizza is not healthy.
  2. Ignore him. He could be a great friend, but a terrible employee. I have worked with my friends before, and noticed that most of them seem to not understand the concept of "this is your job, you work here, meaning you have to do your job." Most of them sat around and did nothing. Lol, people are lazy.
  3. People can really be disgusting. In elementary school and middle school I remember getting bullied to the point that I went home and cried almost every day. I wouldn't talk to anyone about it either, I'm pretty sure my parents didn't know about most of it, or at least they didn't realize how bad it was. I remember wanting to kill myself, but then thinking "it will get better in high school, because I'm not going to my sending district high school." (I went to a technical high school instead, my first reason being to avoid bullying.) I'm so glad that I haven't had anyone say anything mean to me once, since going into high school, and I'm glad I have made such great friends. Still, I remember almost every word every person said to me that made me feel so depressed. I try not to hate those people, because I have no idea what they are like now, and I'm sure they didn't take it as seriously as I did, but I can't imagine ever liking those people either. I'm glad I had the opportunity I did to get away from those people, because I'm not sure what would have happened to me if I didn't have that opportunity. I also have focused myself on art and fashion, which has helped me a lot. I feel terrible for kids who don't have any opportunities/people that can help them with bullying problems,or hobbies/goals that can give them some confidence to move forward. This story literally made me cry, just remembering how much pain I felt being bullied, and thinking about how this girl was so young and had so much more to live for. I wish I could have helped her in some way. I hate it when I see people getting bullied. Even if you aren't getting bullied to the point that you want to kill yourself, bullying definitely puts plenty of other negative effects on people. I have a lot of trouble trusting people, and I'm really not as confident in myself as I wish I was. Both of those things are probably a result of being bullied. ):
  4. I always laugh during horror movies, or during any gory scenes. If someone is being slaughtered by a zombie I start laughing like crazy. Last week in school we tricked one of our teachers into letting us watch the walking dead (the tv show), and I had to hold myself back from laughing when the zombies came out. People would of thought I was insane. (which is only slightly true...hehe) Anyways, overall I'm not a big horror movie fan. I just don't enjoy watching them much, unless its a zombie movie. For some reason I really like zombies.
  5. America, Alabama, Jesus Christ....and kingdom hearts. There seems to be an odd one out. :blink: Seriously though, this story is crazy.
  6. I heard about that. From what I heard, I don't think it was tested enough. Right after having it done, the people who were tested on could be fine. However, who knows how their eyesight will be 20 years from now? I don't think it's a safe idea to have that procedure done, and I wouldn't do it anyways. I don't want blue eyes, and I wouldn't pay $5,000 for any cosmetic reason.
  7. I wants- -a new sewing machine -some more fabric -a new air compressor for my airbrush -new art supplies ....and of course the 3DS, but there is no way I'm getting all of that and the 3DS. The 3DS will have to wait until my birthday.
  8. I used to love that show!!! I re-watched some of it and it's more funny than anything else, yeah it's pretty much stupid, but I have watched worse anime before. Lol, it was a good show when I was 5...
  9. If it's a plushie, they have won me over. I will definitely pre-order as soon as possible if the bonus item is a plushie. It will probably just be stickers or something lame-ish like that. (not that I wouldn't want kingdom hearts stickers)
  10. Yes exactly! Kairi is useless plot control. Showing up in a couple romantic cutscenes with Sora, Sora fighting to find her, Sora getting upset over her, she's just like Riku.
  11. Congratulations to Nomura and to everyone else who worked on the series! Those awards definitely fit.
  12. It's so shinyyy and pretty!!! On a side not, that person unboxing it is so patient and careful. When I open new stuff I usually tear apart the box as fast a possible, and if it's still in tact I admire it later, lol.
  13. I love them!!! Lol they are so weird, cute, and awesome! I DEMAND PLUSHIES!!! However, I am also wondering what drugs the designers were on.....whatever. They could just be weird, I'm weird, I come up with ideas like that all the time.
  14. I love animals!!!! I like them more than people. I'm vegan because I don't like the way animals are treated in order to be/contribute to our food. So basically, I love animals.
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