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  1. We're having pasta straight from Italy tonight! :D

    1. Leaxel


      Are you a wizard?

  2. I don't believe it. We need proof, I tell you! Proof!
  3. I can translate a few into Japanese, even though it isn't my native language. Fang- Kiba Snow- Yuki Lightning- Inazuma Vanille- Banira Hope- Kiboo
  4. Keyblade Glider. I really thought that fighting with it was even more fun than the gummi ship in both KH and KHII. Even though it can be a little tricky at times...
  5. I thought it was Riku at first... Then I looked closer and thought it was Sora...
  6. I'd have to say... Anti-form! Why weren't the drive forms an option?
  7. A wooden Bokuto!!!! Now I can kick my dad's butt whenever we practice Jinmukan whenever I feel like it!
  8. If we get pajamas, we open them Christmas Eve, and the rest on Christmas Morning. Most of the time, however, we only open them Christmas Morning.
  9. Ours isn't plain, but it isn't full of decorations and lights either... And i wouldn't say it's decorated nicely, either... it's fat on the bottom and super skinny at the top. It looks like something out of a Dr. Seuss book!
  10. It depends on how well I'm doing in the game... and sometimes whether or not my sister played it last. I can get very competitive when it comes to her.
  11. I started laughing insanely while watching this... My siblings are very worried right now...
  12. I'm the kind of person that is almost never satisfied with what I get... Crap.
  13. I just love the flustered look on Riku's face when Shiki calls him "Mr. Knight!"

  14. I just love the flustered look on Riku's face when Shiki calls him "Mr. Knight!"

  15. That's just plain awesome! i wish I could draw like that...
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